Swaragini – Me and my best friends (swalak) chapter 4

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So let’s proceed with our fourth chapter:

That day we enjoyed very much. It was evening . We decided to leave.
Laksh: ok guys.. I am going.
Ragini: swru , today I’ll stay with you.
Me : great then. Bye cheeku . Let’s go ragini.
Me : bye.
We left . I and ragini reached my home. We talked very much. It was night now.
Me : I am sorry ragini but my bed is too short for two of us. But no problem my brother’s room is there so you can sleep there.
Ragini: why not ?
Me : and don’t worry I have cleaned that room you will not have any problem.
Ragini: good night.
I went to my room and ragini to rohan’s room.

After a second or two I heard ragini screaming. I rushed to rohan’s room. What I saw there was really surprising. I saw rohan . Omg my brother was here … I still couldn’t believe it. I hugged rohan. And started jumping. Suddenly I saw a stranger standing there . He was stareing at me. I saw ragini she was also looking at me with weird expression. I asked rohan about that stranger.
Me : rohan ,who is this ?
Rohan: he is my friend . I told you about him that he is also coming with me.
Me : oo ya , I remember but you were to come next week na so how you are here now.
Rohan:I am also your brother na. I thought to give you surprise but when I came you were not here. We were tired so we slept. But suddenly this girl came here.
Me : oo I am sorry . In excitement, I frogot to introduce you ragini. So ragini he is my brother and rohan she is my best friend ragini.
Rohan : nice to meet you ragini. Ok so swru , He is my friend sanskar and sanskar she is swara my sister and this is her friend.

I again hugged rohan. I was very happy . It was happiest day of my life.
Rohan: Swru , I am coming in 1 sec actually I got a gift for you it is in the hall and I don’t think you noticed it.
Rohan left. That stranger… oops .. I mean sanskar went directly to ragini. And started flirting with her.
Sanskar: I wasn’t knowing that I will get to see world ‘ s most beautiful girl here in india.
Ragini: shut up. Swru see him na !
Me : what ! He is telling right.
I and sanskar did hi-fi and laughed.
And then three of us heard a screaming again. And that voice was of cheeku. Ya .. I was sure it was of cheeku. We went in hall. I saw cheeku there.
Laksh : thank god swru you came here otherwise this boy would have thrown me out.
I smiled.
Me : cheeku , He is my brother Rohan and rohan he is cheeku …. I mean laksh.
Rohan: hi cheeku
Laksh :only swru can call me that .
Rohan : ok ok . Nice to meet you laksh.
All of us laughed.
Me : Cheeku, what are you doing here ?

Laksh : I had to tell something to you … but it seems you’re busy .. you guys enjoy. I will come later.
I wanted to know what cheeku wanted to say but then also I could not stop him. He went out. I rushed to my terrace. I saw cheeku and shouted ”stop cheeku, I am coming. ” cheeku smiled. I don’t know why that fellow sanskar came to me.
Sanskar: hii ..actually your watch. It was fallen.
He took my hand and gave it to me. He went down again. And I also went down and from there I went to cheeku.
Cheeku : who was he ?
Me : rohan ‘ s friend. Why ??
Cheeku : tell him to stay away.
I smiled hearing this. Cheeku was jealous of another boy coming close to me.
Me : what you wanted to tell ?
Cheeku : you remember what date is tommorow?
Me : o shit !!! How can I forget ? Tommorow is 10 april and when we were 10 years old we met on this day only. sorry cheeku I haven’t planned anything for tommorow.
Laksh : don’t worry because I have planned. Please come by 5 pm tommorow. I will send you the location.
Me :surely cheeku.
I pulled his cheeks . he also pulled mine.
Laksh :ok so bye.
Me : bye.

I was very happy. When I went inside my house Rohan gave me gift. And it was a huge teddy bear and my favourite chocolate.
I was very happy. I don’t know why god was so happy with me.
Ragini came there.
Ragini:sorry swru , but I think I should leave now.
Sanskar: may I drop you , actually I am also going to my hotel. So if you want I can drop you.
Me: no way. She will not go with you I will drop her.
Rohan : swru , he will drop her . Don’t worry.
Me : but how ..
Rohan : I know him since five years. He will drop her. Ragini are you ok with it ?
Ragini nodded.
Sanskar and ragini went out. Sanskar winked at rohan. Rohan looked at me.
Rohan :he is not a bad guy swru. He is a nice person. Don’t worry.
Me : ok ( unhappily).
Ragini went with him.

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