Swaragini – Me and my best friends (swalak) chapter 5

Hii friends, this is the second last chapter of this ff. Thanks for your comments all of you. Let’s proceed to our fifth chapter:

That night , I was not able sleep. I was looking at the moon and thinking about cheeku’s plan. I was happy… extremely happy . I took my teddy and started dancing with it. I was eagerly waiting for morning. But still 4 hrs was left. I thought to watch movie. But while watching movie also my mind was somewhere else. I was thinking about cheeku. I wanted to shout loudly. But I was also not knowing about my feelings.
Finally I slept thinking all this. Next morning when I woke up , I woke with a smile. My doorbell ringed . I opened the door. I was shocked to see cheeku there and that also with newspapers. I started looking at him. By the time rohan came. He shook me.
Rohan: hey … where r u lost ?why are u not taking newspaper ?

That time I realised that it was not cheeku he was newspaper boy. I took newspaper and went inside. When I recalled this I started laughing loudly… actually very loudly. Rohan saw me laughing.
Rohan:are u goan mad ? Why are you laughing alone.
Me : nothing
I went inside my room. Ragini called me .
Ragini: hello swru , are you free today ?can we go shopping ?
Me : sure but I will return by 4 pm.
Ragini :ok then , I am coming.

Me : yaa.. bye.
Thank god ragini called me otherwise I was thinking how to wait till 5 pm. Ragini came , we talked little bit after that we decided to leave for mall. When we opened the door sanskar was standing there.
Ragini: what are you doing here ?
Sanskar: it is my friend’s house so I can come here whenever I want.
Me :but rohan is not at home so you may leave
Sanskar: by the way where you guys are going? May I join you ??
Ragini:No way
Sanskar: I promise I will not disturb you. Plzzzz
Me :ok ok . But you will keep your mouth shut.
Sanskar: promise.

We left. We reached mall. Ragini and sanskar went upstairs but I again saw cheeku there . But I could not understand why he was dressed like a salesman. I went in my own world. On the other side my best friend was fed up with sanskar’s bak- bak ( useless talks). Sanskar asked her
Sanskar:may I select dress for u.
Ragini: no need.
Sanskar: I am very good at selecting dresses.
Ragini: I and swru are enough for this.
She noticed that I was not there.
Ragini: where is she ?
Sanskar: may be down.
They came there.
Ragini: swru …swru
Me : yeah ??

Ragini: why are you looking at that salesman.
I realised that was not cheeku but salesman man. He was smiling at me.
Me :why are you smiling? Haven’t you seen any girl before?
I felt very ashamed and went upstairs with ragini and sanskar. My mind was not there in shopping. Finally it was 4 pm and we left.
At home I was not getting what to wear. My eyes fell on a pink dress. That was gifted by cheeku on my last birthday.

I decided to wear that. Now I was looking at my mobile and waiting for cheeku’s sms. Finally it came. I saw from my balcony. He was there in his car.
I rushed down. I opened the door and he was just in front of my eyes.
He was looking at me.
Laksh :looking very pretty.

I smiled.
Me : what’s your plan cheeku? You don’t know whole day I was thinking about this.
Laksh:it’s a surprise so you have to wait .
We sat in car.
Me :where we are going?
Cheeku :wait…
Finally he stopped the car at a park … children’s park. Tears came in my eyes as it was the same park in which we used to play in our childhood. He took me to one bench in park… the same bench where we used talk for hours. A gift was kept there for me.
Laksh: open it.

I opened it and I saw a bracelet. The bracelet which my mother gifted me when she was alive.
Me :this bracelet… but it was broken na cheeku.
Laksh :ya but I repaired it because I know how special it is for you.
I hugged cheeku.
Laksh : again you are crying like a child. My surprise was this bad that it even made you cry.

Me : stupid… it was the best surprise of my life and this is the best gift.
Laksh : don’t cry now. Now my surprise is not complete.
He took me to a garden it was beautifully decorated. My and cheeku ‘s pictures were there. I looked around and smiled.
He took my hand and gifted me something. I opened it
It was a teddy bear. The same which I saw in his room.
Laksh : how it is ?? It’s cute na
Me :ya it is cute but you are the cutest.
I pulled his cheeks.
Laksh: it’s paining swru

Me : I don’t know anything. I love your cheeks. My cheeku.
Laksh : ok ok. Now leave it whole life is there to pull ny cheeks.
We smiled. He gave me a scrap book. I opened it. On first page , A chocolate wrapper was there.
Laksh: do you remember swru , when we met for the first time you gave it me.
Me :how can I forget?

I turned the page . It was a belt of a watch which I gifted to cheeku when he was 11 years. Cheeku took my hands looked into my eyes and said
Laksh : I never want to loose you swru… you know what my friends tease me when they hear you calling me cheeku but then also I want you to call me cheeku forever. I want you to be my best friend forever.
Me : I also want you to be my best friend. Forever and ever ..
We hugged.
Laksh : I more gift is there for you.
Me : omg … how many gifts. Sorry I brought nothing for you . I am really feeling very sorry.
Laksh : from where this sorry and all came between us. I think you have forgotten the rule of friendship. No sorry no thank you.
Me : I remember.

Laksh : now don’t waste time . And open the gift.
I opened it . A heart shaped locket was there which had my and cheeku’s photo.
Me : wow it’s really amazing. I will never forget this day .
Laksh: swru .. I want to say something to you ..(he held me close to him and looked into my eyes) I always wanted to tell this to you but I feared… I feared that our friendship will break. But today I will say this to you. Everyday I keep thinking about you. Ragini is also my best friend but I never felt this for her what I felt for you.

Pls comment if you like it. And I am not discontinuing it. I planned it this short only and next chapter will be last chapter. And don’t think that I am stopping it in middle. I will complete it in next chapter and believe I planned this much only. So pls pls comment. And keep thinking what laksh is going to tell swara.

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      Thanks for Reading somu di. Actually I love to write short fictions only and if I will drag this , it will become quite boring. So I decided to end it on a happy note. But I will soon write another ff .

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