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Well it’s been a long time so sorrry for being late i had my entrance exams. here’s the promo and i promise it’s gonna be damn interesting as the past has three ore chapter’s to go

swarali smirks – Woah! easy guy’s i’m not so wicked and evil ‘

uday – Yeah princess! your just a new version of the devil’s angel!

swarali chuckle’s – you know i really like your one liner’s it just pisses me off that how (she goes close to him and caresses his face) such an handsome hunk like you could fall for my stupid naive sisso!

Piyali lift’s her wand and is about to flick it “ah-VAH-dah keh-DAV-rah!”

Okay so guy’s what do you think what’s gonna happen will the three sister’s ever reach to the final amulet or will they destroy each other forever. Do comment and keep reading hope you like it 🙂


It’s the most awaited evening of their life it’s wedding . With blesssings being showered on them from everyone they are ready to head for their beautiful journey TOGETHER …
But then…
“I never wished my maang to be filled by your blood sanskar !”
“well .. it .its just that i couldn’t wait for you to be called as mr’s sanskar maheshwari……………..

So is this the end of their love story or is does fate have something else in store for them to know keep reading 😉


Swara’s POV :
laksh : too much of dosti dushmani miss.mathur I can’t take this anymore I LOVE YOU .. would you like to be my girlfriend??
Swara : well santa claus after that kiss you really think i would say a no? YESS I LOVE YOU TOO MONKEY
swalak hug : wait a sec !laksh looks at her confused .

so guy’s i knw it’s been too much of sadness in the first two ff’s but i promise it’s soon gonna be a happy journey do comment whether you guy’s want me to continue with the plot or not you can check my ff Swargya (swaragini ) the beginning .. on wattpad it’s ranked #650 over there and the ranking s are increasing more all thanks to you readers keep reading and loving and please don’t forget to comment 🙂

Credit to: nidhi

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  1. Missed u so much nidhi!!! And waiting for swaragini meant to be together update soon

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    2. I’m back finally and won’t go back any time soon

  3. Missed u sooo much u dear
    i thought u stopped d writting
    im very happy u r back

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  4. Oh heaven!!! finally u r back dea, I missed ur ffs very much. Please don’t do like this again. looking forward for ur updates…

    1. thanq so much RSR!!!! missed you all guys so much i won’t from now on happy to see your comment 🙂

  5. Yaar Im a silent reader of ur ffs…u don’t knew how much I missed ur ffs…good 2 c u back..
    Waiting for ur updates

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  6. I missed ur ff a lot..i thought that u stopped them..bt thanx a lot for continuing..

    1. Thanq so much rakhi 🙂

  7. omgggg Nidhi ur back…I am soooo happy…I was missing ur fanfictions very much. can’t wait promos look interesting

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