Swaragini – Me and my best friends (swalak) chapter 6 ( Last chapter)

Sorry sorry sorry for late update. I was really busy that’s why I could not post. Pls read this chapter and share your views. This is our last chapter. So now let’s proceed with our 6th and last chapter-

Laksh : ‘swru.. you know what You are really special for me … You are the best. And I do not want to lose you. You mean world to me. you know what whenever you don’t talk to me I really feel very sad. You remember once you asked me that for whom do I care for most.. the answer is u swru. Swru … I… I. . Do I need to say this swru… you know na…. (we hugged) I LOVE YOU swru’.

And finally he said those three words. After hearing this I was crying with a smile on my face. I hugged cheeku.

Me : I love you too cheeku.

That time I wanted to say so many things but was not able to speak. Still I was not able to believe that there is someone in the world who loves me. I also loved him but never managed to say this to cheeku because I feared…. I feared if he reject me. I didn’t wanted to loose my best friend that’s why I never said this to cheeku. But I always loved him more than anything. today when he said this I felt like….. leave it , words are not enough for describing that feeling. And then cheeku sat down on his knees and proposed me.

Laksh: will you marry me swru ?
I said yes.
Suddenly we heard sound of clapping. We turned back and saw ragini and sanskar there.
Me : you guys were listening to us… I will kill you both.
Ragini: sorry swru.. but we also wanted to see how the world’s most cute couple will propose each other. Really sorry.
Sanskar: now when we finally know all these so no need to hide anything… btw.. can I also be the member of your grp coz there is someone in this group whom I really like.
Ragini smiled.
Me : I Will think about this.

We laughed .
Sanskar: ok ..So I will have to wait for membership.. but atleast for now let’s dance.
Ragini : ya.
Cheeku came to me asked me for dance. We started dancing. My eyes fell on ragini and sanskar they were looking in each other’s eyes. I and cheeku smiled seeing this. My and cheeku’s love story had a happy ending but a love story was to start in ragini’s life. I was thinking this then cheeku took me to his car. Ragini and sanskar were so lost in each other that they didn’t even noticed us.
Me : now where ??
Laksh: wait..

He took me to beach. Our favourite place. Whenever I felt sad .. I came here and after coming here I always felt very happy and relaxed.
Me : thanks cheeku.
Laksh: why you always forget the rule swru.
Me : ok I am sorry.
Laksh: again!!!!
Me : I mean… cheeku (I looked in his eyes) you will never leave me na ??
Laksh: never because when we became best friends we meant FOREVER.
We hugged.

So frnds.. this was last chapter. I hope you liked reading. I will be back soon with another ff on swalak. Till then bye.. i will miss u guys.


  1. Anurta


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    It’s really awesome…….but I need a epilogue of ur story…..😜😜 I know I’m demanding but what to do ur story is just superb….spellbound……😘😘😘
    Come back soon with another swalak story……

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