Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 8

Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than i used to….
Ragini closed her diary and kept it in the bag and turned towards her wardrobe
“have i become so forgotten to you that you can’t feel my presence or it’s something from your side which i call PRETENCE !
pretending to ignore me?” asked sanskar leaning at the door side to which ragini replied ” i call it silence so that swara’s
sleep which has been for just while doesn’t get disturbed by our talks !” sanskar smiles at a sleeping swara “she’s so cute
even in her dreams she has you ” ragini looks at him and smiles “so they say people smile in love sanskar karma have you fallen
for my soulmate??” sanskar chuckles and joins her in packing “they also say that people fall in love, true love just once
and that my love has happened with this vampire and i promise won’t happen again!”
ragini “romantic lines don’t suit you mr.karma !” sanskar looking at the heap of clothes “how about you swussh your magic wand
and aabra ka dabra all clothes in the bag” he smiles at her cutely
ragini gives him a fake smile “how about you swussh your hands and aabra ka daabra all clothes in bag!” sanskar makes a sad
face “okkay fine how about i use my vampire powers and..” ragini keeps a finger on his mouth “DO YOU WANT TO HELP ME ?” sanky
nods in a yess “then shutup and fold them i’ll be back with the accesories !” she leaves and sanskar folding a top “GREAT!
now accesories thank god accesories do not need to be folded !”

ragini comes back with her kit and tries controlling her laughter “sanskar ! what is all this did you open the sarees section!”
she keeps a hand on her forehead sanskar looks at her with a cute face ” i just thought it’s a scarf and when i removed it
it got all messy so when i thought to fold it well doesn’t it seems like folded ??” just in a try to fold a saree sanskar has
got all the other clothes messed up too whats funny is that he has the saree all over him round and round
ragini goes towards him and starts freeing him out of the saree as she tries the open it out sanskar too goes around and around
and then what happens is even more hilarious our dear ragsan get themselves caught in the saree
“haww see what happened now all because of you mr.karma!” said ragini cutely expressing her anger
“wha what! mee!” said an extremely confused sanskar

ragini turned her face “yes you! who told you to move around me !” that’s when they hear laughing noises
due to the rucuss they created swara has been awake from her sleep and even lucky’s come up due to the fighting and seeing them thus
entangled in the saree is nothing else than a comedy scene and the bonus for it is their childish fight
ragini makes her angry pouty face again “see because of you we have become a sort of entertainment for them !”
“yea right you no what yesterday tsunami happened somewhere that to because of mee someone died some where that also
because of mee everyhting bad that happens is all because of me !” and sanskar loses his balance and so does ragini they fall

swalak in unison “and now this also happened just because of you !” they give each other a hi5 and start laughing
ragsan too start laughing.
the scene shifts to a while later
swara makes a sad face lucky “now what happened to you?”
“i thought this was a one week trip but now we are leaving so soon and shekhar uncle also left yesterday we didn’t even have a
proper trip !” she pouts cutely
lucky”awww my pumpkins upset how about this ” he gives her a chocolate and she smiles childishly “and about the packing
we are going somewhere new for some work and we’ll be back here soon and you no whats interesting over there ?”
swara lifts her brows up in excitement “what??” “you’ll find many fictional things over there for your slot!”
swara “but what work are we going there for ?”

“to find a lost amulet!” said ragini going towards her sanskar too enters the scene
ragini’s on her knees holding swara’s hand “look i know you love to ask questions a lot and you can’t stay without them but i
want you to promise me that no more questions now ! because now it’s you who is going to answer my quetions !”
swara “what questions ?” ragini smiles looking into her soulmates eyes “you’ll know them soon and once the time comes
you would be amused enough for knowing the answers!”

sanky gets the BMW at the gate and comes out to get the luggage “so mr.maheshwari a wolf in distress i don’t think you
have any offence if i drive !” lucky smiles “well when my bones come out of stress it’s you who’s gonna be distressed
mr.karma !” they are nose to nose as if they’ll begin any moment but seperate when they feel her coming
“i know what you guy’s where doing !” said ragini trying to lift the bag out of the house
sanlak “we are all good !” she goes near them “hope you be the same in the whole trip !”
“so hey people your host for tonight! well swar bose you won’t stop doing that mistake aren’t you? cut that out
i my friends swara bose is back with a bang today’s host so well we are going for a trip and as i’m on a promise of asking no
questions even i don’t know where we are going ” she pouts “anyways what’s happening is that the world’s most happening…..
and she trips at the door but she’s all safe and sound in his arms LUCKY! they look into each other’s eyes and share an eyelock
sanskar “uhmm !” they compose themselves “how about you do the rest of your shooting in the car ?” swara nods lucky
takes the bag from her swaragini in the car and sanlak sit at the front “so champ talking about happening meet the most happening
hot and s**y girl in the world miss ragini gadodia ” the camera turns to ragini who winks at it with a cute smile
“next comes obviously me swara bose the cuteness “she giggles at her statement

“and then my boss mr.sanskar karma the sensational guy hot nd seductive enough to make a girl fall for him in seconds !” she
turns the handycam on sanskar whose driving and grinning at her compliment for him
“and then my champ comes the most hot guy of the century my better half’s would be better half laksh maheshwari !”
lucky brushes his hair with his hand stylishly giving a look to the camera

Precap : A girl comes in front of their car bymistake sanky puts the break on right time and the girl is saved
swaragini and sanlak come out of the car but she’s gone vanished in thin air!

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  4. She is the one they r searching i think

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  5. This is soooo good. Awesome. Cute fight between ragsan. But u didn’t reveal why ragsan broke up. If your story was a TV show it would have been a huge hit. Of course if it was with swaragini cast. Ur story is unique. I love it. Thanks for an amazing story. I myself love vampires and werewolves even though vampires aren’t real.

    1. thanq so much lila

  6. Nidhi what is your third ff called?

    I only know swaragini meant to be together and this one swaragini the beginning.

    Whats the 3rd one called? And is that about ragsan as well?

    1. it’s sister’s forever and yup it’s ragsan as well

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