Swaragini “Betrayal: Do you still love Me? (Episode 1)


She is waiting for someone and watching her watch time to time. But it’s too much! How can someone be so late? She decides to have a coffee at the coffee shop nearby. She is about to go when a car stops in front of her. A boy comes out.
“Good morning Ragini!” He said smiling.
“What the hell is this Lakshya?” She bursts out. “I am waiting for you from last 30 mins in the middle of the road, and you… You really don’t care!” She folds her arms.
“Ragini I am really sorry.” He makes a puppy face.
Ragini moves her face to other side in fake anger. Lakshya Shows a flower bouquet to her. She smiles and takes it.
“Last time!” Ragini warns.
“Okay. Lets take the breakfast? I got stronger bark.” Lakshya says patting his stomach.
“Lets go.”

They enter a restaurant hand in hand and see a couple sitting there.
“Look Sanskaar, that’s my Piece … give my pizza back. Now!” She said joining her brows.
“Swara, This pizza is not good for your health to eat early in the morning …” Sanskaar said casually.
“Don’t be so over possessive Sanskaar.. Stop behaving like a monkey and give it back to me.
“What? You called me a monkey? I will now not give it to you at all..” He said glaring. “Pungent Chili!”
RagLak comes.
“Relax guys! Kya choti choti baat pe ladhte rehte ho?… Chill yaar!(why do you always keep fighting in small things?) Lakshya said taking his seat.
“It was his mistake, he initialized.” Swara tried to excused.
“Who called monkey first?” Sanskaar asked keeping His hand on the table.
“I… but you took my pizza away, it’s still your fault…” Swara said pointing him.
“Ok baba… his fault, happy? Your fight, uff! Irritating, but cute!” Ragini said smiling.
“We know!” Swasan said in unison.
“What do you mean? You deliberately fight?” Lakshya asked.
“Yes!” Sanskaar grinned.
“But why?” Ragini asked unbelieving. “Because ,there is no fun in fighting with reasons. Bina wajah ladne ka mazaa hi kuch aur hai” Swara replied as she winked.
“And our love is in our fight only…” Sanskaar said feeding Swara pizza.

Ragini opened her eyes and realized it was a dream. It’s not surprising because she was getting these things two years back. But usually she ignores it. She wakes up and washing her face she goes to another room and find her sister sleeping covering her blanket. She was going to uncover it when she hears, “sis, I am awake.” She smiles. “then come down.” She replies. She turns to go when she hears it again “sis, I am awake.”
“Swara!”, she called out but she got the same line, “Sis, I am awake.” She bent and uncovered her face. She found her sleeping and her cell phone alarming, “Sis, I am awake.” She turned and took out the jug of water kept beside and was going to pour on her when she stood up on bed.
Ragini..! Ragini, don’t!
“Tried to make fool of me? Consider yourself very smart??
“Sorry Ragini..!” Swara said holding her ears.
“Sorry? Today I will not spare you, but first you get down of bed, come..!
“Ragini sorry, Maaf kar de na…
“Swara you…”
Someone shouts “Ragini… Your phone..”
“Coming Dadi” she replies…
“ja ja jaldi jaa…” Swara said holding a pillow.
“I will show you…” She turns and Swara throws the pillow in her.
Ragini turns glares and leaves. Swara puts out her tongue to tease. Then sits on the bed and smiles.
“My sister is very strong. She has seen many ups or downs in life, But she never broke down. I was torn apart, but she controlled herself and me too. Without her, I don’t don’t know what would have I done … Sometimes I think what would be wrong if she were not so strong. ” Swara thought folding her blanket.


Sanskaar comes from jogging.
“Sanskaar…, breakfast is ready. Call Lakshya.” Said his mom.
“Me?? Mom you know, he doesn’t even speaks to me politely…”
Then they saw Lakshya coming down stairs and he was going outside.
“Lakshya! Breakfast…” She was cut.
“No mom, I am not hungry.” He moved to go.
“I said, I am not hungry. Aapko ek baar me baat samajhme nahi aati kya?” (Why cant u understand?) Lakshya shouted.
“Lucky…” Sanskaar tried to speak
“Tu beech me mat bol!” (You don’t speak in the middle.) He said point him.
“Every time you support her, so we are in this situation today. May You agree or not, today we are leading such a life just because of her only. You too, and Me also.”
He leaves.
“My brother is Rude much from outside, but from the inside he is more broken. He had to lose everything irresistibly. His life was changed, and his face has disappeared a smile as if, it’s lost somewhere. Perhaps, just because of me. Sometimes I wonder, it would have been better if he does not love me so much.” Sanskaar thought wiping his tears.
“Keeps shouting at me always. Do you also have something to say?” Said mom in anger.
“When there was time to speak, I kept quiet. Then what will I say today …”
He runs upstairs. She fumes in anger.
Lakshya opens his car door.
“I know I did wrong but … My brother is very nice and cool. Thinks of others first then himself. But he should realize that sometimes we have to do more for ourselves. Sometimes I think, what would be wrong if he is not so good.” He thought and sat in the car


