Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 13 (ragsan and swalak) Valentines special

KISS….. The best way to shut a girl up…… 😉

Piyali’s at the backside of podium walking miffed at uday when suddenly someone holds her hand and pulls backwards even before she could say a word her lips are covered by his lips, they kiss.. he gets back a bit and they are just an inch apart “uday!”she breathes “i..jus…” he interrupts “ohh god princess I missed you and I love you that’s it so simple !“ she’s well just so dumbstruck by the sudden kiss that she’s speechless and closes her eyes. He kisses her again and this time it’s a passionate one he holds her hips and pulls her closer her hands holding his face.
Meanwhile dev and brij are talking swaragini are tensed moving here and there when they feel a breeze flow past them their eye’s closed in for a moment to remince their better halves ……. Little do they know that they are standing just behind them ! swaragini turn around to see them but then they feel it’s just a dream pursing their lips they turn around sanlak look at each other shrugged and speak in unison”seriously!” swaragini are shocked to hear their voice and turn around happily. They are about to squel when sanlak sign them behind towards dev and pull the outside
Swaragini are so happy that it can’t be measured aand they give sanlak a tight hug squeling a “THANK YOU!!!!!!” They smile too and comply .
Ragsan are close to each other cuddling a little far from swalak giving the official husband wife some time and each other’s too.

Might be wondering right why though being husband and wife swalak are afraid to meet each other openly in front of the world especially devdhar it’s because every species that is either vampire werewolf or witches have their certain rules and one among them is that a member of a species can only marry a member of the same species the group change like clans might be ok but a witch vampire or vice versa; witch werewolf or vice versa and vampire werewolf or vice versa are obliged and the soul reason behind it are the offsprings which in scientific language are called hybrids would be unpredictable hence a threat to all especially a threat to their secret existence amongst the humans!

Swalak marriage is something just devdhar knows as the singhania’s and maheshwari’s aregood friends since time immemorial this marriage was allowed only on the condition that once married they can’t bear offsprings and hence would not stay together but would be allowed to meet and be friends till they find someone in their respective clans as a partner for themselves
But what’s sad is ragsan would never be even allowed to do that as sanskar being a vampire A WALKING DEAD! Is considered a threat to them or rather lets say they are just jealous that a vampire can cross a 100km’s in just ten seconds and scare the hell out of these freaks ! 😉
Ragini and sanskar are holding each others hand sharing a smile “if you feel like your done just leave it rageshwari I promise you that we’ll just run off away from here from everyone and have a small and happy life just like the one you wanted !”

Rageshwari’s teary eyed “but a happy life for me can never be away from my family and most of all my sister’s! sanskar and most of all if I back out now fearing for my death I would be the biggest loser in the world and my father what about him when he knows his daughter just backed off like a coward !” sanskar looked into her eyes wiping her tears he smiled proudly “then go just do it my love for you have always me with you in each and every step of your journey never ever think that you are alone because may come what just one whisper and where evre you are rageshwari I’ll be infront of you in seconds “ rageshwari just buried her head into his chest smiling weakly
Laksh :calm down swarali just stay cool everyhting’s gonna be okay !” he said holding her infront of him. Swarali puckered her lips “ kiss me !” laksh lifted his brows mused ”hm?” swarali annoyed“just kiss me you idiot !” and he did pulling her close to him a kiss which slowly turned to a wild and passionate one…
And when they finished he held her face still close to him breathing heavily he whispered in her mouth”feeling good?” she replied”never better..”

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