“Swaragini Besties of life” one shot by Fatima

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It’s about two different girls.There lifestyle was totally different from eachother…but destiny make them Besties for life…And peoples got jelous because of their friendship….

“they were two body but one soul”

Krystle singhania:-

She is 19 years old.She is a rich girl.She have everything in her life.she has a family whom she love so much and she is a pampered girl.whatever she want she got.
She is sweet,bold,crazy and funny girl.who enjoys her life so much.She help everyone and try to make them happy.

Diana Raizada:-

She is also 19 years old girl but she is an orphan.She is a simple beautiful and smart , understanding and caring.she don’t have anyone in her life..Her parents died when she was just 5 years old.And her grandparents send her to an Orphanage because they don’t want to took her.she craved her whole childhood for love but she didn’t get.She always ready to help others.

How will they meet??… and How’ll they became Besties for life??…..will ever Diana will get mother and father’s love in her life?…..will ever she’ll got a family or a person whom she can share her secrets??……

A girl is sitting near the window of her room and playing with rains and singing barso re Megha…..barso re megha…..megha…..

She thought something and run  from there to garden and start dancing and singing in the rains.
She was enjoying in rain then suddenly someone shout krystle.

But She was dancing and jumping like a kid and she was so lost in that she didn’t hear the voice.

Suddenly someone came there and hold her ear and said krystle how many times I have called you? And what are you doing here?

Krystle:- oh! Mommie what I’m doing? She asked so innocently with a pout.

Divya:- you are playing in the rain and asking what I’m doing? Krystle how many times I have to tell you don’t play in rains? And what if you fall sick?

Krystle:- oh! Mommie Don’t take tensions, I’m not going to fall sick saying this she start dancing with her mother.

“Mommie you know what barish ka Maza hi kuch Aur hota hain”.
So let’s enjoy this moment.

Divya:- yeah! I know krysti and how much you love rain but don’t forget that tomorrow is your college first day.

Krystle:- yeah! Mommie and “Tomorrow will be a new beginning in my life and I’m gonna enjoy my college life with lots of fun and craziness”.

Divya:- New chapter will be begin in your life so fill your chapters with happiness and love.
Saying this she kissed on her forehead.

Krystle:- offcourse mommie! And you know what you are the best mommie in the world saying this she hug her mother so tightly.

Divya:- OhOoo I know krysti let’s go and take a bath.

Krystle:-ok mommie

Saying this she went to her room and after 30mins she came.And start drying her hairs and thinks “Tomorrow will begin with a new chapter in my life”. I’m so excited to go college tomorrow.

Hostle room:-

A girl is sitting on the bed and thinks how everything is changed and she completed her 12th from Delhi but now she is in Mumbai for college.Everything is new here.She don’t know anyone here.

She tooks a diary from her book shelf which was gifted by her mother on her 5 birthday.She made this dairy when she was in her womb.

It’s front was beautifully decorated with some flowers and small mirrors with ribbons and her name was written on middle with the thread “Diana”.

She open the first page of her dairy
And saw a photo of her parents and her with them.Tears start coming from her eyes and said see mama papa ”

“Tomorrow will be my college first day and no one is here to wish me.Even you both are also not here.I’ m missing you so much mama papa. Why you left me alone here?

She missed her parents so much because they died in a car accident when she was just 8 years old.

No one cared for me even my grandparents doesn’t care.They send me to an orphanage.When you both left me here alone in this world.

She start crying hugging the photo and She cried until the tears doesn’t stop coming from her eyes but no one was there to wipe her tears.She was all alone in this world.

“Kahne ko duniya mein kadodon log hain but jo gareeb hain ya anath hain unka koi nhi hain”

But after sometime she stops and said
“Tomorrow everything will be new and I’m gonna miss my orphanage so much and specially Diya Maa (mother)”.

She was the one who gave me love and care.But now she is also not here with me But I’ll not lose my hope.

She open her dairy and starts writting

“Tomorrow will be a new beginning in my life”.

