Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 6

Let me love you if not for the rest of your life .. but for the rest of mine……

ragini goes down in a hurry and say’s to the watchman “if anyone calls tell them we have gone out if aunty asks say the same
and yea don’t inform them about the open gates i’ll be back soon please it’s request don’t tell anyone ”
the watchman nods and she leaves
in the jungle swara hears the howling sound and gets excited “it’s a wolf champ see i finally found something fictional!”
she goes further she sees something shining a bit far as if a small shiny star she goes further following the light
meanwhile ragini’s in the jungle she hears swara shout she trembles and whispers “SANSKAR!”
sanskar hears ragini calling him he speeds up and vanishes to thin air !
in the jungle swara’s down faint two shiny eyes fiercley watching her it’s a big giant wolf it’s dark so the colour of coat is not clear
ragini’s at a distance seeing the wolf before swara she gets freezed then and there …
the wolf takes astep back and lunges towards her ragini screams “Swara!!!” and closes her eyes she feels a breeze
he’s here… sanskar holds the wolf and pushes it with all his might the atmosphere beneath them gets more cold as if a war’s gonna begin
“STOP! i said i order you to stop right now!” the wolf who was looking fiercely at sanskar by now calms down seeing ragini.
she goes in front of them the wolf bows down to her .
sanskar picks up swara in his arms ragini gets emotional seeing her
sanskar speaks to her calmly” don’t worry i’ll take her safely home and wait until you come ” ragini nods looking at him
“it’s full moon ragini he needs you go fast before he hurts anyone ”
ragini turns to leave “i know it’s strange that we fight all the time and now i’m sending you to him at this crucial moment
but ragini when it comes to your safety i trust him more then myself !” he turns towards the bowing wolf “and you our fight isnt
over yet next time we meet you’ll have a tough night !” saying thus he turns towards villa and is vanished again and ragini sits on the wolf and it runs
towards the jungle.

in the dark jungle a shed is shown screams can be heard louder as if an animal is howling in pain! ragini enters in a tear trips
her face down to the floor it’s lucky half human half werewolf form he’s in pain deep pain ragini just can’t stop herself
“laksh !” her soothing voice as if bring a new life in hi he looks towards her .
ragini runs towards him and hugs him . as if a small light of hope in this darkness her presence brings a small smile on his face
though in pain . she wipes her tears and starts removing the chains
“ragini don’t i might hurt you damn it !” ragini with annoyance “just shutup you wont !”
she covers him with a near by blanket and holds his hands ” did i ever say to you i hate the moon when it’s full ” lucky laughs
at her statement “she was here wasn’t she??” she nods
“is she fine now and where’s that bastard who attacked her !” ragini looks at him “just calm down it’s not jim’s fault lucky, it’s full moon
how can you expext him to control himself ”
laksh shouts at her “what if omething happened to her!”
“nothing happened to her he saved her on time ” said ragini . laksh looked at her the moment she said that HE! there’s no other person
in the world accept him who’s so much close to her that no matter try what she can’t stop letting him come to his life
“SANSKAR! try taking his name next time ” he said with a smile a fake one
ragini ” he saved her ”
“and left you to come here to an animal what about your safety ” he said with amusement
ragini replied “laksh he trusts you more than himself for y safety even i do !”
“what if i lose my calm some day ragini what if i hurt you so badly that yyou won’t recover !” laksh said looking into her eyes she could see pain
in them fear of loosing her
“you never would do that laksh cause i’ve been imprinted by you since my birth !”

hope you like today’s epi ! it’s a bit short though 😉

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  1. So its a vampire & warewolf story, nice reveal d pair soon

    1. yup aarti thanq

  2. I am confused.swalak or swasan.Please reply

    1. its swalak rituja

  3. amazing

    1. thanq manvi

  4. it’s way too awsm..just fabulous..nd d pairs r ragsan nd swalak..right?? I love dem..soo plzz don’t chng d pairs

    1. thanq rakhi and yea it’s ragsan and swalak just wait abit you’ll see them together soon

  5. make it swasan yaar… pleaseeee

    1. anusha reddy you’ll see moments of swasan and swalak both it’s a vampire and werewolf story hope you like it

  6. nice ..

    1. thanq cutegirl

  7. Imprinted wowwww so nice

    1. thanq hayathi

  8. Very nice.

    1. thanq aayushi

  9. It’s just so fictions I’m loving it by d way reveal d pairs asap

    1. thanq shruthulu

  10. Mind blowing epi. But plz I dont like too much raglak bonding. Show ragsan a little bit more and tell how ragini knew about sanlak powers. How ragsan fell in love? Also plz tell the precap of every epi

    1. thanq lila i’ll try providing precaps too 😉

    1. thanq kaya

  11. wow
    ragini is nrml human or someting
    please describe who is wolf and who is human

    1. The wolf is laksh and vampire is sanskaar

    2. And swaragini are humans

    3. what ragini is is a suspense

  12. Awesome part… Luved it..

    1. thanq taiana

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