Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 2

thanq so uch for lovely comments everyone and silent readers here’s another chapter!
“a new day, a new employee i don’t believe in god but you do right ” a man with ragini’s picture in his hand is sitting in his office cabin
“gud morning sir” it’s ella the secretary of karma group and industries
the man turns around the rotating chair sanskar karma the owner of the industries and the youngest business tycoon of the country
his name comes in the top 100 names list of the world. young by his age but mature at the same time. he believes that a man is
made by his karma and nothing else so he gave himself the surname karma no family background just the office staff yet he loves

to be alone as he believes having family makes you weak having someone to love you makes you love back the person the same way and for which
he has no time a man with a motto to be on top list of business entrepreneurs !
ella thinking ” y doesn’t he ever smile are his lips made of stone or has someone hammered them ”
sanskar smirks ” hmm??”
ella straightens “uhm sir actually the files of the tender are here and the interviewees too have arrived so….
sanky keeping the pic in his diary ” call the interviewee’s and keep the file on my desk ”
ella nods and turns to leave when sanky interrupts” well ella ?” ella turns “yes sir!”
“smiling isn’t bad but if i smile without any reason won’t you think me as mad ” 😉 ella leaves
” how did he know what i said ” ella goes to the candidates and starts taking their names . as if a toofaan mail exress a girl
enters the office sanskar can feel something a new feeling something he can express! a smile appears on his face
” am i late ” a cute puppy face it’s our swara ofcourse
ella looks at the list “swara bose ?”
swara nods as if a kid ella ” new candidate for time slot of 8pm?”
swara “yes ” “the fictional girl !go to the cabin to my left sanskar karma will be your interviewer he’s our boss and all the best!”
swara goes towards the office “omg i know it’s selfish that i remember you only when in trouble but god ji after so much of trouble and
hardwork i’ve got this chance to prime slot of 8 please it’s something i love dearly please help me today ” looks at her cam and knocks
the door “come in ” a calm but soothing voice comes from within swara peeps through the half open door there’s noone 🙁

sanky comes in front of her suddenly she jerks up
“sorry i didn’t meant to scare you ” he smiles swara makes a face and thinks ” huh! first make me scare and then smile thats why
people call him unpredictable !”
sanky “ahha ! ” swara lifts her eyebrows up in surprise
“well i smiled as my office staff say i’m handsome but proved it wrong !”
swara in surprise ” but how??” “well you got scared which proves i’m scary ”
swara fake smiles and think “wow! no wonder he’s awfull at jokes too !”
“thanq for that compliment too now take a seat and show me your resume ”
swara again thinks “how does he know what i think ?” she looks at him and he smirks “well that’s because miss.bose i can learn (he leans towards
her )peoples expressions and say what they are thinking .” she gets scared before she’s about to think she speaks “ohh so you can read anyone’s face
expressions??” sanky whose going through her resume says “yea but there’s an exception too!” swara smiles and wonders how cool but
scary at the same time because then she can’t have some secret and stupid talks to herself then 🙁
sanky smiles again “so fictions haa what sort off ?? fairy’s and chocolate house !”
“again a bad one anywways ! she says ” no sir fiction as in vampires ( a cold expression spreads on his face)werewolves,
witches !” he smirks and stands up ” who believes in such stuff miss bose it’s 21st century such stuff’s are better off with
novels and story books and not for a teenage channel” swara’s face saddens
“but then well it’s seems interesting and intruiging at the same time ” a hope of smile spreads on her face . sanky goes near her

and forwards his hand “so miss bose welcome to karma group and our channel teen!” swara in excitement jumps off the chair and huggs him
sanky ” uhmm ” swara moves back ” sorry i wast just ..” and takes his handshake they have a smile she leaves trying to control her
happiness and careful enough to not speak anything in her mind

Precap : swara at ragini’s office twirling her in happiness ragini’s admirer enters the scene ragsan fights…..

hope you like it and thanq once again 😉

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  1. Nidhi ur story is superb. But I just wanna know if ur pairing ragsan and swalak. Plzzzz pair them

    1. thanq lila and yea it’s ragsan and swalak

  2. Is the pairs ragsan nd swalak??

    1. thanq rakhi and yup it’s ragsan and swalak

  3. Is it swasan or ragsan

    1. it’s ragsan swetha

  4. Good one .is it ragsan or swasan .sorry to say but if it is ragsan ,then i will not read it for sure as i can not imagine them.

    1. thanq neethi and i’m sorry it’s ragsan but in my ff swasan share a different bond hope u’ll like it

  5. Is this swasan or ragsan??…anyways nice..

    1. thanq jyothi it’s ragsan

  6. By seeing your dp and by reading your story got confused whose is going to pair up sanskar
    Ragini or swara

    1. thanq sindhu rm it’s ragsan

  7. superbb ..,

    1. thanq cutegirl

  8. Plz ragsan

    1. yup ya it’s ragsan

  9. Is it swasan or ragsan

    1. harshita it’s ragsan

  10. superbb .., nice one ..

    1. thanq cute girl

  11. is sanky a vampire????????

    1. utkarsh1 well thats a suspense keep reading you’ll know soon

    1. yup janebetty

  12. ragsan plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ragsan ragsan

    1. it is ragsan nivethanickcy

    2. yup nivethanickcy it is ragsan

  13. yeeeeeee again a vampires story
    I LOVE U
    I LOVE U
    I LOVE U

    Hope U will make Swasan & Raglak

    Love U
    :-* :-*

    1. thanq avni but i’m sorry it’s swalak and ragsan but hear swasan share a diff bonding though

  14. Well…After reading this I just got two things….Sanky is a vampire and has power of reading others thoughts and he said there is an exception Is that exception bella( swara/ragini here) ?I’m really sorry if it is wrong….Just my guess…waiting for next epi….. 🙂

    1. well likhitha u’re guess is half right and as in this epi sanky was able to read swara’s mind so i guess now you know who’s the exception 😉

  15. splendid dear!!!!!!!!

    1. thanq aashi

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