Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 9

My eyes literally turn to hearts when i see you…..
sanky’s driving the car suddenly a girl comes running from the opposite direction he applies the breaks at the nick of time
and the girl is saved sanlak and swaragini get out of car only to find the girl vanished in thin air!
Is this a sign a signing that their journey’s begun !
swara “well i know i’m not supposed to ask questions !” the three turn to her “but then maybe i could know the name of the place
where we are going??”
ragini “the jungle that you felt connected to we are going to it’s origin that’s the dehradun’s most ancient and renouned
place or rather i would call it the sighania’s mansion!”

swara pouts laksh “don’t worry dampsel in distress if not cinderella’s shoes you’ll atleast find the queens wand over there ”
“wand ??” said an excited swara to which sanskar replied “yes the ancient tales or stories say that the singhania’s where the one who started it all….
and the fb begin’s are you all ready for it the ancient tale 😉
the large and big mansion is shown the more brighter outside,it is the more darker inside.
it’s a 25yyears old tale well not that old but the roots it has are deeper than anyother tale.
the witches of the era the singhania’s are the most powerfull ones on the earth no creature has the strength to beat them
but what’s the secret behind them being so powerfull? the answer to this question are their three princesses.If rumours
have to be believed it’s said that they are blessed with the power’s of WATER, FIRE AND NATURE .
the eldest swarali singhania is as calm and naughty as WATER it takes a few instance to make her angry and requires the same
to bring her back to normal
the second rageshwari singhania well she’s the most controlled one it takes a lot more to make her angry but when she is it’s like FIRE
and then it’s only the last youngest member of the family who can stop her ….
the youngest witch of the family piyali singhania who owns her copywrite on the NATURE always naughty but when hurt hazardous enough to
destroy everything!

in the common room probably they are practicing a girls is standing in the middle of the room “you seriously want me to do this?”
she hears a chuckle of a boy “fine then “she lifts her wand and swushes it saying “seguita saguine !” and he’s here in front of her
ajay her 8years old nephew “and now that’s what i call an awesome bua! piyali bua i love you !” he hugged her laughing her face
is revealed (tanya sharma from sns) from top to toe she’s looking beautiful just as rageshwari and cute just a swarali
at the table all are having lunch

“so how was the practice session?” asked the eldest of the family devdhar singhania
“it was awesome dadu just a few more lessons and my piya bua would not need wands anymore to do spells !” chuckled ajay
piyali smiled at his cute compliment dev looked at the empty chairs to which piyali replied “rageshwari jiji’s at the jungle
on a shooting spree and swarali jiji ..” dev lifts his brows up “swarali jiji?” piyali fails making an false
excuse “she isn’t up yet !” vijay tries handling the situation but dev gets up from the table
“i’m totally disappointed being the eldest she isn’t serious about her studies her powers even a bit and rageshwari’s even out

there shooting what about your wizardry studies don’t they want to complete it this year atleast!” he leaves from there
miffed vijay and piyali sigh
ajay “so who’s going to which bua off mine ?”
piyali turns to go ot swarali’s room and ajay goes towards the lawn
at swarali’s room a large one but cute though everywhere there are potraits of the three sisters together and the family pics
Piyali goes to the the rack of books and pushes it a bit it opens to inwards. it’s like a lab allover herbs and experimental
glasses well it’s our swarali’s secret room a lab where you could find all kind of potions swara being a witch doesn’t
like spells so much as she believes they are boring so instead she keeps doing new experiments trying to make potions

“jiji! i lied for you again today !” said piyali making a pouty face
swarali gives her a look “really ! she’s not up yet is a excuse of the millionaire !”
“okay fine but what about that idiot did he come with the stuff you required or not!”
“call the devil and the devil’s here !” swarali said looking behind piyali it’s none other then ??
well any guesses 😉

no precap i want it to be a suspense

and guys do comment your views regarding the epi hope you like it

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      1. thanq Lila for providing the links

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  3. Amazing epi. Just plz answer this question nidhi. Swarali is swara from past and rageshwari is ragini from past. Am I right???

    1. Thanq Lila and yes you’re guess is right

  4. Awesome d person may be sankar or laksh

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  5. Nidhi plz plz upload next epi of this ff and swaragini meant to be together as well. Plz upload both

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