Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 23


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Uday is wandering at the woods as he halts by a side to find a scroll as he opens it there’s a spark of light the whole place around him changes into a podium an empty one but for his amusement there’s someone else too as he turns around to find Liya holding the wand

Liya – i hope you don’t wanna get fried don’t you??

uday smirks – i wish i had that much time babe ! where’s it??

Liya flicks her wand – AH-gwah-MEN-teh..

Her wand creates a fountain of water in his direction it’s force is so much so that uday falls backwards – seriously!! well thanks i really needed a shower though .

He gets up but then she again flicks the wand – A-LAR-tey ah-SEN-dey-rey ..

And he gets shot high up in the air as she directs the wand towards him – Still want it ??

She flicks the wand down and uday lands straight on the ground over his stomach as he rolls up Liya just stares at him – go back you fool julianos is just mine (she shows him the amulet on her neck as it shines brightly she smiles seeing it )

uday grabs his wand and point’s towards her andbefore she could react he flicks it – ah-VAH-dah key-DAV-rah!

As the death curse hits her it’s accompanied by a flash of green light and she collapses. As he looks at her shocked a small light as though an angel comes within her now limp body

angel – Now you my friend are the sole owner of thy Julianos from now on your power’s are increased by ten time’s my child hope you don’t end up like i did years ago from here on your journey to the akatosh officially begins .

Uday bows low to her as she smiles – She’s in safe hands my son (uday looks at the angel confused surprised a bit though ) don’t worry for now (she caresses him )go to her and this time don’t waste your time Thy Dibella’s been conquered it’s just one more to go before you reach the akatosh !

Piyali’s POV – As my head stir’s i come back from my world of darkness to the reality the world where my hand is held by a person so lovingly and caringly . “Sanskar..” as i look at him blinking my eye’s slowly something feels different i try to get up and he holds me smiling widely he seems happy i lay back as my mind questions me before i could think i just blurt it out – how much??

Sanskar smiles now his usual one – A good six hour’s the venom heals faster then your solutions and portions doesn’t it ?

I nod at him like a child and the door to the shed flungs open and woah does he ever slow down or am i so so attractive that he just can’t resist me! I hear a slight chuckle from sanskar as uday hugs me tightly – i wish i could say uday your disturbing my vampire venom healing procedure !!

He smirks get back a bit – So your back to being the normal you haan??

A wide grin spreads my face – doesn’t it seem like ?

He kisses my forehead lovingly as sanskar coughs – do i need to repeat my words of how protective i am to my saali sahiba??

Uday separates as i start giggling and reply him – you know i love you more than him right (sanskar smiles ) you’ll alway’s be my man jiju

As i tease him the realization strucks me the realization that my sister’s are out there one who’s on a killing maniac spree and the other well i have no idea rather then the one being that she’s alive…

I look at sanskar who’s face expression now changed into a worried one, he can read my thought’s i’m thankful to that as i look back at uday – so dibella’s the next then??

Uday smiles – nope it’s the arkay now some girl conquered the dibella .


Swarali’s scratching her head standing at a three way route ” seriously !! which way do i go now!” she sits down and starts looking at each direction on by one ” i wish i had a three sided object damn i could have used it as a toss!” A girl come’s talking to herself as swarali looks at her she just stares ” this one seems pretty worse swarali you better hide or your gone today as she gets up and turns a hand hold her shoulder and she turns frustrated .

The girl – swarali singhania right?? i’m aisha nice to meet you.(swarali fake smiles showing her tooth as the girl continues) you know it’s really been worse here one problem then another i’ve never been in a jungle before it’s really ..

swarali interrupts her rudely – amazing here you see i’ve been here since ages infact mowgli was my ancestor so being in a jungle is in my blood darling!

aisha scared now – since ages do you mean you’re a vampire ?? but daddy said the singhania’s are a witch just like us ..

swarali grabs aisha’s hand and pulls her – i’m not just like you i am swarali and let me repeat it gain i’m not like you !

aisha nods scared at her strange behaviour and murmurs a small okay. As swarali jerks her hand away she lands straight on the ground – next time we meet which i don’t think so but if we do don’t even dare talk to me you chatterbox.

As swarali leaves huffing aisha just stares at her.

A few moment’s pass by aisha’s sitting at the same place crying rageshwari approaches her concerned – are you okay dear? did you hurt yourself or something ??

aisha lifts her head up and wiping her tears she replies- yo.. your sister ..

rageshwari – my sister you know her which one did she did something to you??

aisha – woah slow down it’s e who got the dibella not you.(dibella inceases a persons speech ability by 10times it basically helps speaking faster so much so that your oponent or enemy won’t know what spell you cast on them and yea the spell vocabulary too)

Rageshwari – you got the dibella ?

aisha nods – and now i’m confused where to go?

rageshwari looks at the three routes and wonders the same -where did she go ?

aisha – who your sister?(rageshwari nods) she chose the middle one but she seemed quite pissed of so i don’t think she chose it mentally but rather abruptly and in a hurry to avoid me and my irritating talks i guess

rageshwari smiles at her cute innocence as they hear some ruffing noises her heart starts beating faster it feels as if though he’s here she closes her eyes and breathes his name – Sanskar…..


As the trio (sanskar, uday and piyali) are walking sanskar feels someone took his name that someone felt so just like rageshwari……

Piyali looks at him as he stops walking she keeps a hand on his shoulder worried – is she in problem??

Sanskar’s face has a wide smile on it as she looks at him surprised he points at the front . Two girls are shown standing at a distance and probably the girl a bit longer than the other one looks just like rageshwari her curls at the back playing with wind as she turns around slowly piyali who’s now looking at her direction beams – jiji!!!!

As rageshwari looks at her direction with happiness and tears piyali just forgets everything and runs towards her trying to hold back her tears as she pauses at her tracks standing just opposite to each other as the sister’s smile tears pouring out of their eyes.

Rageshwari – i’m so sorry ….

piyali shakes her head smiling as she takes her into a tight embrace – I love you…

As the boys reach there ragsan share a hug as he kisses her forehead asking – you alright??

rageshwari – I’m awesome .

As she jumps in happiness she winces in pain her torso it’s paining still . Piyali looks at her worried as she smiles at her telling it’s not that worse. As they continue towards the arkay the chats between uday and aisha start annoying piyali as she just looks at them ragsan smirk.

piyali – are you guy’s like done with your bantering of how i found dibella and how i found julianos??

uday shrugs – socializing princess what’s your problem with that??

piyali miffed – fine go die !

P.S. – soon to end the past hope you like it 😉

Credit to: nidhi

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