Swaragini ( betrayal, revenge with love) Part 1

Part 1

Swara came to mm and all the family members welcome her and pari took swara to her room and in mid way before she goes inside her room she look at laksh and then look at sanskar ( with so much angry )
Swara came to her room and she look at herself in mirror.

Swara to herself : swara gadodia so finally i became swara laksh maheshwari. For this i have waited so many months…..

Swara promised her parents she’ll become a good doighter in law and wife.

Swarya room suddenly a call came to swara and she pick up the call

Mystery caller : hi ms.laksh maheshwari. How r u? The mystery caller smile evily
By the way i was just called u to congrats

Swara kept phone a side and then laksh came

He came and h g her from back

Swara : laksh what r u doing.

Laksh : oh comon.. .swara .what happened to u. After u came our house it’s seems like strange what happened

Swara : no lk nothing like that I’m just tired and i miss my family

Laksh : don’t worry we’ll meet them soon
Okay. Go and sleep u feel better.

Swara: ok. Good night.

It’s morning and it’s almost 8 .a. m. Pari came and knock swarya room lk wake uo and saw swara still sleeping and he went and open the door.

Pari : devar ji .all r waiting for both of u. ..

Laksh : ok bhabhi we’ll come.

Lk came to swara and she wake uo and saw timing.

S: omg 8 .lk why don’t u wake up me

Lk : i saw u sleeping like a baby cat so i thought don’t spoiled ur sleep.
And plz.. …redy soo all r waiting downstai for us.

S: ok.

So finally swarya came downstair swara wearing a beautiful lehenga with duppatta.
They take all blessing and does the puja and now it’s swara first day at her in law so she had to cook for everyone but she don’t know how to cook.. …
Ap and sj take her kitchen and they went. …

S : what the he is this. ….i don’t know how to cook and also don’t want to ruin my ideal bahu image i have to do something. …and she pretend to be unconscious.. …laksh carried her to her room and doctor came and said i think she’s weak and take care of her. ….swara opened her eyes and. …

Ap : dear plz.. ..take some rest u feel better

S: bu ma it’s my responsibility i have to complete it.

Ap : no beta take rest I’ll handle all this.

And she goes and lk hug her.. ..

Lk : r u ok na. I was scared when u get unconscious. ……today onwards I’ll take care of u. …shona.. ….

Sw : I’m sorry laksh.. …

Lk : sorry for what?

Sw : noting. …

In the night swarya room lk is sleeping swara is wake and she take call to mystery person. …

S : she’s not talked

Mp: what happened. They all love u so much na.. …specially ur husband. ….
R u in confused right now.. …ok I’ll come and meet u.

Swara came to mm garden and saw mystery person standing. …..

Precap : mystery person revealed

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  1. is it sanskar

  2. She is rags?

  3. Wow plz update next part

  4. Who s tat person??????

  5. stupid story

    1. If u don’t like then don’t reading ….

  6. Don’t tell me! The mystery person is Sanskaar? ?? I hope I am wrong.

  7. I didnt understand your ff may be after reading your next update it will be clear for me
    Sry if i hurt u

  8. nice story i hope in swaragini same will happen,plz atleast in assumation don’t involve ragini character,with out ragini the show looks fabulous.i like it.

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