Swaragini “Betrayal: Do you still love Me? (Episode 2)

Sanskaar comes downstairs. His mom comes in front.
“Why u did such a big deception with your mom Sanskaar?” She sounds angry.
“What have I done?” He asked confused.
She shows him Swara’s pic.
“I got it under your pillow. you…”
Sanky cut her.
“I am sorry Mom. I tried my best but, I couldn’t forget her.” He said lowering his head down.
(Lucky comes)

“What do u mean by that?” She fumed in anger. “Is she any goddess that, you cannot forget her?”
“Do not remain silent Today Bhai. You have to fight today. Not for yourself, for your love. Say Sanskaar, Say!” Said Lakshya in mind.
“Today I’ll erase this thing totally.” Said Sujata trying to tear the photo.
Sanskaar held her hand.
“sorry mom, not today. This time I will not remain silent.” He said meeting her eyes.
“If my Swara had trouble, it has to face me first.” He said confident.
“Lakshya, tu sun raha hai yeah k keh raha hai? Say him to stop it!” She said in a hope.
“I was waiting for this day since two years, when it is happening today, you want me to stop this? Forget about it!” He said in a disgust and annoyed tone.
“For your sake only, I hurt my love, insulted my friendship. Becoz of u only, I betrayed Swara, lied Ragini and Lucky, my brother lost his smile, only coz of me. But I kept quite. I was forced to live with the memories of Swara only but I kept quiet and today you want to snatch them also? No mom, that’s enough!” Sanskaar said teary.

“2 years, can you imagine? Since 2 years, we 2 are living in suffocation!… perhaps, we four. But not anymore. Now we will live our life. With each other. We know they’re still waiting for us, So we are going to Delhi today mom, and this time no one can stop us. Not even you.” Said Lakshya challenging. “Let’s go Sanskaar.”
They turned to leave.
“One thing the mom, ” Sanskaar turned in anger. “Swara is not a thing, she is my life, and do not ever forget that.
They leave.
Ragini opens the window. The cool breeze touches her face and the blow of air makes her hair flow.
“Today’s a new feeling in the air, do not know why but seems like after so long, something very right is going to happen.” She thought.
“I’m coming Ragini, to make everything right, to get you back. Then we will never be separated. Never.” Lakshya thought while packing his stuffs.

“Why, it seems like everything is going to change, like life is taking a new turn. Something stands back. I am going to have something back..” Swara thought as she held her book from the study table.
“Your Sanskaar is coming back Swara, to get your love back. With the hope that you will forgive me.” Sanskaar thought while driving to airport.
Delhi Airport

SanLak comes out of the airport.
“Lucky, Where will we go now? Even we do not know their address.” Said Sanky arranging their suitcases
“Don’t worry Bhai, When Destiny has brought us here, it will show the way forward.” He said hanging his bag pack on his back.
“You know what, these winds give a strange feeling, which was two years back.” Sanskaar said expanding his hands to feels the wind with his eyes closed.
“Why am I having the feeling that I used to have before? Butterflies in the heart suddenly?” Swara felt uneasy.
“Why seems like the old story of the forgotten Love is going to write a new chapter? Are the winds changing their stance?” Ragini was confused.
“These winds will change their stance symptoms. Here come the real-hearted, who are about to complete an incomplete story, who are going to fill love, in these airs.” Lakshya felt happy.

To be continued…

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