Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 18


Your smile is literally the cutest thing i’ve ever seen..

the past : the zenithar it literally was at the jungle unlike we sisters thought!
the lights flashed as the angel struck out of it she was gorgeous thats the reason they call her angel i guess all the participants
were there it was a guy who found it “my child congratulations on getting the first amulet . so what is your wish thy zenithar
(the one who found the amulets was renouned with the amulets title till he kept it ) would you like to continue with the
competition or would you love the zenithar and use this oppurtunity for your benefit first?”
the guy seemed interested : benefit?
the angel nodded : the benfit of being lauded with the price in exchange of your life’s most precious thing or value or power ?

theguy looked at her intruiged as she continued : would you like to do the honours tell me what’s the most valuable thing in
your life it can be your powers feelings ..etc
the guy : my powers are the most valuable in my life no powers i’m no special human being here so it’s my magical powers that
are valuable for me .
angel smiles wickedly : so what price would you decide for them ??
the guy doesn’t realize what he has bid for : they are priceless …
the angel vanishes leaving him fall to the ground as the realization strucks him. the beautiful looking angel seemed to be
a well witch with a b at the start she tricked him and sucked all of his powers out he’s the one to find the zenithar the
one who lost his everyhting at the first stage of the conquest and now he has just the amulet left while the others leave to
find the next amulet the boy throws the amulet in frustration which lands in front of piyali she picks it up and sadly
looks at the guy who still doesn’t realize that he can continue the conquest as he has the assets he requires for the further
journey his powers could have been retrieved by the amulet of akatosh .!
As the journey continues we sisters find ourselves more close to the end the result with a girl named anushree finding the

amulet of TALOS ! god how idiotic of her the time lessening amulet landed us in more trouble when she desired it to lessen all
the paricipant’s time limit by 20% and now we are here with zero amulets and energy level too . piya’s still not
confirmed that the Amulet of STENDARR is not in the jungles i mean the book that we’ve got clearly say’s the shielding amulet is
to be lost it’s presence from the sight of jungle poor little sister of mine i feel really pity for her now the
conquest’s making her crack a bit!
as she squels we three thats me rageshwari and uday jump up from our seating positions !
OMG ! OMG @THE_WITCH_WITH_THE_B! just helped my sister didn’t she damn freaking hell !! as the angel smiles my little sister
inserts the amulet of zenithar in a oval shaped mark on the tree trunk just opposite to us a light emerges within it as
the tree’s cracked open there’s a amulet hanging in thin air piyali grabs it with a big smile as she closes her eyes
a fairy god father DAMN HE’S HOT!! appears from nowwhere as he speaks his stuff of my child and thy stendarr i just stare at him
when rageshwari wakes me up
piyali : i would like to choose my journey thy stendarr
the angel : are you offending me you know that i could ruin you for this offence !!
piyali : stendarr my soul aim is to fulfill my mum’s dream of being winner of this conquest i know i would definitely need

you in this journey but your too precious to use you to the right moment i know you won’t like if i just waste this wonderful
oppurtunity and end up losing when i needed you the most !
the god well guy he’s not my father come on! smirks : you really are one of her blessings piyali go and conquer the akatosh
i’ll be there when you need me the utmost (holy godmother! he turns to me) thanq for being so complementary swarali
even i won’t like a girl so beautiful like you call me a father …
he vanishes as i blink at his reply was he sanskar’s brother i mean he just read my mind!!
but then the boriyath continues as these fellows drag me to the next level…
finally comes the mara which we both that’s piyali and me solely desired that it be found by rageshwari i guess the god
has been really thankfu to us she found it in the mario’s church it wwas hidden in a burning candle light rageshwari and
fire really seem to be a good combination “hey wait is he.. is he the stendarr one?? no no dad said that they are
nine i guess he might be his twin maybe !

rageshwari chooses to desire finally once in her lifetime she does but ohh wait my sister seems to twist her statement
rageshwari : i would love to desire the wish of marrying the person i love but they mara not until we sisters complete this
conquest i want them to attend my wedding a weddign without my siblings is not what i wished
the mara smiles at her : sure my child u’re wish will be fulfilled as the akatosh gets conquered and your siblings will surely
attend your wedding with the one you desire ….. and she’s gone too..
and finally when i think i’m useless completely as both my younger siblings have found an amulet each i find it the one i
really desired the most the Amulet of KYRANETH _ the stamina increaser one and unlike my sisters i use my amulet to the
fullest by desiring an instant increase in stamina ……..

Credit to: nidhi

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  2. nice ..

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