Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 4

“I fell in love with you, don’t know how or why. i just did…..!”
the trip to dehradun
it felt like a dream his love felt like a dream and remained a dream i wish i could touch you, feel you love you…
but then she smirked you didn’t let that hapen yes you mr. karma you. Just lost in her thought’s with her soulmate sleeping
peacefully her head on her shoulder, swara she’s just the solution to every pain, her smile makes my memories of you to fade
i don’t hate you and in somewhere within my heart i still love you, she smiles.. just a few years back who would have
thought we were lovers fighting all the time geting irritated and annoyed with each others presence but feeling lonely as if all
alone though surrounded with so many people around in eachother’s absence ..
a sweet voice disturbs her thought’s “rags !!”

ragini “hmmm” swara ” you miss him don’t you??” ragini smiles ” not as much as you do ” she knows that swara knows i’m missing him
but has no clue that i’m missing not him but someone else SANSKAR!
the announcement’s are made the plane lands .
sanky’s at the airport he feels something a feeling of her presence but then y would she be here mr.karma i know u’re trying to be a
human but try not being a devdas please !! he walks smirking
swara : ragini how much more??

ragini : swara just a minute and she turns …. and they collide rags gets up and removes her scarf and glares
“are you blind or something ???” sanky turn to her with clear annoyance”seriously i thoought you were !”..
they stare at each other the wind makes her hair fall on her face they share an eyelock the past images flashback
“you promised me sanskar ! you did ” sanky “i’m a devil damnit a vampire what the hell do you expect from me!!”
fb ends swara goes near ragini concerned “are you all right ??” ragini clutches her hand speechless for a moment
“woah i never thought your entry would be so rocking ” said lucky teasingly from behind not aware of him being here
swaragini turn lucky feels a bit strange he’s holding a packet of chocolates goes towards ragini and hugs her tight
sanskar clentches his fist controlling his anger trying not to create a scene

ragini whispers with a low voice “he’s here lucky behind me! ” lucky whose in ragini’s arms watches him angry they break the hug
“don’t “she holds him signing of swara’s presence swara confused with sanky’s arrival at dehradun but happy at the sametime to
see lucky there hugs him tight making lucky’s mood a bit lighter
swara “sir you here ??” sanky “don’t call me sir atleast not here please ” says though brushing his hair “on a trip??”
“yup “chuckled swara with a childish smile “lucky planned it ohh well how foolish of me”she said childishly pulling lucky forward
“meet my bf i mean best friend and my ragini’s would be husband lucky laksh maheshwari!” “and she’s my soulmate ragini “said swara
sidehugging ragini raglak look at each other
sanky smiles “i guess we should leave then!” smiling he leaves to his way so does swalak rags pauses and turns slowly towards sanky
sanky to does the sames

swara “ragini!!” s”coming shona!” and they leave ..
home sweet home : ragini hugs shekhar and so does swara “mumma ??” shekhar “sorry darling she’s gone for an urgent meeting !”
swara makes a sad face suddenly two hands cover her eyes “guess who??” swara squels “mumma!!” and hugs her tightly
ragini “someone was cursing you a second ago in their hearts”said teasingly
“ragini you knew na ” she runs chasing her they have a good tour of the house with their chase “so happy to see them feels like my
house is complete now “exclaimed shekhar divyanka too complied with a smile

“and all thanks to me “said laksh bowing down with all the luggages of the princesses
shekhar “what’s all this call the srvant’s they’ll bring them in”
“no i can’t ” said lucky making a sad face shekhar and divyanka look at him “his punished for his crime ” chirped swara
“crime of coming late to pick us at the airport “said an amused ragini tapping swara’s head lightly
and lucky continues with his luggages
the screen shifts to swaragini’s room, swara’s sleeping like a child on the bed so cute exclaimed ragini to herself and covered
her bestfriend properly with the blanket standing at her balcony watching the beautiful moon “hey beautiful !” said divyanka
“hey aunty did he sleep ” “yess peacefully after so many days your daddy was so worried for you both and now he’s like the most
happiest person in the world “said divyanka covering ragini with her shawl
they share a sidehug “do you still miss him baccha ??” ragini knew whom divyanka was talking about sanskar she obviously knew
as she was the one reason they met the first place

fb “i’m sorry i’m making you do this darling ” “no probs aunty i’ll meet him just send his pic and give dolly the info of the
meeting so that she could brief me ” divyanka “thanq so much i love you “she kissed on her forehead
conference room “hello i’m ragini gadodia here on behalf of miss divyanka bose “said ragini to stella
“hii ma’am i’m stella ” they shake hands “well don’t you think.. this room’s just a bit big for a meeting of just two people!”
“well thats because i like keeping a bit distance from people miss gadodia !” turned sanky around in his chair…

i’m sorry if it’s confusing or the language and words wanted to make it a bit fictional as in novels hopeyou guy’s like it

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  1. i luv it …i hàve ño word to say …i just luv it …..

    1. thanq cute girl

  2. Nithi story was nice dr but maintain some lines like not like paragraphs it will be better to understand

    1. thanq hayathi i will surely try to keep that i mind while writing 😉

  3. OMG!!! I simply love this FF. It’s awesome and intriguing. I love the quotes you start an update with. I love SawRagini bonding and all the RagSan and SwaLak scene are just wonderful.
    Continue soon 😀

    1. thanq megha 😉

  4. Hey ur story is just amazing… this is the 1st tym i read ur ff n cmt here.. n just now i read the previous part… really different n intresting plot… keep it up…

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  5. I love ur ff. The more I read the more I love it. Every time I read sanskaar’s bit abhay’s (pyaar ki yeh ek kahani) background music starts playing in my head. Nidhi ur writing does get confusing to read so plz leave spaces between what they are saying.

    Anyways keep up the brilliant work. Plz upload another epi. I’m waiting eagerly

    1. thanq lila i’ll surely keep that in mind next time 😉

    1. thanq manvi

  6. Brilliant..loved ur ff a lot

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  7. Nidhi plz upload next epi

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  8. Looking forward to more ragsan moments

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