Swaragini “Betrayal: Do you still love Me? (Prologue)


Ragini’s P.O.V

Life, destiny plays with it, it turns and takes few peoples to a no-way path. I am some of them. Promised to be with me, whole life and…. He left??? Leaving me alone? Unassisted? I wish he had once told me reason of leaving… But what would I do now?? He took away my heart with him only. I regret only one thing today, before leaving, he doesn’t even bothered to ask me once, “Ragini, Can you live without me?”

Swara’s P.O.V
Life? I hate it! He promised me to live with me life time, but…. What does he think? I can live without him? No. he’s wrong. I will show him, that I can live my life without him. I only regret that, the one who broke my heart, he is the only one who lives in this heart. He comes in my thoughts, every time!

Lakshya’s P.O.V
Life? Love. Without love, life is nothing. What do I don’t have? Money, Respect, Name, Fame, everything. But again, I miss true love. I need true love. My life was not like this before, I also had someone, who loved me a lot. Who always took care of me. But because of my stupidity only, I lost her. I only regret that I couldn’t tell her once before leaving, “I can’t live without you.”

Sanskaar’s P.O.V
Life? Betrayal! Life has betrayed me every moment and I betrayed her, hopelessly. My heart has always loved her only and, unknowingly but, I have always broken her heart. For me only, we all are living like in hell! I wanted to tell her many things, but it was too late. I only regret I thing today, I couldn’t hug her once before leaving, I couldn’t tell her, I love you, for a last time…!

Credit to: ShirishaTeddy


  1. Nikki

    Nice intro…..hope it is ragsan and swalak….. Anyways I will continue reading pls update soon and don’t stop in bbetween and give importance to all

  2. Dafsi

    Hey, its me Swaragini_forever your wattpad follow thanks for uploading it on telly updates

  3. Ann

    I think I’m the only one saying this ..then too no prblm…plz make raglak and swasan plz..

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