You belong with me…swaragini (episode 10)


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Episode 10

Sanskar:Shhhh..He kept his finger on her lips.
He leans towards her.She closes her eyes.She is very much scared now.A drop of tear falls from her eyes.By seeing it he leaves her and move aside.
She slowly opens her eyes.She finds him standing opposite to her in the other corner.
Ragini’s POV
Thank you so much god..But he didnt do anything?If he wanted to take advantage of me,he could have taken it now..but..he didnt.It means that I misunderstood him.I think he was right.Maybe he was going to give me CPR.But what will I do now.Oh god,he is looking at me..If i say anything to him now,he is gonna eat me raw.But I will have to say sorry to him.
Sanskar’s POV
hhh..i tried to save her but she slapped me.She didnt even listen to me.So ofcourse I will get angry na.Even now iam very much angry.Iam feeling to slap her hard.She will be wondering why iam looking at her. Its because when I look at her eyes,I will forget everything even my anger.These same eyes itself made me to move away from her when I lean towards her.
Sanskar went to washroom angrily for changing his wet clothes.
Ragini is now shivering as she is also using wet clothes.Sanskar is wearing black T-shirt and blue jeans.He is looking very handsome in it.Sanskar comes out of the washroom and finds Ragini shivering.
Sanskar angrily:Here is the dress,
go and change.
Sanskar leaves from there.
Ragini feels bad.She went for changing.
After sometimes
Sanskar enters room for taking a file.At the same Ragini is coming out of the washroom after changing.She is wearing a blue shiffon saree with black border.She looking gorgeous in this attire.Sanskar is mesmerised to see her.
Ragini decides to say sorry to him.
Sanskar came back to his senses.
Sanskar becomes angry seeing her.
He is leaving the room.But Ragini holds his hand and minute.plss..
sanskar gets angry and said:Ragini,it will be better ifi leave.Otherwise i itself don’t know what i will do .So let me go.
Ragini turns his face and kisses him on his cheek.
Sanskar is shocked.
Episode ends

Precap:Didn’t decide yet..sorry.

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  1. Awsm..plzz update nxt prt soon nd don’t end this ff..plzzz

    1. Thankyou Rakhi.I’ll try to extend it a little more.

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    its amazing …

    1. Thankyou cute girl.I’ll try to extend it a little more.

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