Swaragini – A beautiful knot – Chapter 6

Hi guys thank for ur support and suggestions. A very big thank you to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode.

Happy new year guys hope all had a blast and may all ur dreams come true. In the past I will refer only to their pet names, so I hope u will like it.

Basku – sahil’s pet name

Bubbly- Rags, bulbul – swara, beku- laksh

Lucky: Sanky u need to sign these papers without looking at him

San: immediately hides some box from him

Lucky; what is that ur hiding

San: Hiding me no no nothing what u want in anger tone

Lucky: hey idiot what do u think hannn I saw u hiding something.

San: this is my room u should have some basic manner, at least to knock shameless

Lucky: utter surprise knocking u and checks his fore head u ok thn surely there is something what is that han tell me

San: ok stop ur drama and shows him a box and with some chits in it.

Lucky: What is this bro and those chits.

San: half lies in bed I like a girl

Lucky: you and liking no chance flirting that is the correct word

San: Hits him playfully arrey yar shut up. This is not like that, this feeling is different I think I love her.

Lucky: Opens his mouth wide open.

San; closes his mouth. I have been with lot of girls but none of them affected me but she

Lucky: curiously who is that girl, where did you meet and what is that box to do with it.

San: heelloo bro stop there these many questions. It is one sided she dosnot even my presence around

her. I will let u know once she agrees before that I dnt want to get her into unneccesary gossips thatss

not good for her future

Lucky: wow bro never saw this shade of yours. And that box

San: I am just noting down all the best moments between us angry, happy, all emotions and planning to

present during my proposal day( read this idea somewhere on net so thought to add). Just imagine on

the day if she she reads all this, it will be a good surprise na .

Lucky: oh hoooooooo someone is getting more romantic.

San: noooooooot more thn u bro. The best feeling is to marry ur loved one and ur gng to enjoying it

soon. I am so happy for u. But me, have a long process to go

Laksh: his reactions changes as san was going on and on.

San: started teasing lucky ho oh someone is in dream land. Laksh gives a faint smile and leaves.

Lucky POV:

Busku : Bro ur such a waste piece man. Still how long will u take to propose her.

Beku: It’s very easy to say and while taking propose and love words only see how badly I am sweating and touches his forehead and cheeks.

Ohoooooooo so bothhhhhhh duffers are planning this only. Sahils bangs his head with his palm.

Beku: bulbul what r u doing here

Bulbul: O helooooooooo so interesting topic how can I miss it

Basku: this is not for kids just shut up go and watch pokemom. We cant indulge u in these talks

Bulbul: how mean, beku u tell me u want my help or not

Beku: with mouth opennnnnnnnnn . you can help me how and reactions what about it

Bubul: confusedly what reactions

Basku: oh you don’t know na after proposing what will be bubbly’s imagination he has imagined that too.

Bulbul: how sweet what are the reactions very interesting tell me fast

Lucky: one time she is slapping me hard, once she is hitting me like Jackie chan while flying here and there in walls, the other reaction she kissed me accepting my proposal
Both sahil and swara burst out in laughter seeing Lucy’s fear and reaction.

Bulbul: Dnt worry beku, actually bubbly also like u so much. We will help u what say and looks at basku

Basku : Ya we will arrange a beautiful candle light dinner with violin background what say

Beku : Whatttttt noooooooo

bulbul: But y that’s great idea na

Beku: no what in anger if she pushes me no no this all will not work out.

Basku: I dnt know how u loved bubbly she is such a bold and daring character and see you such a dramebaazz.

Beku: Ya you will know all this if u love someone until then u will not understand this

Basku: Smiling to himself I can feel u broooooo… staring his bulbul.

Bulbul : ya ya there is a saying na opoosite attracts  and winks at beku

Laksh: ya opposite magnets attracts, it just pulls if she move I will move and smiles.

Just then door opens and ragini with blood shot eyes.

Rags: Whats happening here

Sahil: I think she heard us better tell the truth orelse she will not leave u it better to tell the truth

Lucky: But after effects, Sahil stamps Lucky’s foot really hard. Lucky shouts in pain ouchhhhhhhh.

Beku : bub bublly he stamers do you have a band aid

Swahil : this fellow will never propose her its better I will tell. Sahil closes swara mouth

Bubbly : band aid y r u hurt

Beku: , because I scrapped my heart when I fell in love with you. Will you be mine? And went know on his knees.

Ragini blasts out in laughter, swahil claps in excitement, he proposed he proposed her.

Laks: Ragini I am still waiting

Ragini: bent down and kissed his cheeks, yes dumboooo I too love u and never though u will propose me

and that too in this fashiionnnnn and hugs him.

While Laksh was lost in his chain of thoughts. Ragini brings him back.

Ragini: where were you lost Laksh

Laksh: Back hugs Ragini, while resting his chin on her shoulders, I was thinking about our proposal. Such

a bad one naaaa

Ragini: ohhhhhhh shut up do u still need band aid nowwwww and both giggle. Only 25 days more for

our marriage still I am not able to believe it. The proposal was epic ok dnt u dare talk like that

Next day at school. Swara knocks the door

Sanky: Yes I was about to call u, u came good u take out last 3 years record of this meet and prepare a


Swara: sir but sanky interupted

Sanky: Its very important plzz

Swara: ok sir

She goes to system and starts searching the records. After few hours she prepares the report and gives

to Sanky and both leave.

Swara was in hurry and she rushes down and gets hurt while running

Sanky: you ok

Swara: yes sir and she starts moving

Sanky OMG this sir thing when will she stop this so adamant mmm lets see

Due to her pain Swara was about to fall Sanky lifts her

Swara: gives a deadly glare sir cn u plz put me down

Sanky got irritated and just puts her down. She falls in the ground and grits her teeth

Swara: Idiot did I ask your help, no na because of u see all this happened

Sanky: Oh hello I tried to help and did what u said y r angry on me. If I listen to u ur scolding, if I dnt

Listen also u r scolding. R u mad or what

Swar: Its waste talking to u and goes with her injured foot.

Sanky: where is ur car

Swara: Y the hell will I answer you sir

Sanky: nods his head in disbelief and lifts her and put in his car

Swara: Hey what r u , leave me now I dnt want ur help

Sanky: Oh plzzzzzzz just shut up and puts a plaster in her mouth and drives fast.

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