Swaragini comes downstairs and watched their mom and grand mom waiting for them for breakfast.
“Good morning.” Swara said smiling.
They looked at them. Dadi was busy in reading news paper and mom was busy on phone. After she was done,
“oh god, I will be late.” Said sharmistha putting her phone inside the purse.
“Are you going somewhere?” Ragini asked.
“hmm.. important.”
“Everything is important, except us.” Swara said stealing glances.
“What? Wait? Do u really think I am like the typical mothers?” Sharmustha asked raising her brows.
“Maa…” Swara started but was cut.
“I am getting late…” She said picking her purse.
“Yes .. go …we really do not have any value in the house.” Swara said in disgust.
“Swara!” Sharmistha raised her voice.
“Don’t shout!” Swara did the same. “What do u think mom, you have educated us, gave dress to wear, and your duty as a mother is over?
“Swara…” Ragini tried to control.
“No sis, Let me speak today. Mom doesn’t mean to give birth only mom, God made you mom, but perhaps forgot to give a mother’s heart.” Swara said in anger.
Sharmistha leaves. Swara sits on the chair with her eyes fill with tears.
“My sister has suffered greatly. She trusted on life, but Life as often betrayed her. To suppress the sorrow inside, she is Rude sometimes, brings her anger out on anyone. Sometimes I wonder what would be wrong if she does not accept my every words every time.” She keeps her hand on Swara’s shoulder.

Some days later
Ragini comes to Swara’s room and she finds a CD.
“Swara, What is this?” She asked.
“No idea. My friend gave yesterday. Was saying, is of a music concert. Take if wanna see.” She said while arranging her books.
“Well, I’ll see it in my room.” She smiled.
Ragini leaves.
She opened her laptop and put the CD. She was shocked. It was a show in Bangalore. And the performer was none other than Lakshya Maheswari! She closed her eyes. She had the previous feeling. All the past memories danced in her mind.

She opened her diary and started writing:
There is a saying that the world is round. Where the Journey starts from; one day ends in the same place. Perhaps So, the name I never wanted to hear, whose face never wanted to see again, Today, the same name is echoed in my ears and the face, Is facing the front of the eyes.
Me, Ragini Garodia, was a St. Louie’s student. I had a small world. Maa, papa, Dadi and with my sister, Swara. I had a die heart for Music. Me and Swara are poles apart, but our life, is living in another… However, this story Started, when my sister stepped for the first time in St. Louis’s. Not just studying, music was also a important subject at our college. And we both mean the same healthy life of sisters. Music! Music was our dream. Our Passion. Or simply Say, music was our world. We never thought of anyone else in this world but yes, we included them, but they were not only our need, they became, our habit.

3 years ago
St. Louise
“Someone saw Sanskaar any where?”, asked Ragini.
“No!!!” She got the reply.
She turned and bumped to someone. She was about to fall when he held her by waist. They had a eye lock. {BGM: Ishq Wala Love from Student of the Year}. After sometime they got their senses back.
“Lakshya, where is Sanskaar?” She asked standing straight.
“Sanskaar? What happened?” He asked. “Why are you in a mood of being devil with my poor brother?”
“Poor?? Don’t tell me! Just 2 hours left, freshers will be in, and no one know where he is.” She said checking the list again.
“Basket ball playing my champ!” Lakshya said proud.
Basket Ball Ground
Sanskaar picks the ball and plays with it. RagYa come.
“Sanskaar, We have so much work to do in so less time and you’re playing ball? Come with me right now!” Ordered Ragini.
“Ragini, just one basket.” Sanskaar requested.
“No! Not half also!” She replied keeping her hands on her hips.
“Why not?” Lakshya came to same gesture as her’s. “Ragini, don’t disturb my bro. You carry on champ.”
Sanskaar baskets the ball. RagLak clap and he smiles.
Sanskaar was standing near the door with some roses. RagLak come.
“What happened Bhai?” Lakshya asked seeing him uncomfortable.
“You are asking this dude? You said me to give all the juniors red roses! Why??” He said disgusted.
“So that your heart could bell in Love, like me and Ragini.
“Shut up Lakshya! Let’s go.” Ragini said hiring his shoulder.
“Move fast and do not come back to eat my brain.” Sanskaar warned Lakshya.
“Yeah ok … but remember the bell thing bro…!”
“Leave man!” Sanskaar said irritated.
RagLak leave hand in hand.
Soon Swara enters. Sanskaar looks at the door. She comes in as if searching for someone. Sanskaar was lost in her. He felt as if there was no one except them. {BGM: Dil Kyun Yeh Mera from Kites}. She came to him and took the red rose. “Thank you” he heard from her. He was at the 7 sky.
Sanskaar, my best friend. That evening, Swara settled in the heart of Sanskaar, permanently. I was very happy. Sanskaar was just perfect for Swara. I thought hw would love her more than me but…

Sanskaar’s diary
That evening after watching Swara for the first time, I felt like I have found my reason to live. When she came to me, my heart started beating fast. And when heard her voice for first time, “thank u” then, I heard the bell in the heart. My first feeling, My first Love. It was the most beautiful evening of my life, after all, that evening I got my life …

Lakshya’s diary
After that evening my brother’s life was obly to enjoy. Swara, Ragini’s Sis, For whom my brother was total change. From that day me and swara were best of friends. Never had a thought that I would cry to love Someone, cry in search of a friend. But…

Swara’s diary
That evening, for the first time, I saw Sanskaar. At first glance, I got a weakness for him. And after that evening, Lakshya was my best friend. Never thought i will love someone so much that, it will be impossible to forget him. I loved Sanskaar giving my life, and Ragini, loved Lakshya. But I can never forget that evening, after all, the betrayal stared from there…

to be continued…

Credit to: ShirishaTeddy

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