Swaragini “Betrayal: Do you still love Me? (Episode 3)


Sanskaar sitting in a hotel room. Thinking something:

Flash Back

Sanskaar enters in a room. Lakshya was very excited.

“Sanskaar!” He huged him.

“Sanskaar, you know what? Ragini had must discussed with her parents about us… I am going to propose her officially today… For marriage! I m so so happy!” Lakshya said excited.

“Lakshya,… Don’t..!” He couldn’t meet his eyes.

Lakshya looked at him confused. Sanskaar finally got courage somehow.

“Don’t propose, ..don’t propose… Ragini!” He said stammering.

“what?” Lakshya burst out. “But why… You know how much I love her…”

“I know Lucky, I know everything but…” He felt helpless.

“Do you have any idea bhai what are you telling me to do? To stop breathing!” He turned his face.

“Lakshya I m also leaving Swara, then…” He was cut.

“1sec, what you are leaving swara? Oh! Got it. Its your tongue Sanskaar, but with her words.” Lakshya said facing him.

“Its a son’s tongue Lakshya.” He said in stern voice.

“Son, is it?” Lakshya wa ready for an argument. “Then be a good son. But don’t you have any duty towards Swara?”

“I don’t want anymore argument. I will give you anything you ask in exchange of this, but today we are leaving for Bangalore and that’s it!” Sanskaar said holding his shoulder.

“Fine, I will come with you, I will leave Ragini, but not because she is my mom, neither I m afraid of her, I am doing all this because I am your brother. We have tolerated everything together bhai, if now you want this, then I am OK with it. But remember one thing Sanskaar, I will not speak anything till the day when you yourself doesn’t break your silence, just till you don’t fight for yourself, I will also see, how much can you suffer…”


Lakshya comes and sees Sanskaar thinking something.

“Bhai!” Lakshya called.

He gets senses back.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked.

He hugs him tightly.

“I m sorry Lucky, I made you to leave your love for 2 years, ui had no right of that. For me, you forgot smiling… I m sorry Lakshya, I m really very sorry!!!” He kept sobbing.
“Sanskaar!” He broke the hug. “Bhai relax! First thing, you are my bro and you have all right on me. And second thing, I love Ragini that doesn’t mean I love you less. If my breaths are tied with Ragini, then my heartbeats are tied with you. Agar Ragini meri jaan hai toh tu meri zindagi hai Sanskaar. So don’t speak this type of nonsense ever, got it? He said smiling.
“You know what?” Sanskaar gave a little smile. “I love u bro!!!”
“Love you too.” Lakshya said hugging him.

Next afternoon

Swaragini were on dining table with mom. Dad comes.

“Look who has come with me.” Shekhar said as he entered.

“Who?” Sharmistha asked.

“Laksh” , “Sanskaar”!!!” He called out.

Swaragini were shocked. They got up from the table and turned towards the door.

SanLak comes walking slowly.
Swaragini starts moving to them
They face each other
Swaragini moves their hand on SanLak’s cheek.
SanLak keep their hand on Swaragini’s.
They hugs tightly.

“Laksh, Sanskaar!”

They got their senses back and realized that they were dreaming and girls were still far. Shekhar informs he met with an accident and these guys saved him. They needed job and company could give it after a month or two. So they are going to stay at their home for some day. After sometime all sits and chatters. Ragya and Swasan were looking at each other during the convo with elders. Swara serves coffee to everyone. She gives it to Lakshya. He smiles but she avoids. When she comes to Sanskaar, it accidentally falls on his shirt. Mom scolds Swara and asks her to show him the wash room, unwanted, Swara went with him. On the other hand dad asked Ragini to show Lakshya their room. Ragini was helpless. They went.


“There’s the washroom.” She turned to leave.


“Sanskaar, I don’t wanna talk to you, do for what you have come.” She said not meeting his eyes.

“I am doing that only.”

“What?” She asked confused.

“I am back for you Swara.!” He said coming close.

She showed her palm to stop there then chuckled.

“For me? Really? Why? Where is your that Bangalore girl? For whom 2 years back you left me?” She said with red eyes due to anger.


“Sorry Sanskaar, if you think that I will fill her place on your life, then I m really sorry, I am not of that type!”

She turns he holds her hand.

“Sanskaar leave my hand.”

“Swara atleast…”

“I said leave!” She shouted.

He leaves her hand.

“Don’t you dare follow me!”

She leaves.


They enters a room.

“Its your room.”

She was leaving. Lakshya come in front.

“Let me go.” Ragini said in a low voice.

“Ragini I…”

“Lakshya, let me go!”

She was going.

“Ragini at least listen to me!” He said to stop her.

She turned to him

“What should I listen Lakshya? What is now left to talk and listen? Every thing was over 2 years before, you left me for some other girl!” She had tears.

“But Ragini, I have only come to correct my mistake, I want you to forgive me…”

“Sorry Lakshya, but today I have nothing to do with you. Please forgive me.” She said joining her hands.


She turns to go. He holds her hand. She stops. Looks at him and drops hand.

“Now, don’t you dare touch me, did you get that Mr. Lakshya Maheswari?” She said pointing him and leaves.

SanLak and Swaragini

“I can’t believe this, the girls who were once ready to die for us, hate us so much that, don’t want to see our faces today!” Sanskaar said moving to and fro in the room.

“No bhai. They are angry with us, but they don’t hate us. They have hid us in some corner of their heart.” Lakshya said sitting on bed.

“In a small corner, where we couldn’t forget them.” Ragini said arranging bed.

“We have to control our feelings in front of them. Let they be agree or not, they have to go back from our lives.” Swara said tensed.

“Let they agree or not, they have to come back in our lives.” Sanskaar said smiling.

“That day will never come. We will never let it come!” Ragini decided.

“That day will come, we will bring it!” Lakshya was confident.

Credit to: ShirishaTeddy

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