Swaragini – A beautiful knot – Chapter 5


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When both Raglak were lost in their own thoughts, DP and Sanky comes to the medical room. They call them out but both do not respond to them. Sanky waves hand and calls them, they don’t respond. Sanky shakes laksh and both shoutsss what.

DP: Irritatingly: Laksh behave yourself this is school

Laksh : Sorry dad

DP: Ragini how is Swara.

Ragini :Ya she is better, I ll go and bring her.

She brings Swara by holding her. Sanky was not at all interested in all these

Sanky: Ok dad I am going home

DP: Sanky what s thi …. before he could complete

Sanky: This is lunch time dad no compromise on that nd all and does some surfing in his mobile.

DP: Swara how r u feeling now

Swara: Ya uncle felling much better

Ragini: Dad actually I know swara well, we were neighbors in London

DP: Ohh nice then Swara you got a company here.

Ragini: Dad shall I take Swara to our home, actually she needs rest

Swara: no no its ok rags I ll go to my home

DP: no no Swara you can go with ragini. Swara tries to avoid but all force her and she convinces at last to go with rags.

Sanky: Ok dad bye by looking in his phone
DP: Sanky drop swara and rags in home.

Sanky: daddddd he lifts up and to his shock he sees his doll standing there..Youuuuu

Rags: Ya she is Swara, VP of our school and my close friend swarag smiles seeing eo

Sanky: ( to himself) u are serioussssssssssly idiot man , your doll is here and you were searching her somewhere else. Wowwwwww man she is going to work with you, O goddddddddd thank you so much the only good thing that my dad did for me till date is this one.

Sanky: hugs DP thanks dad thank you so much. All 3 were bewildered by his behavior

Rags: Sankyyyyyyyyy stop ur drama can we leave.

Sanky: happily ya ya. Sanky goes fast and opens the front door. Rags go and close the front door.

Rags: We will sit together and both sit in the back seat.

Sanky starts the car and adjusts the mirror so that he can have swara’s clear view specially her eyes. During the whole journey he was just staring her. They reach MM.

AP welcomes them and Rags introduce Swara to everyone. All have lunch and Swara sleeps. Sanky drags rags.

Rags: Heyyyyyy what

Sanky: Hey why didn’t u introduce me to her? You know na I was searching for her

Rags: Whattttttt shocked come again

Sanky:Ya she was the doll I was referring to. I told you na I got lost in her eyesssssss. Dnt you remember ouffffffff

Ragini’s closes her eyes.

Rags: basku (sahil) those are just eyes na

Sahil: bubbly (rags) u dntknowwwwww how beautiful bulbul (swara) eyes are. Those flashing eyes, where one can sense the love and sadness.

Those were the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I have ever seen and I could lose myself in those eyes.

Rags: Ohh ho Romeo propose her sooon before its tooooo late and giggles.

A lone tear escapes from corner of her eyes. She wipes it and angrily.

Rags: Sanky stop it. Dnt u dare to flirt with her you know me well.

Sanky: what

Rags: stay away from her

Sanky nods his head in disbelief. Why the hell is she behaving like this. In the evening swara left to her home.

Rags was watching tv in her room while Laksh enters. Laksh side hugs her.

Rags: Today is one of the happiest day na. Everything went so well. I am so happy and hug him.

Laksh: So madam as a part of this celebration I have a gift for you.

Rags: super excited giftttttttt wowwww laksh what is it

Laksh; showwwww me ur finger

Rags: Ohhhhhhhh my buddu lover bought me a ring that’s cooooool

Laksh: gives her a deadly glare can u plz close ur mouth and show me ur fingers.

Rags: ok ok here and shows her fingers. Laksh paints her finger with her beautiful color. Wowwwwwwwlaksh nail paint that too my favorite color. Lovve you love you and kisses him. Laksh laugh at her antics and paints her all he fingers slowly yet carefully.

Laksh: Done, fine na I know its not best but… before he could complete

Rags: Its perfecttttttttLaksh. I am so lucky to have you. How many girls will have such an understanding husband.

Laksh: Ohhhooo I am the luckiest to get such an understanding wifey so coooolllllllllna. You re nt disappointed na that I did not get u ring

Rags: Nopee happy that u did not buy ring. Shall I ask you something

Laksh: Anything

Rags: Stammers: Let Lets s make Swara stay here for marriage

Laksh: Do u think after all what happened will she accept to stay in our house and attend marriage. We should not force her na

Rags: Lets try rest her choice. Cool and both rest in each other shoulders.

Next day in school

Adarsh: Swara can’t you be careful about the syllabus

Swara: Sorry sir, I tried butt…

Adrash: Oh swara stop ur excuses we should be student’s role model not giving excuses. Complete this and leave

Swara :Sure sir.

Sanky sees all this and feels bad seeing Swara sad. In the evening all left except Swara.

Swara was working with some syllabus stuff

Sanky: swara you still here

Swara: Sorry sir, I have some pending work Adarsh sir gave and need to complete it by today

Sanky: U can call me sanky no formalities plzzzzz moreover your rags friend you can be my friend also. You know I have lot of girlfriends hi five and lifts his hand.

Swara: gives what the look

Sanky: what

Swara: Its ok sir I am good. I have finished bye sir

Sanky becomes sad as Swara did not accept his friendship and continues with the sir thing. But Swara you are so different and adamant. I like you and will make you mine just wait and watch.

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