Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 19


Thanq Aarti, Lila , cute girl, pav and RSR for your comments and readers too here’ s my another epi the one i was so excited to write
Chapter 19 : Swarali’s under a charm???
Piyali – “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”

Swarali’s POV –

The light’s flash and something happen’s within me, as the ‘Thy Kynareth angel ‘ smiles at me with a wicked grin and poof! she’s gone vanished in thin air. As i grin at myself feeling proud that i found something finally! well it’s not something it’s an amulet ! The amulet of Kynareth ..

As the journey continue’s i donno why but still feel proud at myself i mean it’s just an amulet swarali stop being sissy! but hey kynareth is not something it’s different totally alluring amazing it gives you stamina to fight the competitor’s .

Rageshwari’s POV –

We are still moving as udayveer succeeds in finding another clue for the next amulet I’m thankful to him really at this moment don’t know how many day’s and night’s have passed we are stuck in this jungle sometime’s we find ourselves in the city sometime’s it’s like a dream an evil dream. Piyali just tries harder and harder to stay away from uday to stay away from her feeling’s for him. I feel like giving my little sister a piece of advice that darling it’s love why don’t you face it!

Swarali – how much more uday! seems like you have found a wrong piece of info !

uday chuckle’s – princess swarali seems distressed it’s a conquest sweety not just any competition!

swarali stops midway and stares at him – so do you mean that i’m here to do timepass i mean seriously !

uday – woah!! swarali chill what’s with that sudden attitude ??

Swarali – it’s not attitude it’s your plain jealousy couldn’t even find a single amulet haan??

i glare at her angrily – Swarali !

Swarali looks at me with anger – rageshwari what am i saying wrong?? i mean what kind of a wizard he is just good for nothing !

me – swarali enough of it now, you’re nowhere near him i hope you no that he was the one who helped us all reach here !

Swarali smirks – really! he might have helped you to get that stupid mara ! of your’s but for me my kynareth is something i found on my own without anyone’s help!! i’m not a loser like you.

i loose my control and just blurt out – really !! yea ..

piyali holds my hand in nick of time calming me as i look at swarali i realize what’s happening with her …

i compose myself and look at her – swarali right now let’s just drop this topic and move further we have still four more amulets to find come.

I hold her hand but then she jerks it off .

swarali – No! i’m not coming with you anymore or else when i win this you would even credit my win to this stupid !

Udayveer just stares at her without replying i know he’s hurt by her comments as he starts to leave piyali holds him back – Jiji i guess it’s enough now, (as she looks at swarali calmly still holding uday’s hand i don’t know whether i should feel happy that my little sister has started taking stand for uday or should i be sad and worried for my elder sister who’s under the charming spell of the kynareth now!)

Piyali continue’s – you’re right now in no state to know how your words are hurting someone just be calm and don’t speak for my sake please….

Swarali shrugs – fine if you say so … then keep him away from my sight’s and now we are resting it’s night i need some good sleep!

piyali nods and get’s a tent out of her pouch as i join to help her uday leaves from there to get some wood i guess. Swarali being not her right now just wanders here and there thinking well that’s what people do right when doing nothing!

It’s midnight and piyali’s sleeping peacefully beside me as i turn to my other side i find it empty. I get up in a hurry but careful enough not to wake my little sister . As i come out i see uday sleeping i go to wake him up but then …….

Piyali’s POV –

As my eye’s blink up to the complete silence and vacant sheets beside’s me i get up worried. I rub my eye’s as to confirm if i’m not dreaming but no it’s not a dream! there’s no one beside me where the hell are my sister’s as i run outside thinking they might be there. I find uday sleeping beside the tree i go and shake him vigorously as he mumble’s through his half open eyes – good morning princess! but doesn’t this morning seems to be dark abit!

As i look here and there worried he holds my hand and turns me around – what’s the matter princess??

me – swarali and rageshwari jiji are not there in the tent

uday – which means thy are together princess then why are you getting worried they will come back.

I glare at him- they never go without informing me uday this one’s seriously a problem now!

uday looks at me confused as i continue – The Kynareth remember what uncle brij said during our training !

Flashback – Brij is shown speaking to the kids – so kid’s at the conquest there will come a moment when one of the amulets will try to control you charm you especially the mara and the kynareth these are said to have been the strongest charmer amulet’s having been charmed, These amulet’s tend to bring unnecessary attitude, ego and anger in you, you won’t realize what your doing it’s hazardous enough that you can even kill anyone without any reason’s and at the next moment it would make you so guilty that you would kill yourself with the guilt! so kids the most imp lesson to be learnt never let any of the amulet let over your feelings and emotions be calm and control your senses !

Fb ends as uday stands holding his head – She was so excited when she found the kynareth we should have warned her then and there how stupid of me!

i look at him worried – right now we need to find them, rageshwari di’s life might be in danger uday!

As we turn to leave we hear some noise uday get’s alert and is about to hit the person behind him but then he pauses mid air

swarali – woah! easy man i just give you some bad talks and you punch me in return ??

uday snorts – well it’s your sister’s fault!

swarali jiji looks at me smiling – good news wanna listen??

I look at her surprised and nod as she chirps – rageshwari wanted to use her desire to wish so she went to sanskar!!

She hugs me tightly as i feel something really weird and suspicious.

me – really ??

swarali jiji stares at me making a cute face – don’t you believe me?? fine come we’ll too go there to sanskar’s house !

She grabs my hand and pulls me as i stop her smiling still not believing at her words – no! I TRUST YOU JIJI !

A tear trips her eye as i ask her the reason she replies saying even she doesn’t know may be tears of happiness for her sister…

Credit to: nidhi

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