“New Life
                New chapters
   New friends”

“Let’s see what tomorrow will bring for me”…

Writting this she close her dairy and went to sleep.


The sun rays fell on Diana’s face but she didn’t wake and turned her face and continued to sleep but after sometime Diana wakes up hearing alarm and she checked her phone, it’s 5:30AM in the morning?.

She wakes up and went to washroom for freshen up.After 30mins she came wearing a blue denim and creamy top only collars and sleeves has some shimmery work on it. it was simple but yet elegant.

Her hairs were open in a curl and she did only a eye make up and wear her shoes.And went to dinning area for her breakfast.

Krystle house:-

Krystle was standing Infront of her cupboard deciding the dress for today to wear.But she was so confused what to wear.So she decide to call her mother.

Krystle:- mommie…. please come here.

Divya:- what happen krysti? Why are you shouting?

Krystle:- mommie I’m so confused, please tell me which one should I wear?

Divuya:- oh! That’s the reason krysti, ok I’ll choose wait a min saying this she start searching then she hold a dress and gave it to krystle.

I think you should wear this one.It’ll best for you krysti.

Krystle:- Thank you mommie and it’s so beautiful saying this she went to washroom for change.

After 15mins she came from washroom and it was a white top with thread embroidery work in neck and red knee length skirt.she wear her red belly.

She apply a minimal make up on her face and apply a thick eyeliner and mascara on her big eyes.Her long straight hairs were open and she took lots of selfies and thinks mommie choices are always best.

she took her handbag.After sometime she join her family in dining table where her father and younger brother was sitting and eating their breakfast and her mother was serving them.

(Krystle’s father) Rishi:- So krysti New phase of your life is going to start today beta and “when people needs your help surely help them” and do your best saying this he kissed her forehead asked where is mine?

Krystle came and kissed on his both cheeks and asked in a funny tone now happy saying this she sat on chair.

Rishi:- Hahahaha Offcourse I’m beta.

(Krystle’s brother) Aarav:- So di are you excited for your college.

Krystle:- offcourse Bachu! I’m damn excited.

Aarav:- Don’t call me Bachu I’m not Bachu saying this he make a face.

Krystle:- are You are my Bachu Matlab Bachu and I’ll call you Bachu only.

Saying this she kissed on his cheecks and starting eating her breakfast.
But Aarav make face and complain to her mother.

Aarav:-mommie tell di I’m not Bachu wachu I’m 12 years old.I hate kisses so Don’t kiss on my cheeks again di.

After listening this krystle start laughing and said you are my Bachu and I’ll kiss on your cheeks only saying this she pull her cheeks and stood from their.

Krystle:- mommie I’m going to my college.

But Divya stop her and said eat this curd because it’s a new beginning of your life. After eating curd she went to college in her Mercedes.


When Diana enter in her college everyone eyes got stuck on her because of her beauty.She was simple but yet looking elegant.

Most of the girls got jelous because of her.

She ignore these things and went to find her class.But the campus was so huge and she didn’t even knew how much time’ll take to find her department.

So she decide to take someone’s helps but girls are not ready to help her so she decide to ask some boys.So she went to a boy.

Diana:- Can you tell me where is engineering department?

Boy:- Yeah I’ll tell you.Are you new here? Asking this he starts walking and Diana was following him.

Diana:- Yeah! First year of Arcitecture

Boy:- That’s good! I’m also a student  of Architect engineering and I’m in 3rd year.

Diana:-oh! Nice

Boy:- thanks! so, we reached miss….Its engineering department and its your class.

Diana:-thank you

Boy:-No need to thank me and I forget to ask your name? Well I’m Arjun Malhotra.

Diana:-well nice name! And I’m Diana raizada and nice to meet you Arjun.

Arjun:-oh! Cool so friends saying this he forword his hand for shake and Diana shake with him and said yeah offcourse.

Diana:-umm….yeah offcourse why not.

Arjun:-ok! If you need any help then tell me,So meet you soon saying this he goes from their.

