Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 5

thanq so much guys for the comments, appreciation and silent readers. here’s my today’s epi

I really hate my heart beacause it lives inside me but beats.. only for you…….
it’s morning and our dehradun soulmates(swaragini) are wondering what to begin with first just then they hear a sound, probably
a horse neighing “baadal !!” squeled swara and jumped of her bed with excitment
ragini “slow down my dehradun express or else you’ll beat even baadal in the race !” swara giggled to her and left towards the garden
in a swift
swara came down running to see shekhar with durga uncle she greeted them a goodmorning and ran towards outside. There he is standing
as handsome hunk as ever “you should agree that baadal looks more handsome than you”exclaimed swara carressing the horse .
laksh amused “seriously well the credit goes to me as whoever i stand with automatically becomes handsome ” swara laughs
“so if you guy’s are done may i have a ride on my hunk ” said ragini coming towards them
laksh teasingly “i don’t mind giving you a ride on my back just wonder if you’ve not gained more wait or else i’ll need a ride

back home on a stretcher ” swara giggled on that
ragini hit him slightly on his chest “i don’t prefer to ride on donkey’s mr.maheshwari !”
lucky amused “well donkey’s aren’t hunk my warrior princess .”
ragini fake smiled at his gesture “well i called baadal a hunk not you ”
swara comes in between them “okay okay cool down guy’s i wonder what happens to you both when in dehradun i’ll gift you guy’s a flat
in mumbai my suggestions don’t stay here once married !”
raglak join their hands in front of her “okkay shree swara bose ”
ragini’s on baadal having a good ride across the lawn seems like they know each other very well while our swalak are at a distance
having a good convo
“ragini’s so good at handling evrything i wish i were like her !” said swara watching ragini with a smile
lucky “well that she is and for you you’re just as awesome as her the way you are ” they share an eyelock
swara “thanq for the compliment well i guess that’s y we call each other’s soulmate ”
just then raagini comes with baadal “how was the ride sweety ! hope she didn’t trouble you !” said laksh as if to baadal giving
ragini a peck on her cheek from behind she hits him .
i wish i would get someone just like him but then he’s unique peace just made for my soulmate said swara slowly going from there

she wandered across the huge villa the gadodia mansion which earlier was the sood’s villa. how intruiging the people of
dehradun exclaimed them to be strange a kind of nocturnal people not much socializing yet they were the talk of the town
and one more interesting stuff was that the villa had an immense jungle behind as if it was a line between two different races!
swara went near the jungle entrance a board at the side said “restricted entry!”
“wonder how beautiful it might be there what if i find something ancient maybe any fictional creature which noone has discoverd
or seen yet ” she exclaimed to herself and forwarded her steps towards the jungle but before she could cross the barrier gate
a hand came on her shoulder
“shona it’s a restricted area come durga uncle’s leaving ” ragini holds her shouder on one side and takes her. swara looks behind
while going whats strange and unknown is that she feels a certain pull towards the jungle a connection it’s as if the jungle’s
saying you belong here !
durga “so shekhar the flight’s at 7 today meet you at the airportt then ”
“flight! noone said that they were leaving to go somewhere ??”exclaimed ragini upset.
swara who kept her hand on an upset ragini’s shoulder “that’s not fair uncle !”
“look my princesses i can’t help it’s really important conference even i don’t want to leave you guy’s and go !”

he made a puppy face and hold his ears all set to do situps
ragini lifted her face looking at him”where ??”
shekhar “mumbai ”
“fine !but promise us that you’ll come back soon??”
shekhar “yess my princess i’ll be back till evening tomorrow ”
durga uncle “and my child take care of lucky too ” ragini nodded and took his blessings so did swara
the maheshwari’s left

swaragini in room it’s evening
“ragini!” called swara . ragini who’s busy unpacking their remaining stuff turn’s around “yess??”
swara “i’m ging to have a walk on the lawn as you seem busy i guess i should go alone ”
she turs to leave but then ragini stops her “don’t even think of going that side i hope you know which side i’m talking about !”
swara makes a upset face as if a child ” yea yea fine champ(to her handycam)we’ll explore thestupid flowers in the garden today”
saying thus she leaves ragini smiles and shakes her head
swara’s in the lawn before the restricted area board she opens the gate slowly “sorry ragini but i donno why i just can’t stop myself !”
she goes in !”
ragini who’s folding her clothes hears a howl suddenly her clothes falls down from her hand she looks tensed at the window
it’s FULL MOON today! she remember’s durga uncle saying “take care of my lucky too!” the watchman comes to her running
“madam the gate is open ”
“SWARA! oh noo!”

finger’s crossed are you guy’s excited for the next epi??

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