Swaragini – “Best friends” Part 2


Helloo frnds..Its 2nd epi of best frnds…Thanks 4 ur responce.keep reading n supporting me..

In previous epi We saw that swaragini r best frnd..bt they seprate their ways due to carrier.Swara is In India n Ragini in canada…6 yrs later when Ragini came in India she tried to find swara bt she didnt get her..N in all this she likes sanskar in 1st meeting & Sanskars 6 month old princess Sneha…She says Yes for mirrage.So now lets start 2 nd episode.

Raginis pov

I really like sanskar in my 1st meeting.Even sneha I felt some strange connection with that littile baby.Some strong forces which bound,me n sheha together..
Really..Im in love with sanskar n I want him with me all the time.Hes jst parfect.His attitude,His face,His eyes,His smile Such a charming persnality..Every girl can Fall for him..Im really lucky that I’ll be wife of Sanskar Maheswari…Yes he said that he wants only mother for his princess Sneha.He’ll never give me the rights of wife bt I’ll wait for that day when he’ll starts love me..I’ll be waiting sanskar.

But mom dad ask me to think again over my decision.Bcoz snehas life also connected with that.But truely when 1st time I met littile sneha i felt like shes my daugher n Im her mom..

I daily met sneha..shes just like sanskar…One day I was adoring her,Her smile,Her eyes..That smile n That eyes remind me something.I have seen the same smile,Same eyes before..I was trying hard to get answer But I failed….

Now..Today is my mirrage with sanskar…After mirrage i’ll be mrs Ragini sanskar maheshwari..
All rituals r done..But i was missing my best frnd,my swara…Where r u swara?..

Sanskar feel sindoor in my hairline.
now its time for my bidai..i’ll miss mom dad very much.

I entered in maheswari mention with sanskar..We get in our room.
sanskar ask me to be comfortable n left the room…
I was alone in that room..I changed my dress.n heard snehas voice.she said pa..pa..I entered in snehas room n find sanskar playing with sneha.They both r so adorable..
Sanskar happily talkin
g with sneha bt i didnt understand what he said to sneha..I just understand “Princess” which he called sneha..Sneha is laughing n clapping.I too joined them.Sneha hold my finger in her littile,soft hand n start playing with it..Really shes so adorable..My princess sneha…

Days r passing …my love n Respect towerds sanskar increaseas day by day…I wondered why his 1st wife n he got divorced.I never saw photo of his 1st wife in mm..Even no one here take her name..

But one day I ask ma(ap) about sanskars 1st wife..Ma jst told me that-She hates that girl..Bcoz she betyal sanskar she jst marry him for money.But sanskar loved her truely..N also that girl had an affair with some1…N sanskar gets to know about it n they divourced…N now we dont know Where is she?e never want her to come in sanskar or snehas life again..shes greedy,Stone hearted lady who left her daughter..
Saying this ma left frm my room..
Really how can mother left her small daughter for her boyfrnd i though this n look at sneha..I hugged my princess..

But now My mind filled with another dobout what if sanskar still loved his 1st wife?I gathered all my courage n ask sanskar..while we r playing with our princess
” Sanskar,Do u love ur 1st wife stil?
Sanskar- No Ragini..Once upon time I love her truely. But she broke my trust..Shes after my money only..Now I hate her..Hate to my core of heart..

Precap-Who is sanskars 1st wife..

frnds hows it?

Credit to: Sachi

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  1. Awesome dear..nd i thnk swara is only sanskar s first wife…hope so…waitng fr nxt egrly..post soon

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  2. superb. i think swara

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  3. I think swara is his first wife

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  4. Nice…i thnk tat is swara & she do this for she has some health prblm & she lie sanskaars tat she has a byfrnd..

    1. Thanks Jishna

  5. Nice…i thnk tat is swara & she do this for she has some health prblm & she lie sanskaars tat she has a byfrnd..so tat she wil thnk tat sanskar was easily hate her…so tat he wil not be sad by her death

  6. Awesome yaar update soon ??

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  7. i think its swara..

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  8. Tamanna

    Nice… Waiting for next one… Update soon

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  10. Simplesweety1

    I’m Sure! She’s Swara! Loved It! Update Soon!

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  11. Drishya

    Nice dear I think its Swara plz make it swasan plz ??

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  12. nice love ragini

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  13. Waiting for ragsan love track, story is nice

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  15. Alia

    i think swara is sanskaars 1st wife , plz try to make swasan n raglak , update soon

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  16. Megha123

    Awsm I guess it’s swara

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  17. So_ni

    nice update 🙂
    very eager to know who is sankar’s first wife

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  18. Interesting dear…. Loved it….. ?

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  19. it ‘s seems to be interesting sanchi

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