Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 21 (will rageshwari be found??)


As uday veer and sanskar follow the shadow it crosses the werewolf territory, sanskar stops in midway and smirks “I don’t know about you but as soon as i cross this line those freaks are gonna come howling in no minute ”

uday – don’t worry brother the conquest has it’s rules cleared anyone can enter any region the amulets don’t follow territory rules you see

As they cross the line and go further something within sanky makes him worry for rageshwari ignoring all he continue’s as they go further sanky’s face turns pale as he smells it “BLOOD!” as he blurts out the word uday just stares at him and then back to the shadow who’s gone now nowhere to be seen.

sanskar – seriously our vampiric senses are better then your wizardry skills dude!

Sanskar vamps out in full speed as uday claims frustrated – dude you can’t vamp out just like that first thing i’m not an olympic runner second i’m walking since like three days!”

sanskar comes back again swiftly – fine follow me there’s something fishy your and i bet it’s related to your girl !

As they go further they reach the same shed where piyali was as sanskar goes closer he finds a tree with an arrow inscribed along with an &

sanky – strange!

uday – what’s strange that this area smells bad (sanskar stares at him ) i’m not being a sissy dude but it’s really awefull

sanky – i know that my nose burns from the smell for got the vamp- wolf bonding??(uday pursed his lips) i’m talking about this & (as he keeps a hand on it )it’s the same way rageshwari writes especially for swarali’s name .


A wounded rageshwari’s shown her eye’s half open as she blinks lightly trying to get up it hurt’s “ouch!” her head it feels like someone’s hammered her badly as she catches it her hand becomes wet.

She looks at her hand shocked to find the red blod liquid on it as hr body tremmers to tha flashback

Flashback of last night – Rageshwari was about to wake uday veer when she see’s swarali going somewhere she follows her as they reach a distance rageshwari realizes they are at the werewolf territory it’s the same shed as she turns hearing some noise she finds nothing but leaves ruffling on the ground due to wind . As she turns to swarali she doesn’t find her there and suddenly someone hit’s her. Her vision blur’s and she falls down as she tries to look at the person who hit her it’s revealed to be swarali……

As rageshwari’s comes to conciousness her head still paining she gets up and looks around to find herself on the hay stack

swarali – good morning lovely sister !

rageshwari just stares at swarali who’s holding a knife a blo*dy knife!- jiji your not ..

swarali snaps her – i’m not in my senses right little sister??

rageshwari tries getting up but then she feels immense pain in her groin region as she touches it her hand gets covered with blood she looks shell shocked as swarali continues – awwww! does that hurt? ragu my sweet sis your such a olympic i needed to do it or else you would have ran again . anyways stop being a girly.. and listen till i bring my.. oops our smarty little sister here try not to move please because (she looks at the floor and it’s visible that rageshwari has already lost a huge amount of blood as the blood trails can be seen there) well if you do so which i bet you aren’t in a condition to do, but still if you wanna try then i have a spell over this shed so once you get in unless an until i want no one let me make that clear no one can move out from here.

rageshwari – jiji please don’t …

swarali pouts – puhlease… i’m bored with your lectures now ragu and plus i have lots of work think for an excuse to make to our little sister about you, then to make that udayveer annoyed so that i can bring our sisso here and then we’ll have our sister’s dicussion as to whom will i kill first and then i’ll lastly bleed myself to death how awesome!! but how tiring so much work to do!(she pouts cutely as rageshwari looks at her in utter shock and disbelief) how about we have deal you wish for something instead of giving me boring lecture’s on how could i do it my own sister!

rageshwari sighs still in pain – promise that you would bring her here safe without any scratch !

swarali smirks – really you thought me of being so inhumane that i would hurt my own sister (she stares at ragu ) i’ll bring her here in one piece my sister just as you say happy??

Rageshwari just stares at her dumbfounded as she leaves …..

Credit to: nidhi

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