Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 16

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They say that Disney world is the happiest place on earth but obviously they have never been in your arms.

As the morning light falls inside the mansion, swara tries hiding her face she cutely shifts herself even closer and deeper inside his chest it feels so warm here a cute smile spreads on her face, but the light it peeps in through the little space left she pouts cutely in her sleep weakly opening her eyes to see him snoring not too loud but yea he’s snoring cutely it’s laksh swara looks at his face his eyes cutely closed lips have a small smile just like the one she had
she giggles looking at him closely.It feels so good, he shifts a bit pulling her more closer to him she snuggles in his chest trying to hear his heartbeat and for a moment she feels as if their hearts are beating together with the same rythm and pace
ragini is awake early so is sanskar who’s looking at her from a distance, rags has a smile on her face she’s looking at piya who’s sleeping on her lap cutely her hair falling on her face annoying her rags slowly tucks her hair strands behind her earlobe taking care that she doesn’t wakeup. sanskar goes and sits next to her on the chair
sanskar -i wish i could read your mind it just makes me so restless being unable to do so!
rags smiles looking at him- how about you try reading my eyes sanskar i’m sure you won’t have any complaint’s then.
sanky smirk – well thats complicated how can one read eyes???
rags – well i don’t know how but when hearts meet it’s the eyes that express it first..
ragsan have an eyelock just to be interrupted by someone .
piya – god save me before this lovaria strucks me!
sanskar turns his head aside and smirks. rags looks at piya who gets by then and gives her sweet peck on her cheek
piya- i don’t know if i offended you or something but that’s my way of thanking beautiful and caring people like you .
she stands up wearing her slippers and turns around hitting the glass table and making a noise good enough to startle up lucky and swara who’s leaning on him gets her head hit by his chest !
swara rubbing her head and trying to get up – ouch!!
lucky looks at her rubbing his chest and piya keeps a hand on his shoulder – its him who should say ouch! skull bones are stronger than chest bones ! anyways this is what you get as the result of your lovaria !!
swara glares at her with pain and irritation – lovaria??
piya moving out turns to her – mosquitoe bite malaria ; love byte lovaria !
swalak blush and she smiles – it’s okk leaving me you all seem to be patients of the disease !
she turns and walks towards the door tries pulling it and HALELUJAH! it opens piya snorts in relief but sanlak get tensed as the events from last night have a flash in front of their eyes
sanalak in unison- STOP!
piya looks back surprised – hmm??
sanky – after what happened last night it doesn’t seem right leaving you to go all alone out there!
lucky – yea i’ll accompany you till your house ..
piya wiping her face as if teary eyed- you guy’s ! are soo good thanq so much i mean i was so afraid to go (she fake smiles) i man seriously guys it’s morning and more of all you guys are guests here i don’t want people to say that i didnt take care of you people properly and that too who would take your cute girlfriends melodrama(she says looking at swara and then lucky) she’s cute enough to even kill me with guilt that her lucky boyfriend came to drop me and himself got lost in this new city!
rags – we aren’t new here..
piya cuts her off – chuck it off i’m strong enough to beat those morons with a broomstick and yea get ready in next 45 minutes
i’m taking you guy’s on a tour of dehradun so if i take more than 45mins !
swalak and ragsan look at her she grins – i’m a girl it takes time for girls to decide what to wear!
swaragini giggle and sanlak look at her smiling..
piya chirps in just like swara – ready people ???
sanlak smirk at her and rags comes down they are all changed and look happening but wait someone’s missing!!
piya looks at them – someone’s missing err! the puppy faced one where’s she??
sanky chuckled – swara!
piya – yea yea ! lucky muses – she’s getting ready would down any moment probably!
rags goes to her – you all good and where are we going for now?
piya blinks at her – i’m awesome and as for the going thing i haven’t planned anything we’ll go were roxy takes us !
she points at a black jeep standing outside and replies – i know it’s a bit old fashioned but it’s good enough to fit five of us and yea the eating stuff too !
lucky’s about to say something when piya interrupts- no sanskar will drive i don’t wanna end up dead atleast not so young!
ragsan and lucky look at her shockingly. sanky – how can you say that ??
piya bites her lip- donno but looking at his stature (lucky’s bruises from the new moon are still there ) felt so!
just then swara comes making a cute sad face. piya mocks her- what now planning to go for miss universe ??
swara looks at her sadly – nope !
rags goes to her keeping an arm on her shoulder lovingly- baby any prob??
swara nods – i feel like i’ll puke any moment if i don’t ask any questions?
piya looks at her with disgust – eww! well then for sake of humanity y don’t you ask some rather than getting all messed up here!
swara smiles widely- where are we going??
piya hits her head with her hand and sanlak fall off laughing looking at her thus !
rags too chuckles but then swara’s smile turns into confusion.
piya- how about we visit the school first ?
swara gets excited but sanlak again laugh at her saying in unison- school! seriously??
piya glares at them – i’m not joking always! it’s an awesome place the school of the supernaturalS! but you guy’s seem to have interest in having some more looks of the mansions decore so enjoy!
she drags swara and ragini with her heed less of their opinions and sanlak follow her.

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