Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 7

Someone asked me, hows life? I just smiled and replied, she’s fine…
it’s been so late and they yet haven’t arrived the feeling of her being with him all alone is more threatening then anything else
not that he’ll hurt her ofcourse he never would she’s his life she’s the one whm he has promised to protect from anything and anyone
she’s the one whom he has imprinted ……
sanskar is moreover getting restless that ragini has not yet returned from the jungle
“is she alright ?? will that wolf eat my soulmate ?? ohh god sanskar why didn’t you save her damnit!” said an extremely worried
frustated to her coninuous questions sanskar replied ” now thats what i call a century in the past 4 hours ! swara i don’t know and
more of all she’s with lucky your best friend she’ll be safe !”
swara fake smiled “are you trying to convince me or yourself!” sanskar looked at her though he didn’t reply as he knew she was right.

They here footsteps getting more louder and clearer as if someones coming towards them it’s ragini sanskar could smell him his blood
dripping the blood he hates the most, the werewolf blood ….
ragini comes in a huff and ignoring swara she takes the first aid sanskar stops her “is he worse???”
ragini “not that much ” swara interrupts “where’s lucky??” ragini doesn’t reply and goes down to the hall sanskar and swara
follow her
swara gets extremely worried seeing lucky’s condition “laksh !! what happened to you did that bastard of wolf hurt you???”
lucky tries to smile” yea i guess a bit !” ragini’s plain and cold as if something has freezed her
sanskar in his mind”this is the first time i feel helpless being the dead a vampire… i wish i could just hear your thought’s
ragini i know the events that shaped up today have made you tremble with fear. The fear of even seeing swara in front of
that giant beast !
swara goes and kneels down next to ragini holding her ears “I’m sorry ” ragini doesn’t reply nor even look at her

laksh and sanskar smile at them laksh “swara just one more cute sorry and your ragini will be all set to forgive you !” he winks
at her
swara does situps “i’m sorry i promise i won’t do such stuff again pakka promise ”
ragini “seriously swara you don’t know what i felt at that moment seeing you infront of that wolf for a moment i thought i lost
you i felt so helpless when i heard that scream of your’s !” swara cups her face caringly wiping those tears she said ” i don’t know
ragini the moment i came near that gate it felt like someone’s calling me i know you guy’s won’t believe me but i don’t know just
feels like a sort of pull towards the jungle”
sanskar and laksh look at her shocked. For the first time they look at each other with fear “it has begun ..”
ragini holds swara “you go now have a sleep before aunty wakes up i’ll aid lucky ” swara ” first say you..”
“i forgive you swara now go and have a sleep we’ll talk tomorrow ” she kisses on her forehead and swara leaves

sanskar “ragini it’s high time you say her…”
“say her what sanskar ! that you are a vampire or that lucky’s a werewolf or even the best one i’m the witch whose on a hunting
spree for her amulet !”
a voice interuppts “how about you tell her about her past her previous birth and her betrayal!” said divyanka
ragini ” no aunty i don’t want to loose her this time if she knows it all she’ll die with guilt and i can’t let that happen!
moreover she isn’t ready now”
lucky “ragini stop pampering she has the right to know who she is and she was in her previous birth and about her being ready it
all began after her 21st birthday itself her aging process has been slowed down ragini and if not now it can be dangerous if
she knows it through anyone else later”
ragini looks at sanskar they share an eye contact. he smiles “if it’s difficult for you i’ll help you too. ” he looks at divyanka

“aunty how about we start tomorrow itself ”
“yea sure but be carefull that no human knows about it i’ll take care of shekhar ” divyanka replied

Precap : the trip to the past and the amulets begin’s. A new entry from the past swaragini feel a connect towards a girl.
is she the one they are searching for? will she help them find the amulets??

Lot more excitement and twists to come up ready for some ragsan and swalak romance will this trip bring back the long hidden
romance of the couples to know you’ll have to read the nexp epi but before that please do comment if you like the twist that
has come up regarding the previous birth and for ragsan breakup reason it’s in the next epi

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  1. Wowww ragini is a witch yeahhh awesome

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  7. Mind blowing. I loved it. Im glad ragini in some way has powers being a witch. But wat is swara? Too many things. Making me eager for next epi. Plz upload next epi soon. Keep up the good work

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