Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 24


Uday smirks as his silly compliment’s make aisha blush and most of all piyali fume in anger. Rageshwari keeps a hand on piyali’s shoulder as both the sister’s pause midway by now aisha who was all chirping blushing and blabbering like a kiddo freezes to her position and falls down dead!

A giggling sound comes from above as the four look at the lifeless body in front of them. Piyali hears a thud and turns around to find swarali on top of a tree looking at them laughing at their dismay a tear trips rageshwari’s eye as she caresses aisha’s body. Swarali jumps down of the tree trying to control her laughter as rageshwari look at her with disgust “what! she deserved it for being so annoying !” as she lifts her wand and points towards them sanskar cover’s rageshwari while uday gets out his wand too.

swarali smirks – Woah! easy guy’s i’m not so wicked and evil ‘

uday – Yeah princess! your just a new version of the devil’s angel!

swarali chuckle’s – you know i really like your one liner’s it just pisses me off that how (she goes close to him and caresses his face) such an handsome hunk like you could fall for my stupid naive sisso!

Piyali lift’s her wand and is about to flick it “ah-VAH-dah keh-DAV-rah!” A green lightning flashes through her and she falls down dead !

swarali smirks as rageshwari looks at her sister’s dead body shocked. She runs towards her and shakes her vigorously sobbing tears flowing through her eye’s “Pi.. piyu!! get UP! No No No! you can’t go like that !” she looks at a shocked sanskar who’s standing Numb..

She pulls his hand – Sans.. Sanskar tell her , tell her to get up she always obey’s you common please tell her to getup YOU DAMNIT!

Sanskar kneels next to her and takes her in his embrace trying hard to hold back his tears- Shhh… rageshwari (he whisper’s in her ears ) She’s gone…

Uday come’s forward casually and as he closes her eye’s the Duo just stare at him – comeon guy’s it’s time to moveon . The time’s running and we need to find the arkay.

swarali smirks as rageshwari just stares at him – What! it’s a game princess she had to die someday how does it matter’s if she died today.

rageshwari pushes him aside – Get Lost! you MORON! just go before i just snap your head dead!

uday shrugs his shoulders – As you wish.

He turns to leave but then turn’s towards swarali – you coming or gonna join your sister’s funeral first?

swarali – Err! i’m in No mood to be a cry baby not for her atleast !

She grabs his hand as they leave …


Spider’s and Spider’s and even more spider’s “Does this place even have some space for other creature’s? ” Her hand touches something , as she looks at it “Eww! why does this have to happen with me always!”

Uday smirks pointing his torch at her ” Karma princess! what you do come’s back to you one day!”

swarali stares at him with annoyance – kill me if you want mr.karma but don’t torcher me atleast not like this!

Uday – It’s Arkay princesss the healer amulet how can one get it rather so easily!

Swarali nods at him with concord as they move further the more they go inside the creepy cave the more arachnids appear try how much she could swarali fail’s “ah-RAHN-ee-a EKS-su-may” The arachnids blast away in a moment creating a huge ruccus .

But the blast create’s a huge velocity within the cave as the stone’s from the top start fallin swarali stares at uday “Run you idiot! run!” as he grabs her hand in a swift they start running trying to reach the entrance as fast as they can before the cave falls all over them .

As they finally reach out the cave falls down fully destroying itself completely and getting transformed into a mass of huge stones.

Swarali sighs as she looks at uday – Why??

Uday looks at her confused – it’s you who flicked the wand so it’s me who should ask princess why??

Swarali by now has tears in her eye’s – Why are you still with me Uday after all that i’ve done, I killed my own sister but still you’re with me here when you should be there by her holding her trying to do something to bring her back to life …

She falls down on her knees crying badly as uday looks at her sadly – Are you done ? I guess it’s high time we should find a way to the arkay.

She looks at him with utter disbelief as uday continue’s – comeon princess it’s high time now you can’t back off don’t forget karma’s count.

And he turns to leave as swarali just looks at him .


Rageshwari is lying still on the floor with piyali on her lap lying limp and lifeless. She looks at her with no emotions as if someone’s stoned her. Sanskar is sitting next to her holding piyali’s hand as his expression change’s a bit weird. As the realization strucks him tears of blood start flowing from his eye’s but before he could react Piyali gasp’s …

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