Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 10

Happiness means you. I love you <3 …..
well who else can it be swarali's handsome hunk her life partner laksh maheshwari…
"you seriously need to be saluted for handling such stuff's they smell really awfull!" said laksh making awkward faces. piyali
giggles "ohh god you look so cute jiju!" she takes the herbs. laksh smiles at her compliment no not for saying cute but for
calling him JIJU!
"what are you smiling like an idiot at ?"said swarali going towards him. he takes her in an embrace and they share a sweet
kiss. piyali admires them she just loves the way they are always together no matter what not even dad. Yess dad !
"ohh god! dad !" said an extremely worried piyali. swarali looked at her confused "What dad?"
piyali hurriedly" rageshwari di ! i told dad and bhai that she's out there shooting !"

"and she's out there with him??" exclaimed swarali . piyali "bhai's gone to bring her back dii!"
"you both are idiots! if bhai catches them today she's gone. bhai will kill him !"
laksh looks at them worried. swarali tries leaving but laksh stop her"where are you going you know your dad right he'll
catch you and give you a good lecture "
"then what do you want me to do !" said swarali annoyed. "let piyali go she's really good at spells and magic . if she
goes she might be able to help them " said laksh calming her. piyali nods and leaves
at the jungle piyali tries using the locater spell "Phasmatos tribum Nas Ex veras!" a trail of smoke appears showing her
a way and there she is rageshwari singhania with her love of life. They are having a cute convo she sighs in relief to
not see vijay with them and in the ruffle her steps make a noise alerting the couple rageshwari aims at her suddenly
but then retreats knowing it's her sister "HOLY MOSSES! you idiot don't shock us like this !" sanskar chuckles
piyali snorted "HOLY HELL !" rageshwari lifts her brows up "you and your love talks are done then we should leave or
else vijay banna's gonna definitely shoot me first for lying !" Rageshwari looks at sanskar who nods in agreement They
a hug
Not that i hate him well what's his fault if he's a vampire he didn't chose to be one he's born with it! he's so cute and
handsome how can a girl resist him bet then who can make the jailer devdhar understand that ! thought piya

sanskar chuckled and came near her in a swift "thanq for the compliment " he winked and left
rageshwari grinned at her "yea yea i forgot that creep love of yous has a mind reading talent !" shrugged piyali
at the mansion rageshwari and piyali are welcomed by devdhar with a glare
swarali too is standing there giving a I'M_SO_BORED_OF_THIS! look
they join her in her sorrow and the lecture begins….
at the practicing room, piyali's trying a new spell "A-LAR-tey ah-SEN-dey-rey" an Shoots the target high into air
"uhh it's so boring how did you do this "exclaimed swarali hitting the spell book to her head
rageshwari snorts banging the book ont the table "piyu is there a spell that can fit these spells into my head !"
piyali smiles looking at them and nods in a no
swarali : how about a spell that can vanish papa! rageshwari too looks at her smiling happily "i bet that exists !"
they both look at piyali with hopes
"how about i give you a screw driver to fit your screws up !" piyali muses "a vanish spell exists but for just a small
amount of time and then the person becomes visible and most of all if he vanihes then to he'll be able to see you both
idiots !" the both sisters look at piyali with sorow and then continue to mug up the spells with different expressions
of disinterest
piyali spells "AH-gwah-MEN-tey!" fountain of water from the wand tip starts falling on swarali and rageshwari.
They get up from their slumber as if it were a deep sleep.
giggles can be heard from the room corner it's ajay laughing at their dismay.


hey guy's i'm getting very few comment's is it boring you guy's if so i'll end it soon or may be stopp writing the
ff please tell me what should i do??

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  1. it’s just amazing..plzz don’t end it..plzzz

    1. thanq rakhi and i won’t end it

  2. Its amazing plzz continue

    1. thanq aarti i will

  3. Awesome yaar I am a silent reader love uemr ff especially raglaksan

    1. thanq swati hope you like today’s epi

  4. Hi nidhi, m big fan of ur writing skills, ur all three ff r damm good, the way u mold the characters of typical indian serial into fantasy storyline is one piece of great work & dn’t stop writing…. Plz write it for silent readers like me….m damm sure there r more silent admirers of ur ff jst like me….;) who cant comment daily for sm reasons…but plz dnt measure the fame of ur story in terms of no. Of comment….plz continue ur story…..consider it my request……:)

    1. thanq niharika i would definitely continue writing i just felt due to the low comments that i might be boring the readers but now seeing u’re responses i won’t end my ff’s thanq again

    2. *Neharika

  5. Omg plz do not end it. I love this story plz plz DO NOT STOP. Btw amazing epi?. Upload next part soon and also plz upload swaragini meant to be together

    1. thanq Lila i won’t stop it and yea was a bit busy today i’ll post the epi’s tomorrow surely for swaragini meant to be together swaragini the beginning and yea my third ff’s name is sister’s forever do read it i hope you’ll like it

  6. very very nice …

    1. thanq cute girl

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  7. No dear it’s not boring… it’s really interesting plzzz continue…

    1. thanq taiana

  8. nice story yr its very intresting update next part soon

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  9. Nidhi where is next epi?

    1. so sorry dear i’ve submited itt today hope you like it 🙂

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