Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 22 (I LOVE YOU…)


P.S – NOT EDITED . The climax is here keep reading as the next few parts are really important one’s and do comment if you liked my ff

As the flashback ends rageshwari starts sobbing crying bitterly as the truth hit’s her heart badly, How her own sister want’s to kill her for no reason..As she wipes her tears she tries getting up the pain “Arghh, no rageshwari you can’t fall weak now it’s about your sisters they need you piyali’s in danger right now and you need to find her anyhow !” She calms herself and moves down she searches her jacket’s pocket and snorts relieved as she find the pouch still there. She starts searching inside it as she hears a thud inside the pouch The BOOK’S !! she sighs and continues to search there she finds a glass bottle it’s a solution that can heal wounds not quicker but good enough to stop the bleeding atleast as she put’s a drop or two it stings “ouch!!” she writhes in pain as it feels like someone poured acid on her skin. As the portion shows it’s magic the wound sows gets cleaned up but it still hurts as rageshwari stands up ignoring her pain she runs out but then the shed entrance blocks her from going out she flicks her wand out of the jacket and is about to ..

Rageshwari’s hair is been pulled back as she winces in pain the person speaks “all ready to run haan??” swarali smirks as she tosses her towards the door well that makes her hit to an invisible wall and bounce back inside

rageshwari – almeha amara bring back my old sister from her trance @

As the wand flicks swarali feels a beem of light pass through her and she falls down unconcious . Rageshwari looks at her sister worried as she drags her body towards the haystack and makes her lie on it the blood that was on the floor is now on her clothes too. Rageshwari caresses swarali as a tear trips down her cheek ” i promise i’ll be back don’t do anything stupid until then i love you jiji..”

She runs towards the door realizing that the charm has been broken since swarali’s dozed and won’t be up till she gains conciousness.


As sanky and uday move towards the shed entrance sanky’s about to touch when uday stops him.

uday -i t’s under a spell let me check this first

he gets his wand out and flicks it murmuring the spell weakly as the door opens slowly to wind.

Sanky – and now how do we know what happened wasn’t it supposed to be like sparkle or something when you recite a spell .

uday stares at him – bro! do you think it’s a television drama going on here?? it doesn’t have to sparkle all all the time.

sanky nods understanding as they move in he smells it, as he goes closer and closer what he sees makes him freeze to his steps as uday comes from behind he pats at his shoulder unaware of the scene in front of him “dude did someone freeze you or something??

sanky just doesn’t speak as uday turns to look his face expression changes to a shocked one. It’s piyali lying on the floor all blood over her she’s profusely bleeding it’s her stomach she’s been stabbed multiple times.

Sanky holds her and lifts her head adjusting on his lap – let me help you this time piyali look just few drops of blod it won’t heal you immediately but it would keep you alive!

piyali”s profusely bleeding but before he could slit his wrist she signs uday to come .

uday unwillingly goes towards her he’s still in trance as he hold’s his hand trying to breathe uday get’s freezed this time due to a spell or a charm probably

the flashback when piyali entered the shed as she went near the body praying to god to make her assumptions wrong the face is covered with hair strands as she slowly pins them aside her face turns pale it’s Swarali !

piyali starts crying vigorously checking her pulses her heart it’s beating she’s breathing she shakes her vigorously as swarali stirs up blinking her eyes she looks at piyali who’s relieved a bit now as she gets up slowly piyali hugs her tightly whispering ” i thought i just lost you…..” but then what swarali does was an utter shock as piyali separates from her staring into her eyes she clutches her now bleeding stomach as she looks at swarali who’s holding the same knife she hurt swarali with

swarali smirks as she stabs her again this time deeper – this ones for being the daddy’s alltime favourite child and the first one was for helping me unnecessarily and being an obedient little sister ! (she removes the knife slowly )i wish i had some more time to watch you bleed to death (and she stabs her again ) Number three was just for fun sisso !

Swarali pushes piyali a bit and she lands down on the floor – happy journey little sister to the heaven tell mommy a hiee from me i’m coming too but after so many bad deed’s i don’t think i would get a seat over there…

Piyali hold’s her hand clutching as tightly as possible but then swarali smirks – you smarty little sister always wanting an explanation right?? fine listen the amulet of kynareth is the reason once i find our another sister and kill her i’ll have her power’s that will get doubled as you die . wondering how?? we three sisters are bind by a spell our powers are joined as one of the sharer dies the power goes to the elder one we are blessed remember all thanks to our mommy anyways your powers will now move on to rageshwari (piyali stares at her ) yea yea she was alive i had to keep her or else the power balance would have gotten destroyed i thought i would kill you first and then her which i will do by the way!(she caresses piyali’s face) my little sister rest in peace…..

Swarali goes from there as the fb ends uday seems extremely worried and so is sanky

piyali – uh … u..uday just.. go get the… julianos before she …does ……………….

Piyali falls unconcious again as uday looks at sanky who replies – just d what she says dude trust her she know’s what has to be done and for her i won’t let her die it’s a promise….

Uday caresses piyali’s face one last time – princess I LOVE YOU……………

Credit to: nidhi

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  1. Superb but why swarali is killing her sosters ?

    1. thanq aarti She’s under a charm of the amulet kynareth so she doesn’t realize what she’s doing

  2. amazing ….

    1. hanq cute girl 🙂

  3. Wow Nidhi its awesome…… I started reading your ff today and I have completed all the episodes….this story is something different n I love it…..n your writing skills, your imagination and your storyline everything is just wonderful…. I am already addicted to this…..cannot wait for the next part…..plz update it soon….n yes I have become a big fan of your fanfiction n more than that I have become a big fan of yours….love u lots…keep writing……

    And can u plz tell me what other ff are u writing?

      1. Thanks for the links. But I’ll start reading them after my exams. They get over on 19march. Cause I know I’ll get addicted to them also and then my mom’s gonna kill me…..

  4. Awesome. …cant wait for next epi

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  5. Superb..plzz update nxt prt soon

    1. Thanq rakhi i will

  6. Awesome.. pls update nxt episode soon

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  7. Nidhi r u posting sisters forever season 2

    1. actually i have exams so after may 7 i’ll start the season 2 with swara and roshni’s preface first and then he season 🙂

  8. Hey Nidhi dear when are u uploading next part????? I m eagerly waiting…… plz update it soon…..

    1. Nita i was busy i’ll upload it as soon as possible but you cAn read it on wattpad it’s available there 🙂

    2. sorrry 🙂

  9. superb. thanks for the update n please post next update soon…

    1. thanq RSR i have submitted the next part

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