Swaragini – A beautiful knot – Chapter 4


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I need some suggestions from you guys so that I can proceed. You want the full past to be revealed in the next chappy or both past and the present as the story moves. Let me know which way you want I will plan accordingly.

Let me clear there is no one negative neither Swara nor Ragini both are positive characters. There is no one negative as for now. I think I have cleared some of your confusions. Hope u will like it.

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AP: Sanky u r ready or not

Sanky: Mom plz stop I am not a kid. Ur treating me like a kid going to first day school.

Rags: Even kids would do better than u.

Sanky: Rags thank God u came and hugs her.

Rags: How can I miss, I know how tensed u will be that’s y to support my friend cum brother in law

Sanky: thanks but dnt except me to call bhabi and all

Rags: Come we have to leave, it already 9.30 school will start at 8

Sanky: You are also a coming with me.

Rags: Ya today dad has arranged for our meeting right. Ragsan reaches School.

Adarsh: Welcome sir, glad to work with u

Sanky: Same here but no need of this much formalities. So shall we move?

Adarsh: Yes, laksh sir was also waiting for you. We have arranged the meeting room.

Sanky: What Laksh came, where is he

Adarsh: He just went to VP’s room. I ll inform him about your arrival

Sanky: Its ok you carry on we will meet him.

Ragini: No sanky you go to meeting room dad will be waiting for u. I will get him.

Ragini goes to VP room and opens the door, shocked to see Luck with that anger and holding some one’s hand. Swalak turned and looked Ragini.

Ragini looks them and stumbles holds table for grip. Her lips were getting dried, hands trembling not knowing what to do. On the other hand Swara was standing like a statue as if someone snatched her soul from heart

Ragini without any hesitation goes and hugs her. Swara does not reciprocate the hug. But she only knew how much she needed that hug. Swara tries to move and avoid her gaze. But ragini was so stubborn and was not giving her any chances.

Ragini: Dnt u dare Swara, how r u and touches her whole face and hands with teary eyes to make sure that she is fit and fine.

Rags: Y Swara, are you still not satisfied, y u want to hurt moreeeeee. You know I was hell angry on you and wanted to slap u hard but at the very moment when I saw you I forgot what all happened and wanted to hug you. But y u can’t forget everything be like before

Swara: Oh plz leave meeeeeeee. I need to leave immediately.

Ragini gives her a tight slap. Swara holds her cheek and looks at ragini sadly. Ragini was feeling bad for her but the way Swara was reacting made her hell angry. She was just hugging Swara. Swara could not take any more and breaks completely in raglak embrace. Swaragini were letting out their sorrows while Swara faint in their arms.

Ragini: swara, Swara wake up and pats her cheeks

Laksh carries her immediately to the health care room in the school and asks her to take care.

Ragini sat down with a thud.

Laksh: Ragini I am sorry I should have told you about Swara but was worried for u.

Rags: Hugs him I trust you Lucky there must be some reason not letting me know about Swara. Ragini rests her head in Laksh’s shoulder.


Most of them thought he was cheating on me because of Swara. But I only knew he was not cheating on me and he will never even think about it.

Love is not just talking in cheesyyyy tone, holding each other’s hand, roaming chatting is that it. Even if he cares for a girl little more that’s it. He is cheating on u falling for others, what a mentality people have. She is more important to him and ya more than me no she is important to us.

According to me love is sacrifice, supporting each other in their bad times, its not how much time we spend together its how much the quality time and support you give

Ragini closes her eyes and thinks while tears slowly oozing out from her eyes.


Swara: Daughter of Raizaida’s . She lost her parents in very young age. Her grandparents brought her up. She was born and brought up in London.

She was very bubbly and lively. She was a doll for all of us. She always had a beautiful smile in every situation. She was younger to us by 3 years.

Sahil gadodia: Swara’s neighbor and our class mate. Fun loving and alwaysssssss loved to irritate her. I also stayed in London due to my father’s business. We 3 were good friends since sahil and me were class mates. Laksh came to study and was our classmate. Soon he shifted to Sahil’s place. This is how our bonding started.

It is said that good friend’s Good friends stay by you through good times, but best friends stay by you through bad times. We just lived as an example for those words.

I will not leave you alone now. Whatever happened I will be there for u. Now not your stubbornness but my stubbornness will win. You need me now but trying to hide. Y swara y.

It was those beautiful days where even sorrow and tears feared to come to us. We just wished those days were still and could spend the whole life like that.

Even I remember that day in pub when a boy teased me the way the 3 reacted an immediate smile adorned her lips. Swalak and sahil were trying to punish him, they did not beat him or make a scene but what they did was awesome. They took some chamomile and rubbed against his skin. At first it started to itch and after some time OMGGGgg have to see the boy’s reaction he just ran away from that place. We all burst out in laughter and were laughing like maniacs.

This is how we were enjoying our life and our bond also grew as the days passed.

Done with the chappy guys hope I did not disappoint you guys.

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