Diana:-(thinks) he is a nice guy.

When Diana in her class she saw that some are chit-chatting, some are busy in mobiles and some are playing and some are sitting silently.she found seats in the middle because that row was only empty so she goes and sit there.


When krystle enter in her college every boys mouth was open and they say wow.

krystle enter in her class she saw that seat was full and only seat was available near the Diana and professor was still not come yet.

She came and sit with Diana.

Krystle:-Hi I’m Krystle….Krystle singhania saying this she forword her hand.

Diana:-I’m Diana raizada and she shake hands and said nice name.

Krystle:-If you dont mind can i call you diz.

Diana:-yeah! You can Krysti.

Krystle:-thank you Diz.

They talked about their likes and dislikes and may more.

Just then professor enter and said sorry class for being late.I was busy with principle.
So hi! eveyone I’m varun kapoor your physics teacher for last five years.

So everyone please give your introductions because from tomorrow I’ll teach.
After taking attendence professor went.

Krystle:-So Diz let’s go saying this she stood from her seat.

Diana:-but where?

Krystle:-oh! Diz its our college and its our first day so “no study only enjoyment” so why to waste saying this she raise her both eyebrows.

Diana:-ohk! So let’s go then and so where is your native place?

Saying this they both start walking.

Krystle:- I’m from Delhi but because of dad’s job shift here And you ?

Diana:-oh! Great i’m also from Delhi and i got a schlorship here so am here.You know what you are so sweet and crazy

Krystle:- hahaha thank you Diz So where is your family?

Diana:-Krysti my parents dead when i was just 8 years and i don’t have sibilings,Saying this her eyes got moist.

Krystle:- I’m really sorry yaar and i must say you are so strong diz saying this she hug her and said don’t worry because m here now sp you are not alone.

Diana:- Thank you and i’m so lucky that i became your friend.

Krystle:- ok ok now i’m feeling hungry let’s go to canteen yaar.


Arjun was also sitting there with his friends and was laughing and enjoying but stop after seeing diana.

Arjun came towards Diana and asked so did you liked the college?

Diana:-yeah its so beautiful and really huge.My legs are paining because of walikng.well leave it! And meet her she is my friend Krystle singhania.

Arjun:-oh! Thats good so i’m Arjun Malhotra saying this he forword his hand for a shake.

Krystle shake and said nice to meet you arjun.

After this arjun introduce them to his friends and after sometime trio order sandwich and coffee and eat while roaming thier campus.

After this they went to their classes.

Krystle:- its amazing campus and thank you to god that i got a friend like you.

Diana:- yeah it is, same to you saying this she hug her.

Krystle:-so let’s meet you tomorrow saying this she sat in her car and went to her house.


Hostle room:-

Diana’s P.O.V:-

I was so scared in the morning and i thought so negative but today’s day was awsome one and I got two besties,they are just superb.Thinking this she dose off.

Next day


Krystle and diana was sitting in thier class and carefully listening the lecture of their proffesor.

After the class diana said i’m so tired i need a coffee,lets go to canteen.Saying this they both goes to canteen after taking some fresh air and drinking coffee they attend there other classes.

Krystle:- so let’s go to library yaar because i need a book from there.


After college they went to beach and they talked thier hours and enjoy playing with water so much.

Days passed like this and they became besties and thier bond became strong day by day.


Krystle:-well Arjun is really a sweet guy while saying this start smiling.

Diana:-yeah he is yaar but why are you giving this smile han? I think you like him right saying this she smrik.

well you both will look before she can continue Krystle start running behind her and said Di……annaaaa…..

Krystle:- Diz you are gone today saying this she chase her but diana was running so fastly so she can’t catch her.

Diana:- ohoooo catch na saying this she laugh so loudly and said you can’t catch me Krysti.Do you want someone’s help saying this she smrik again and said Arj….un

Krystle:-you….i’ll not leave you Diz.

After some she catch her and said what were you saying Diz say again.

