Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 20


Chapter 20 : will rageshwari be found??

Uday : When I first saw you, I fell in love with you and you smiled because you knew.

Piyali’s POV : It’s morning something within me still tells me there’s something wrong it feels as if rageshwari jiji is not…

Swarali – uday i guess we should take it straight from here and then there’s a shed at the right how about we find a clue over there ?

Uday – swarali i don’t think so the shed is too dangerous it’s the werewolves territory if we cross this line we would land up in trouble .

swarali – yea now who’s talking like a looser?? (she mimic’s him) princess it’s a conquest not just any competition!!

Uday – but y will they keep it in the werewolve’s territory ??

This time i interrupt them – Jiji is right uday stop arguing with her always yesterday too you did the samething it’s enough now!

uday tries speaking but i don’t let him to – you know what you have ego issues the over confidence and what i say is always right ! that one issue from now we go straight the way jiji tells and you can continue to go wherever you want!

I grab jiji and leave from there not even looking back once cause i know if i do that he’ll catch my lie.I look at jiji who’s smiling for reasons even i don’t as i mentally calculate “rageshwari jiji’s desire was to marry with all her sibling’s present there and we are here in the conquest so without us …” as i freeze then and there getting flashbacks of all the events i conclude with the ony result and possibility that my brain allows to as my heart is in no position to declare my sister hazardous “rageshwari jiji’s in danger !”

Swarali jiji stares at me – what now?? missing the prince charming ??

I smile at her a fake one showing my locket – why to keep his anything with me if he doesn’t trust my sisters . jiji can you do me a favour ??

swarali jiji nods – sure but don’t ask me to wait for you i can’t waste my time for such stupid reasons .

i nod – just leave some marks behind you so that i could catch up with you when i come back .

I start walking faster praying that uday understands me and as i reach up the place where we left uday i start finding something that would lead me to him. A hand comes up on my shoulder as i turn i sigh and hug him tightly .

Uday – hey.. my princess really thought i would leave her like that haan??

i smile through my tears as i tell him about my doubt’s on swarali jiji – you need to find her uday please do something find sanskar first call him please..

uday – easy princess and why’s that locket in your hand ??

i look at him worried – this is the excuse i made

uday – no princess i’m not letting you go without this it will put you in even more danger!

i look at him and touch my forehead to his – i’m strong enough to protect myself and my sister. And for this locket uday i love you and if our love is true then why would i need this locket to call you when in danger wherever and however i would be trust me i would just take your name in my heart and you would be there .

He gives me a fake smile – really i never knew you trusted me so much!

i smile at him – well that proves how good i am at pretending !

he laughs and holds me closer as i kiss him he resiprocates…..

i look at him – promise me!

he looks at me suspicious – and may i know first what??

me – uday you trust me ??

he looks at me and shrugs – fine!

i look into his eyes – after you find rageshwari jiji your going for the akatosh and not turning (he shakes his head in disbelief ) back to me. (he’s about to speak when i keep a finger on his lips) akatosh could only be conquered if your magic power gets doubled and julianos is the only way to get those powers uday. i’ll let nothing happen to swarali jiji i promise !

he kisses my forehead as i close my eye’s . He touches his forehead with mine – and what about you??


I come back to the spot where i left swarali jiji she’s no where to be found i calm myself and try to look here and there to find something she’s left behind when i find arrow marks at the tree trunk with an &(strange as rageshwari jiji used to write s like that ) i just follow them. i reach the shed sanskar was right it really smells gross i cover my nose with my hand as i walk to the door and grab the knob “ewww!!” i look at my hand and as i look at the liquid red colour my face turns pale i freeze to my position as the realization strucks me “BLOOD!”

I push the door in a hurry as i find the shed filled with chains and shackles it smells like someone didn’t clean it from years the sweat and the dust allover makes me reak as i enter slowly to find a trail of blood on the floor as if someone was dragged in here , i follow the trail further and there on a stack of hay was lying a dead body as i am profusely sweating in this extremely cold weather i go near it.


The weather seems really cold as the wind blows uday turns around feeling weird as he snorts in relief when he sees him.

sanskar – where are they??

uday – i’m tired searching this was supposed to be a conquest for the amulets and now thanks to your would be saali saheba it’s becoming a search for the lost sister!

sanskar – i really hope she’s fine i ..

uday – no need of saying what you were feeling because i’m feeling the same thing right now your’s is lapatta and mine now even i don’t know what’s happening with her! lets find out rageshwari first .

sanskar – do you really think swarali would hurt her ?

uday – sanskar (he holds sanskar’s shoulder )these amulets can do anything and as for now swarali was the last person whom rageshwari was with so we need to find her and then…

Sanskar smirks – she took a promise didn’t she??

uday nods – why do we men have face these stupid promises ! (he asks frustrated as sanskar hugs him)

sanskar – i’ll get her brother but for that we have to find her sister first !

Uday – you brought the things i asked ?

sanskar nods handing him the jacket rageshwari wore often as uday takes it he looks at him – now we can find her even faster. but wait do i need to ask you how you entered the jungle??

sanskar smirks – well all thanks to my saali saheba the soods helped me in .

(the soods are the one the most powerfull being’s among all , the whole world of supernatural being fears them as their powers are unknown to them they are the HYBRID’S… )

As uday casts the locator spell with the help of the jacket the wind starts blowing even faster as a shadow appears on the ground and starts moving uday’s wand glows and they start following the shadow …..

Credit to: nidhi

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