swaragini would it better for me (Episode 1)

hi guys am anamika . this is my first ff .sindhu rm . shavan shreevatson ,roshini,i do not the name of the girl who writes heart connection i think halima thank u dear for ur fanfic daily i used to wait for ur fanfic today is my brother’s birthday am seeing him after 2 years so starting from today i need ur support . plz plz forgive if any mistskes in my ff
so lets begin

ragini:she live with her mother sumi amd father shekar .ragini’s character is quite different who will never talk to anyone .she has pet golden fish name piku . piku is the one and only friend for ragini. she will talk to piku only

swara:swara and laksh love each other. swara is opposite from ragini who always talk. sanskar is childhood friend of swara .swara cannot live a day without seeing sanskar
swara’s nick name is sona . only sanskar has rights to call her like that

ragini and swara have no relationship

laksh:son of dp an ap . has a sister uthara . loves swara

sanskar:son of his rp and sujatha(suji) . childhood friend of swara his passion his music

dhurv:dhurv character is played by parth samthaan . son mp(mohan prashad ) and mother rajeswari(died)
rajeswari died when dhurv was 3 mouths
rp , dp , mp are brother .join family

in my ff one pair is conform it swalak
ragini and sanskar
ragini and dhurv (parth)

the episode starts a women standing wereing a pink sari .she is praying to god.she is our……………..sumi

lets see wat she is praying
sumi:oh god krishna i don’t want money or anything i want my ragini back old ragini.she should become normal like others. am scared how can she live in the sociaty like this . i need a solution now tel me kisanji (tears in her eyes)
shekar:sumi today also u did not get any solution for that .how will u get daily morning u r singing the same purana to god he has no interest in ur topic
sumi:it is easy for u my ragini when will she say her attitude
shekar : first a fall ragini is normal don’t think she is different .she is not taking that it
sumi:if i ask her 10 question she is answering for 1 question only . it all because of that incident

shekar:plz stop it it morning till evening the same topic is going in the house . let me drink my coffee in peace .don’t remenber that incident in morning
a girl is coming down from the steps she is wereing a long skrit , t shirt and over coat her hair is a bit curly and she is plated her hair and left it in front it is our ragini
she comes and sit in the dinning table and look at sumi
sumi:ragini i have made non and panner butter masala for u
ragini similes

sumi:eat slowly u have more time for ur college
ragini does not reply
sumi:u look pretty in this dress ragini
ragini continue eating does not reply

do u guy like it plz comment . do u guys like raginis character wat happend to her wat is her past wait there r many new twist

next episode i will make it big

Credit to: anamika


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  2. aditi syam

    Waiting yaar update soon a doupt isn’t swaragini sisters plzzz cmnt and plzz I beg u plzmake it ragsan plzzzzzzz

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