Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 26

You ask me what you’re missing?! I’ll tell you read the first word……

The angel smile’s at the sister’s “I guess you guy’s made me what I hate being the most, INDECISIVE ” she emphasized. Swarali smirks “We thought we made it crystal clear that we are sister’s and not competitor’s ”

The angel smirked “But every conquest has to have an end as it can’t go on forever” Piyali looked at her with hope “So you’ve got the winner?”

“Yess” the three sister’s hold their hand’s together for one last time ” so the winner is….”

“Impossible ! that’s what these sister’s can be” a frustrated laksh bangs his hand to the tree’s trunk “Ironical ! You realized it so soon my friend” sanskar spoke sardonically .

“There’s just one way now” uday has the boy’s attention now “AH-par-EE-see-um” as they watch the roads now have foot marks on them clearly visible as uday smiles “You guy’s still have me remember the wizard ” he remarks and sanskar gives him a nod “If it weren’t for you lucky really thought the three sister’s flew in their broom or something ” laksh looks at him weirdly so does uday “Dude i told you it isn’t a tv series or something” he knocks his head lightly “remember??”


“Swaragya …” The angel smiles evilly as the sister’s look at her confused

“Now who the hell is swaragya ? she din’t even answer your questions!” swarali asks her as she replies”swa-rag-ya” she rolls her eye’s “Comeon don’t be so dumb you witches”

Piyali looks at her and starts laughing as rageshwari and swarali pout at her “Can we know what the joke was??”

“Okay..” she clutches her stomach and tries controlling her laughter “Thy akatosh trust me take this advice of mine just as my brother sucks at giving emotional sympathy you suck at making abbreviations. It was something done at a real wrong time ” and she looks at her sisters ” swa is for swarali, rag is for rageshwari and ya is for piyali.”

Rageshwari hits her self as swarali looks at thy akatosh “seriously who made you thy akatosh?”

“But wait how can there be three winner’s and just one akatosh?” rageshwari intruiges.

“Exactly ” she claps in air as the amulet appears , it shines the brightest in the sky and poof!

lands straight into piyali’s hands “Your the intelligent one split it up into three and enjoy the life ”

“bu..” and before she could question the angel’s gone, vanished in thin air.

Swarali snatches the amulet from piyali’s hands “till you find a way to split, it stays with me ”

“i..” piyali tries saying something but swarali interrupt’s her “what? I thought you changed jiji i thought you loved me and now you want me to split?”

“No” rageshwari pulls her “You want a bad b*t*h right i’ll show you how it goes now?” she snatches the amulet from her and throws it in air “AH-ley-Ya-Salvo” the amulet burns and falls down but doesn’t even scratch

“AR-they-las-MOn” piyali flicks her wand and the amulet blasts yet no signs of destruction.

Swarali runs to save the amulet “No!!”

As the duo flick and spell “AH-Men-so-Phathom” the amulet burst into pieces a piece strucking straight into swarali unnoticed while the rest two just fall on the ground. Swarali sobs looking at the amulet which is now just a ash.

Swarali starts crying, sobbing bitterly looking at her hands her head hurts as she tries removing the amulet piece that was struck into her rageshwari runs to her aid and gets it removed it’s all blood covered as she throws it away it shines falling to the ground. Rageshwari hugs her crying as it hurts ..”Ahh..” as she separates from her looking down at her now bleeding stomach, another stab swarali twists the knife inside her as she looks at her hell shocked tears flowing through her eye’s emotionless as she falls on the ground her body limp and lifeless eye’s open staring at the sky a tear trips and falls on the ground as she whisper’s his name “Sanskar…”

Piyali’s in a trance looking at her sister’s condition “When did you become like this jiji ? why so much love for an inhumane heartless object ?why so much hatred towards the sister who spend her whole life babysittin you, caring you ? Is this that she deserved for being always besides you?”

She snatches the knife from her hand ” You want this right” she slit’s her wrist open and the blood starts oozing from her hand as swarali looks at her wide eyed “This is what you want right unnecessary bloodshed ” she slit’s her another wrist open ” I’ll bleed myself to death only if i could jiji! forgod’s sake if that’s what you want go kill yourself first because until and unless we breathe our last together no-one of us die’s ” Swarali just stares at her as her vision get’s blurred due to the tears forming in her eye’s

“Unbelievable??” she laugh’s sadly “well all thanks to Mom, we are born with a charm a boon that unites us, so ” she stabs her self and swarali closes her eye’s in fear ” Go” she hands her the knife ” Die before one of us come’s back to life as this jiji wont end until there’s a new beginning a fresh new start to all that we are leaving unfinished ” she falls down as swarali holds her

“I’m ..”

She smiles at her weakly “You know we love you no matter what, and whenever we comeback to this point of our live’s just promise me” she looks at her hand and takes it clutching tightly ” promise me you won’t hate yourself because this is not who you are this is not our jiji who alway’s was there for us and whatever happened you are ” she spit’s out blood and swarali panics ” not responsible for this we all are in this together Jiji and this end of our’s is just another way to our New Beginning..”

Ahaan !! The much awaited suspense is over finally just a last chapter that’s the next one and we’ll be back to the present. I know this is a bit well a lot bad but this is not the same ending the way I thought back in there but the lag phase due to exams that I had to take I’m sorry hope you like it. The Next chapter would be a bit emotional hope I keep it up to the mark.

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