Diana:- i was saying…… about ice-cream.

Krystle:-oh really! Diz saying this she starts tickling her and said now i think you need someones, so tell me whom i should call diz.

Diana:-hahahahaha please please stop hahahaha stop yaar hahahaha i’ll not tease you hahahahaha again please.

Krystle:- thats good saying this she stood and give hand to diana to stand.
Well Diz let’s go to ice-cream shop.

After eating ice-cream with someone fun they both go to thier respective homes.

Diana’s P.O.V:-

Time is passing so quickly and my first semester is going to end and i didn’t even realise and it’s the best days of my life.And i’m really thankful to god that i got besties like Krystle and Arjun.They tell me how to enjoy life and they are the reasons of my happiness.

Wherever we’ll go,we’ll hangout together, will do our unique crazy things.

After writting this Diana closed her diary and went to balcony with her coffee.

She sat there and starts enjoying cool weather with the sips of coffee.

Next day:-

Diana:- where are you Krysti ? I’m waiting from half an hour in mall.

Krystle:- just coming i’ll reach there in 10mins.

Diana:-ok! I’m waiting saying this she cuts the call.

After this Diana start roming here and there then siddenly she saw a gift shop.she went their and start searching a gift for Krystle.

After sometime takes a gift for Diana and goes from there.She was about to call Krystle then see that she is coming toward her so she leaved it.

Diana:- yaar you take so much time, ok leave it and let’s go to buy our dress and gifts for uncle and anuty saying this she start walking.

They both went to fabindia and start searching their dresses.

Krystle:-Diz it’s so beautiful dress haina,please just go and try it.I’m sure you will look pretty in this outfit.

Diana:- ok you also have a look at this dress, i hope you’ll like Krysti saying this she goes from there.

After changing their dresses they came out and said these are so pretty and classic.

Krystle:-yup you are looking fabulous, well let’s take selfies, Diana give pose and Krystle start taking selfies.

Diana:-Krysti you know what Arjun will go flat when he’ll see you.

Krystle:- you’ll never change Diz saying this she goes from there to change her dress.

After their shopping they bought gift for Krystle’s parent.

Krystle:- so we are done with our shopping and gifts.

Diana:- yup so let’s go to home for other things.

Singhania’s house:-

When they enter in house, they saw that everyone is eating their lunch so they silently start coming and thought that they’ll escape from thier silently but Divya stop them said where were you both?

What is in this bag? Saying she raise her eyebrow.

Krystle:- woh mom! Woh woh we

Divya:- kya woh woh

Diana:-Anuty we went for shopping because tomorrow is our farewell right Krysti.

Krystle:- yes Mommie

Divya:- ok and you Dia how many times i have to tell you don’t call me anuty call me mom beta.

Diana:- ok anut……Ooops mom

Divya:- thats good saying this she hug both and kissed on thier foreheads and said came have your lunch.

They did their lunch with some fun and after that they went to their respective rooms.

Krystle and Diana start preparing plan for night and they tell thier plan to Aarav also.


Diana:- Krysti wake up please saying this she shakes her.

Krystle:-ohooo Diz let me sleep yaar and you also go and sleep saying this she dose off again.

Diana:- Are you not forgetting something Krysti? Today is mom and dad’s anniversery and you are talking about sleep.How can you Krysti?

After listening this Krysti wakes up with a jerk and said sorry while helding her ears.

Diana:-ok leave it and no need to say sorry, let’s go I have already made cake  and only decorations are left and we have to wake up Aarav also.

They stood from bed then Aarav enter in their room and said no need to wake up me because i’m already waked.

Aarav:- Diana di no need to take tensions because Arjun bhai is also here to help us.

Diana:- Really thats cool han, but where is he?

Aarav:- He is decorating hall with lighting,balloons and flowers.

Diana/krystle:- What with a shocked expression.

Suddenly Arjun came there and said Are Girls don’t shout like this! What if uncle anuty wakes up saying this he wink.

Diana smile seeing this but Krysti make faces and said you will never change.

