Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 12 (ragsan and swalak)

Your eyes are the sweetest stars that I have ever seen……..

Time for the conquest the three sisters are as usual together holding hands of each other and giving strength
Swarali “piyali may come what, I know your too small for this conquest yet the strongest competitor amongst all don’t you ever forget that we love you and it’s you who’s gonna finally win this sweetheart “ she kisses piyali on the forehead
Rageshwari too hugs her “it’s true the smile that dad has on his face is just showing how proud he is about you he knows and trust you that you’ll complete mum’s incomplete work and find the akatosh amulet “

Piyali hold’s each of their hand’s and smiles”no matter you both say what the competitions not just about mugging spells and swushing your wand it requires skills concentration a pure heart remember what mum said a heart of gold will only get you the amulet of akatosh! And yea a little magic here and there would help “she winked at them “but what matters to me is we are together in this and promise me we will be till the end no matter come what “ swaragini nod in concord.
The host comes in from well donno were ! “so people are you ready !”
Screams can be heard showing the excitement of the people from all over the seas all in one place. A handsome hunk surrounded by guards comes in flaunting his abs shirtless the girls at the podium are mesmerized. But his eye’s are searching just someone else and she’s there at the guest’s of honour side beside’s her father who’s proudly introducing her to the other guests and friends. He smiles shyly and brushes his hair with his hand “so miss dehradun get ready akatosh or not but I surely tell you the amulet of mara’s(amulet of mara gives you a chance to marry the man of your desire) gonna be something that you’ll so desire once we meet “ and he winks .
Devdhar is busy giving his girls some tips
“so all set for the conquest my friend !” said brijraj coming from his opposite side.

Devdhar has a huge smile “brijraj my friend !” he exclaimed hugging him.
The wind blows making piyali’s hair fall over her face as she tucks them behind her ear he comes there so close she could hear his heart beat he leans close to her ear “missed me? love..”
She closes her eyes as if feeling stunned for a moment she could hear her heart race just by his presence so close to him .
“ohho so the prince is here mr.udayveer singh “ swarali said with a smile . He shrugged and they hug. Rageshwari too side hugs him “so my prince charming all set to be defeated by my sister “ swarali punched her lightly “ouch! I mean our sister !” she said keeping her hand on her stomach. Udayveer chuckled “well I’ve been defeated years ago. The first time we met someone just stole my heart away..”he said looking at piyali who avoids his gaze. Devdhar smiles and comes to them “so my son all prepared “ udayveer nodded with a smile.
Brijraj exclaims happily looking at swaragini “I’m so proud of you girls just never fail to make me proud keep it up “ he kisses them on their foreheads “piyali you just remind me of mehak I know this might make you a bit emotional and weak but if bhabhisaa and mehak were here today they might have been really proud of you !” he cups her face. She holds his hand smiling “my emotions are my strength uncle brij, hence they can never make me weak and as for today I need them the most !”

He nods smiling and kisses her forehead “may the deserving and best win “
Brij and dev continue their talks meanwhile piyali just tries ignoring uday’s gaze “I think today all the girls here are either mad or just dumbstrucked “ piyali looks at him confused “yea .. see when I entered they were seriously staring at me as if I’m so handsome and hunk.. and hot ! and here just look at you no hii no hello nothing! Do I look that bad or is it just that you don’t wanna admit !” they share an eyelock “that you missed me!” she closes her eyes and snorts as if relieved. Uday grins at her and she leaves from there.

i know this is too late but coming next epi thats 13tth one is a valentine’s special hope you guy’s liked the epi

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