Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 1

DAY 1 shot no.1 take 1
“Gud morning people!!! this is your one and only loving host for tonight ohh i’m sorry i guess you could edit that
so this is u’re lovely cute and bubbly host today SWARA BOSE!!! no claps please i know that i’m awesome thanq thanq
( a hand hit’s her head lightly) ouch!!!”
“are you done for today i mean get a life dude do your tv hosting stuff’s at your 8 ka dose with swara bose !!”
a pouty face ” seriously ragini am i that boring????”
ragini makes a cute face “aww baby i love you ” hugs her from behind ” and yea your awesome ” she kisses her on her forehead and
runs to the door
swara ” your cells on the sofa !!”
ragini she pauses and moves back to the sofa grabs her cell ” thanq baby and i love you !!”
she runs swara ” love you infinity ” but she’s gone aww what will i do the whole day without her. she makes a sad face but then she
stands up as if a realization “INTERVIEW!! stupid run” she takes up a jacket from her cupboard puts on a scarf and a clutch

“ohh no miss bose you aren’t going for a friends party it’s an interview but then she hears an reminder it’s ragini’s voice
“baby don’t worry check my wardrobe at right” (she does there’s formal but cute attire just so right for swara and matching stuff
in it!)” get ready you have 45 minutes left for the cab to arrive i know it’s an important day baby i love and all the best and yea
don’t you’ll get it for sure πŸ˜‰ ” it goes off
swara ” and thats y we are soul mates rags (she hits her head lightly) miss bose go get ready you have whole day to praise her!!”
so friends this is a new story and i assure you it has lot more to be known and this my friend is totally a different love story !!
swara bose the cute bubbly girl she’s a girl with a handycam with her everywhere not that she’s an aspiring reporter or an actress
but she just loves to shoot everything thats happening with her and if possible sometimes her bestfriend’s too.
yup ragini gadodia only daughter of the famous businessman shekhar a childish yet modern and upright girl she stays with swara
her bestest buddy and adopted daughter of divyanka bose the women who owns the chain of swara industries one among the top ten industries
in the country!
well our swaragini stay together in a 3bhk flat in the city of dreams yup thats mumbai. they are here far away from their hometown
dehradun to establish their goals

ragini gadodia aims to be the business icon of her generation age 21 and too hot to handle πŸ˜‰
well as for our swara she wants to be a channel slot host for the prime time 8 at night where she’ll tell the world about fictions!
vampires werewolves witches and what not
well thats too cute but little does she know that such things don’t exist well what do you guy’s think do they ??? πŸ˜‰

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