Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 17

Your the key to my soul….

They are here finally where their questions would get answered their life which was bought abruptly to an end would get a
reason to start agin from the place where it ended as the five of them enter the school they get a few flashbacks
the tree where piya used to writ the names of the tree sisters as it said the one who wrote their names here together
would always live together piya slightly puts a hand over it’s trunk revealing the name SWARAGYA…..

piya : how fools ! i mean who writes names on a tree thinking they would live together forever… bluah !!
rag : it’s not fair you can’t just say that see it has so many names on it wht if it were true !
swara : if it were then we wouldn’t have separated like that never !
it felt like for a moment swarali spoke through her but then she realizes : how did i say that??
rags : i said no questions please !
swara shrugs as they go to the other side revealing the enormous jungle that connects the most dangerous yet beautiful
routes of the world it connects the five beings on this earth the mortals that is the humans, the walking dead the vampires,
the beasts that is the werewolves, the special humans the immortal ones that is the witches and lastly the unknown the

As piya shows them the exterior beauty of the school she tells them the rumours the stories she’s heard when suddenly she
feels something her eye’s close for a moment and when open she feels weird but then she doesn’t bother when all are resting
swara gets bored and walks here and there when she here’s a noise a door cracks open a bit
piya too notices : the potions chamber!
rags : how do you know it??
piya : i heard people talk about it the last one to get it opened was some swarali singhania the eldest daughter of the
blessed swarupa singhania she was said to be blessed that her three daughters would be born with some special powers

water fire and nature. swarali was blessed with fire but she had a lot interst inportions the chamber of portions was
last opened by her it’s only her that it opens to they say piyali locked it with a recognizing charm on swarali’s
command as she wanted it to never be opened again by anyone . they say she was guilty for being the one to kill her
own sister..
swara freezed at those words of piya “killed her own sister .” she turns to find ragsanlak stand and just stare at her
while piyali is unaware that her words have brought a huge turmoil there . But then swara turns and just goes inside the
chamber feels as if it were waiting for her since ages the fragrance of the herbs her herbs yess they are her herbs
the door to the portions chamber seems to have opened her mind’s that area which had blocked her past as she closes
her eye’s every scene of her childhood.. her past childhood comes to her view her sisters her love her portions and lastly
the first day of the triwizards conquest…………… everything goes blank after that no memories of what happened

nothing she frustrated bangs the wall leading to a potrait come visible it’s the three sister’s togather ..
piya’s mouth hangs open : impossible! tell me i’m dreaming!
ragini keeps a hand on her shoulder : no piya your not .
piya touches the potrait as it opens inside slowly . it’s a door to another chamber but she stops then and there
piya : no no no.. this is not real!! tell me it’s a drama shooting going on this is just so..
swara completes : fictional .
sanskar looks at ragini who’s by nw worried for her sisters too much he signs her as he read it all swara’s mind has
just got the images of her past and now it’s revealed that piyali’s blocked their minds everyone’s to some reason they
still don’t know may be the statement she just made ” swarali killed her own sister …” was the reason.

As they go inside all they see is books and books but just one that brings their attention the one open at the center

and that has it’s cover written with blood ” i hate myself more than i love you ..”
as swara touches the book it suddenly opens up and the pages turn faster and stop at the page which reads the amulet of

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