Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 3

thanq so much everyone for liking my ff here’s a new episode
swaragini the beginning …. episode 3

“i wish i could fall in love with you for the way you are but my love a devil can’t fall in love with an angel ! ”
rags is in her cabin checking some files the intercom rings “yess!”
“ma’am there’s an unexpeected visitor seems in a hurry to meet you ” ragini lifts her eyebrows “and who’s that ??”
“ma’am the visitor is in a hurry so..” “send in just 5mins and you come in tooo”
“yes ma’m”
rags is settling some files on the shelf the door opens in a rush “RAGINI!!” swara comes running to her and gives her a tight
hug ragini’s chuckles and clutches her tightly surprised. swara seperates from the hug and twirls her “ragini ragini ragini!!!”
“congrats congrats congrats !!!” swara stops and makes a puppy face ” how did you knew” she stares at ragini’s secretary
she gives her a didn’t tell anything look !! “baby it’s your face happiness that told me you got your prime slot 😉 ”
she kisses her on her forehead ” dolly get two coffees and yea postpone the meetings to tommorow i don’t want any disturbance
when we are talking ” dolly nods and leaves
“so my shona how is your new office and new boss !” swara frowns “what is he that much khadoos ”
swara ” not khadoos but he seems a bit interesting!”
rags to herself “yea that beast of karma seems interesting to every girl he meets ”
“ragini he can tell anything you think !” rags looks amused at her statement and chuckles swara frowns again”i’m not joking !”
“well shona your hearts so clear that what you think is shown on your face so if that’s something talented than i’m interesting
too right ” 😉

swara ” you can read me because we are connected you see ” rags amused again “and hows that ?”
swara ” because we are soulmates”
rags “awww y are you so cute ” and the wind blows and a striking personality enters the office !
swara squels “is he back ???” ragini nods “well thats what it seems ” and gets up to go near the door before she could open
“well thats what i call a heart connection soulmate stuff know when your love come’s near you ” says laksh maheshwari ragini’s
partner in businessman and soon to turn parner in life nothing’s serious to our dear lucky he nevr repeats anything in his life
a hot and happening guy with a dampsel beauty our ragini !
raglak share a warm hug and before they could seperate swara squels ” lucky!” she runs and hugs him tight “my princess in distress?”
rags “yess my casinova !” lucky “y does my snow white seem so happy today ??”
swara seperates and giggles”well that’sfor you to find out !! comeon any guesses ”
lucky nods in a no and looks at ragini who’s smiling at their childish expressions!!
swara “ragini u werre wrong not everyone can read my expressions (lucky’s still confused )
rags “idiot she’s got the job!!”

“really amazing now the whole worlds gonna be distressed with her fairytales !” ragini laughs swara “haww!” and hits on his stomach
dolly comes in with the coffees lucky “dolly hot coffees don’t you think the atmosphere’s already hot with my arrival!”
rags takes the coffess from her “well mr.hottie thats for us as for you dolly get a bucket of icecubes lucky sir is feeling hot
you see” swara giggles
lucky makes face “hahaha very anyways get your bags packed for tomorrow we’re leaving for a trip to dehradun”
swaragini “dehradun!!!” rags “amazing but ” lucky no but’s and if’s all arrangements are done and meetings have been postponed for 2weeks”
swara makes a sad face “but i can’t come i’m starting my work from tomorrow as the show will go on air soon!”
lucky frowns “okay i’ll talk to your boss and convince him to come with us dehradun has all those creepiness atmosphere suitable
for your fiction!” swara frowns “whatever do you think he’ll come ??” laksh “just tell me your company’s name restt you leave on me!”
rags ” karma’s !” lcuky’s expressions turn cold his fist clenched swara notices him “what happen lucky are you okay” she keeps
her hand on his he calms down “yess snowwhite i’m fine i’ll check on the karma’s and yea shopping stff i’m not coming !!”
ragini “no excuses you want us to come with you then we want you to hold our ” swara completes “shopping bags !”
lucky shakes his head “ohh no!!” swaragini”ohhh yess ” they share a hi5

lucky is in his car driving he receives a text from swara “5sharp be ready for he shopping spree !!” a wide smile appears on
his face “what are you smiling at like an idiot ???” laksh’s sees himself sitting next to him saying “don’t forget we are animals
and we don’t fall in love with humans !” lucky “who said i love her ” laksh “you think i’m a fool i reside within you laksh i know
everyhting about you and your feelings ” lucky ” she’s just ragini’s best friend and mine friend a cute one nothing else !”
laksh ” then y were you smiling like a donkey seeing her text !” lucky “wait hello your me being me how can you insult me calling
a donkey !” laksh ” shutup and just remember loving a human is dangerous and you’re already in danger with that ragini because
of her u’re taking risk of the walking dead lucky!” lucky growls ” u don’t have any right to speak anything about ragini!”
laksh “she’s danger my brother stay away from them !” lucky “i said get lost!” and he vanishes .

Precap : swaragini and lucky reach dehradun swara feels something strange raglak look at each other sanky to reaches dehradun
someone dashes on ragini “you fool are you blind or something??” sanky “seriously i thought you were blind !” she removes her
scarf and glares the wind blows ragsan are shocked to see each other

hope you guy’s like it

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  1. Is this ragsan,swalak or swasan and raglak ff

    1. Guyz the pairs are ragsan and swalak

  2. Pairs?!!!?????

    1. swalak and ragsan

  3. swalak plzzzzzzz

    1. yup it is atiya

  4. Superb epi. Loved it. Laksh is werewolve and sanky is a vampire. I get it. Why dont ragini like sanskaar. Plz disclose that soon. Also is laksh gonna marry ragini?

    1. thanq lila you’ll know it in the next epi

  5. Who is pairs

    1. hayathi it’s swalak and ragsan

  6. Its ragsan and swalak ff guys I read the p
    Part 2 and nidhi wrote it

    1. thanq nilani

  7. Awsm episode..thnx for ragsan nd swalak nd plzz update nxt prt soon

    1. thanq rakhi

  8. awsm ..epi..

    1. thanq cutegirl

  9. When are u updating the next part?

    1. i’ve submitted it hope you like it

  10. NIce epis…..lots of love

    1. thanq rithu

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