Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 15

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swara excitedly : so what happened next ??

sanskar shrugs . swara looks at him annoyed :you’re trying to tell it’s a story with no ending !

sanskar :no it’s a story that’s incomplete !

swara puzzled at his reply : then who will complete it??

laksh replies :you !

swara chuckled : hows that possible …

ragini : because you are swarali … swara turns pale for a moment and the next she starts laaughing :yea right and you are rageshwari ! and where’ our third sister piyali then???

sanlakrag look at her giving her a we are serious look and she turns numb for a moment : are you trying to tell me sanskar’s a vampire and laksh a werewolf!

rags nods. swara : the one who attacked me

rags : no it was jim..

swara : and how do you know that!

rags : i just know it don’t forget your not suppose to ask questions!

swara makes a face : i have so much to know but whats intruiging is you both are a full 27-30 years elder than us but don’t look like though!

sanky smirks : we are under a curse all thanks to you!

rags glares at him and swara gets curious : really !

laksh: you’ll know it soon .

they reach the mansion and lucky gets down to talk to the watchman whose nowhere to be seen he shouts : anyone there ??

it’s late evening and there’s no reply they turn to go when suddenly swara sees something, and she turns pale.

rags shakes her: swara !! swara points towards the window some shadows are seen and then they hear a familiar voice a voice pleading : please don’t do this, i beg you just kill me but don’t torture me you idiots !

a man is shown : where is the akatosh ! tell me ! “al-LOH-ha-MOHR-ah !” the door clicks open. the man enters in and the light falls on the girls face it’s piyali holding a vase to hit him :look don’t come near me or .. or i’ll hit you with this !

the man laughs amused as if she’s doing some sort of comedy annoyed with his laugh she throws it towards him as he chants the spell: A-LAR-tey ah-SEN-deh-re ” the vase flicks high in the air and he starts laughing again looking at piyali whose all shocked to see the vase fly ! he goes near her lifting her chin up with his wand : just tell me where the akatosh is and i promise i would give you the most peaceful death !

piyali snorts at him with wage and just before he gets another chance to flick his wand someone nabs him so hard his wand slips down and falls just enough for piyali to pick it up and point it at the man “back off (she says looking at sanky he complies )ah-VAH-dah-key-DAV-rah” the spell hits his chest creating a green light and he dies instantly . swaragini and laksh enter there just then shocked and huffing

laksh murmurs : piyali! swaragini look at piyali whose too confused to what just happened and looks at them back as their eyes meet tears start flowing from them, unknown to why their eyes have tears in them.

the girl shifts her gaze at laksh whose huffing with the run he had from all the way to upstairs : piya jaiswal and before you ask me more freaky questions i would love to say i’m a normal human being with no special powers i’m an orphan so don’t know who my real parents are ! and about the thing just happened i don’t know what i said that he died ! but this moron deserved it ! (she looks at sanky with a smile)thanq for saving me

she turned to leave just to be stopped by lucky : may i know how did you land up here ???

piya fake smiles : i would have loved to tell you my tragic story but then i have no time as i have to meet four idiots who want to rent this place !

sanky grins : well how about i say that we are the four idiots your expecting to rent this place to !

piya throws the keys at him : bingo ! my jobs done i’m leaving now enjoy your day! err… night at the mansion (she whispers) don’t scream or scoul at the guests appearing at midnight and try not to interfere in their business too! TA DA !! she waves at them and leaves

laksh tries to stop her but she’s gone . they come down and see something that makes sanlak laugh catching their stomachs so hard that it might burst anymoment. swaragini too come down to find a sulking piya with awfully smelling colours all over her she’s looking like a clown !

piya : why god ji ! why always me !

sanlak look at her surprised :why god ji ! why always me ! is the sulking mode of piyali whenever she’s in problem or something like this happens with her which very often does as swarali loved to experiment with her portions and enchant such spells on them that whenever piyali would leave to go somewhere they would fall on her or either burst on her !

sanky goes to her : those aren’t colours but herbs ! he gives her a kerchief to wipe her face

piyali : the doors locked i forgot to inform you how much this villa love me hence whenever i am about to leave it does such stuff to hold me back and love it even more ! she snorted with fake smile

sitting on the couch she started eating her favourite chocolate lucky looked at her amused : i thought you wanted to leave right??

piyali snorted : how about you just try opening the damn door and when it does do inform me ! i would love to be the first one leaving this place and your idiotic faces

swara complained :that’s rude!!

piyali shrugged : then deal with it ! you puppy faced !

lucky chuckles : cute nick name !

swara throws one of the pillows from the hall couch. he catches it

swaragini look at her while sanlak go in a hunting spree for some food and clothes around the villa. piya who’s busy eating her chocolates looks at them and throws them one each : they aren’t big but yea they are satisfying you might forget your hunger for sometime

and for the first time she smiles cutely at them and they start eating the chocolate having light chats on brands and other stuffs !

sanlak come all miffed and tiry searching they bring a big volume of book and keep it in front of piya who looks at them confused.

sanky : just trying flicking the wand and get us some food please!

piya shrugs :what do you think i’m a fairy sort of thing who’ll flick her magical wand and get some muffins for you??

laksh : no you’re a witch!

piya fake smiles at him : yea right thanq for the compliment i’m overwhelmed !

sanky anoyed :fine don’t wanna do then don’t but stop fighting atleast !

he turns around and goes to sit at one of the dining table piya doesn’t herself know why she feels bad but then she flicks her wand and closes her eyes as if remembering something “Bags from home, meet me here, take them here and bring them near ! ” a bag appear s from no where and then she flicks it again”commakus pancakus !” a plate full of pancakes she looks at them and says “just in case you guys don’t like the food in my bag!

They all have a good dinner and drift off to sleep ….

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