Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 25


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Piyali clutches on to her neck tightly trying to gasp some air as rageshwari looks at her shocked. Even sanskar seem’s in a trance. She clutches his hands tightly trying to say something and he just nods at her as if still calculating her chances of being alive from a death curse.

“Tell me I’m not one of you aren’t I?? “She looks at him pleading .” If that were something in exchange of you being alive talking and dancing like an idiot then i guess we are AWESOME WITH IT !” he grabs her into a bear hug as he notices rageshwari come back from her trance and finally speak “pi.. PIYU!”

Piyali separates from sanskar and rageshwari crushes her into a hug as if it weren’t piya but her soul that had been bought back . As the sister’s separate still holding their hands ” I don’t dance like an Idiot! ” she protests.

“Ohh comeon for him everyone who dances is an idiot ” rageshwari tries justifying his statement and he nods at her complying.

Just then they hear the ruffling of leaves sanskar stands alert and shields them as the two get up and look at the direction, rageshwari fumes in anger “Why the hell are you back now !” she yells getting her wand in the person’s direction whose none other than swarali..

Piyali holds rageshwari’s hands and tries calming her “Dii! no don’t ” Rageshwari still doesn’t budge and is about to flick her wand “I’m sorry…”


“Finally Now I can bring you back to life princess I got the arkay i’m coming for you now !” Uday holds the amulet tight and turns to leave when the thy Arkay stops him ” You can’t bring a person back to life my son the amulet can you just help you heal your injuries ” He looks at her unbelievable ” But then you don’t need to do that now, as she’s alive my child go before she herself goes to her destruction.” Uday nods and leaves.


“I want to complete what i’ve started. This won’t stop until i get what i’ve always wanted The Akatosh…” swarali by now is on her knees begging to her sister’s ” And Piyu ragu only you both can help me now”

Rageshwari just shakes her head in disbelief ” You never were like this, The power “she point’s at her amulet ” this amulet has gotten all over your head jiji ”

Piyali keeps a hand on rageshwari’s shoulder “Calm down”she looks at swarali “Jiji i have always listened to you. No matter it was taking your side when dad was against your portion making interests or you marrying lucky, every step of your life you always had me with you ” swarali looks at her with tears ” and you still have me ..”

ragsan look at piyali shocked as swarali smiles through her tears and hugs her tightly Sobbing “i’m sorry ”

“And i love you …” she looks at rageshwari who by now is totally confused. As a flying owl circles above them it drop’s a small scroll. Rageshwari opens it and reads aloud

” It’s time for the Final Round Now. Thy Akatosh …


Swarali looks at her ” The podium ?”

piyali interrupts ” No it’s the jungle’s midpoint the point where all the races sepaprated the place where it all begun ..”

“Then let’s move fast before anyone else get’s it.”

Ragsan share a hug as rageshwari suggests him to stay behind it’s just the three sister’s now. Though it was heartbreaking for sanskar he couldn’t say no as what’s written in fate has to happen “Please take care and don’t forget you just need to whisper my name and i’ll be there for you ..”

“I love you ..” she smiles at him as they part ways ” I love you too…”


“She’ll never change sanskar never. It’s just a matter of time till they reach the akatosh and then every thing will be over!”

uday punches the tree’s trunk in anger as sanskar stands there confused ” rageshwari and piyali can handle her together uday she’s changed believe me she apologized and felt guilty for what she’s done”

“Seriously if that’s what you think then why didn’t you go with them sanskar why??”

“Because she din’t want me to” and the realization strucks him ” She knows .. she knew that swarali’s gonna kill them ”

He keeps his hand on his forehead frustrated ” We can’t let this happen. There’s only one person now who can stop swarali”

Uday conclude’s “Laksh..”


The three sister’s reach the point, and are welcomed by a smiling angel : finally the one’s I expected to be here. You guy’s never disapoint me.

swarali smirks – well neither do you. What do we have to do now??

angel – Answer my three questions and the one whose answers win my heart get the akatosh.

swarali – you disappointed me now , I thought you would make us fight and get the akatosh.

Rageshwari – Well then I’m glad that she disappointed you jiji.(she looks at the angel) can we just get over with this?

angel nods – Okay then Lets begin with you first .

Rageshwari nods as she come’s forward – it would be my pleasure.

angel – What is life for you ?

Piyali – Life is nothing for me it’s neither a wonderful gift of god or the almighty nor a curse.

Angel looks at her smitten – and why’s that so?

Ragehwari – Just calculate the facts as i’m alive i can get the wonderful benefit’s of life that’s my family my friends my love but then at the same time it even has the worst curses too like being in this conquest just to win an amulet which made me loose many things that included my trust that i had on someone but then both good and bad get equal and there’s nothing left so yeah life’s nothing for me .

Angel – So let’s get to the elder one now. So swarali what’s love for you ?

swarali smirks – I knew that would come to me. After all the sin’s I’ve committed the love question was all that i was prepared for . Hmm so love for me is a feeling that I’ve felt since the moment I was born love for me is my family my portion’s lab my laksh it’s a pure feeling which got corrupted since I met these jungle’s and those creepy amulet’s damn they changed but then now as soon you finish your viva with us as soon as the winner get’s announced and we get out of these damn jungle’s I’m back with the feeling of love. I love my sister’s a lot and hurting them has made me just go so numb that I don’t even hate myself now i’m just dead within and being back home would change everything but still love for me won’t change my sister’s still would love me after all this i’m so damned right now But still love is the only hope for me and would always be..

Angel – Wow that was an answer full of emotions though sarcasm truth love but no hate yet so let’s have the hate question to the one who’s still on a thinking basis . Piyali what’s hate for you?

Piyali sighs – Hate is again a feeling that i have for both my sister’s right now!

the angel looks at her surprised as swaragini smile

Piyali – yes i Hate them and I’ve always hated . Because we hate someone who once and still means a lot to us we hate them because they hurt us or they did something wrong which we din’t expect from them to be done. So Hatred according to me is just another form of love …

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Credit to: nidhi

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  1. interesting as always.

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  2. Awesome dear…waiting for next ep eagerly

    1. Thanq Lila working on it currently i might finish writing it by tonight 🙂

  3. wow! awesome,
    i want to know the winner.
    maybe Ragini…..
    Update soon

    1. Thanq Akshata writing it down currently the winner is a secret for now 😉

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  4. Ur story is so intresting. Written as if u r a professional writer. No less than Harry potter

    1. Thanq Amna I take some help regarding the spells from Harry potter though 🙂

  5. Oh! my mind!! its just superb dea. I’m just wondering now, what will happen next? We understand ur situation n don’t worry u can take ur time, as beautiful stories like urs needs time n I can wait for ur stories.

    By the way where is Sisters Forever 2?? I love that one also n waiting for that too…

    1. Thanq so much RSR i’m working on these two currently as sister’s forever is a new season and everything would be a real fresh start i’m planning to start it after i finish these two first so that i just don’t get jumbled with the three stories and i have other two new ff’s under my mind
      so this incuding it will become three and i’ve planned the plot just need to start uploading after these two get finished 🙂

  6. Wow..superb dear..waiting for nxt prt

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  7. wow its awesome Nidhi….. but so long….. n actually i somehow missed the previous episode….. but when i saw this one i realised that i. have skipped the previous one….. n sorry for the late reply as i had an exam yesterday….

    n i didnt understand how sanskar realised that swarali was going to kill her sisters….

    1. Thanq Nita it’s okay i’m glad you commented hope the exams were good and are they over yet or you still have some to go
      it’s because rageshwari din’t let sanskar come with them

  8. by so long i mean an episode after so long….. plz dont miss-understand

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