Arjun:- yeah krystle I’ll never change so Diana I have done my work if you have time then let’s go with me and check everything for once.

Diana:-ok, Krystle can you please go in kitchen and check everything there and sets cake and everything on the table.

Krystle:- ok i’ll check

saying this she goes with Aarav in kitchen and Arjun and Diana went to hall.

After seeing hall decoration Diana got suprised and said you are just amazing Arjun it’s so beautifully decorated saying this she gave him a friendly hug and he also responded.

Arjun:- Thank you

Diana:- So everything is ready only 15mins are left in 12’O clock.

Arjun:-yup well Diana How will uncle and anuty will came there?

Diana:-I have a plan saying this she tell him about her plan.

Arjun:- so its so cool yaar.

Krystle:-Diz i have kept everything on table and everything is ready na because we have only 10mins.

Diana:- yup everything is ready.

Arjun:- Everything is ready but you guys are still not ready, go and get ready fast.Because i have to take pics.

Diana:-ok we are going.

Saying this they went to their room and Arjun and Aarav switch off all the lights.
After getting ready they both came and said start count down guys we have only 2mins.

Arjun start making noises in kitchen listening this their parents came and thinking some theif’s came in their house.After seeing no light is on in hall they thought who did this,everywhere is only darkness.

So rishi thought to open his mobile torch but before he can on, hall lights got on and everyone start shouting:- Happy Anniversery, may you live long together.

After seeing everything they got suprised and said you guys done this it’s fantastic and Hall decoration is looking so beautiful.

Everyone came there and hug and wish them.

Krystle:- Mommie and daddy cake is waiting for you guys, let’s cut the cake.

Rishi/Divya:- ok

They cut the cake and feed everyone one by one and take lots of selfies.

Diana came there and put some cake on their cheeks and said Happy anniversery mom and dad.

Divya: Thank you Diana it’s awsome cake and decorations children.It’s best suprise we ever get right Rishi.

Rishi:- yup and i’m agree with you.

They all share a group hug and after eating cake and some fun.

Rishi/ Divya:- cake was awsome taste and we really enjoyed.

Krystle:-well mommie and daddy cake was made by Diana chef.She is a master chef right Aarav.

Aarav:- yup mom di cook awsome food.

Divya:-Thats awsome diana and i really loved the cake.

Arjun:- Yeah it was delicious Diana.

Diana:- Thank you

Rishi:- well who did hall decoration?
Its looking fantastic and i must say whoever did its fablous.

Aarav:-its decorated by Arjun bhai.

Arjun:- Thank you uncle

After this everyone gifts them thier gift and after enjoying so much they went to their respective rooms.

After somedays:-

Diana was sitting in her rooms window and was writting her dairy

My life changed so much and i’m really so happy that i got Krystle like a bestie not only bestie but she became my sister.

“Only having blood relation dosen’t make you siblings but it’s depend upon your thinking”.

After writting this Diana closed her dairy snd went to kitchen to make coffee.

After making coffee she went to Krystle, who was sitting in garden and enjoying the cool weather.

Diana:- Coffee krysti saying this she also sat on the swing and said Krysti plz forword your hand.

Krystle:- Thanks but why Diz anything special.

Diana:- No just like that forword ur hand na.
Krysti forword her hand Diana a took beautiful braclete and put on the Krysti’s hand.

After seeing this Krysti said it’s so beautiful Diz but where is half part.

It’s a simple plantinum bracelet and its decorated with diamond and in the middle some word’s were written.

Diana:- here saying this she forword her hand after this she join her and Krysti’s hand said now its completed.


Krystle:- It’s so beautiful and i loved it, thank you saying this she hug Diana.
She also responded to her.

After somtime they parted themselves and start sipping thier coffee and enjoying the beautiful weather.

“It was not the end,its the beginining”…


“If you are forwording your hand for helping others then never ever leave that hand”….

Hi Everyone
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It’s my first try

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Dedicated to you all guys…..

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