Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot – Chapter 3

Swara joins school as VP.

Laksh: Swara here is all the details you need. Adarsh is the principal and ya he is little strict.

Swara: Its ok Mr. Maheswari I am here to work if I do my work properly then I think there is no need for all these

Laksh: Calls the peon. Assemble all the teachers in meeting room in 10 mns

Swara: Tries to leave but laksh holds her hands. What the hell

Laksh: What happened to u this is not the doll whom I know, our shona is simple who loves her smile a lot.

Swara: She is dead and I think u did not forget the promise and leaves from there angrily.

Lasksh bangs his hand on door.

Laksh: Hi everyone, she is our new VP Swara

Swara: Sorry sir just a minute. I am Swara, Swara Gadodia she stresses gadodia which increases Laksh’s anger.

Laksh: I hope u will support her and help her by all means . Everyone leaves. Swara goes to her room and laksh follows her.

Laksh pull her angrily while her bag and things fall down. Laksh help her to arrange her things and sees the tablet.

Laksh: Swara what are these tablets and why are you taking this

Swara: In full rage : Its none of your business Mr. Maheswari stay within your limits. If you try to get closer I will leave the job and go.

Laksh: Claps that’s what u know na, u always hurt others, did u ever think about ragini and her feelings still she is not able to overcome, but u

Swara: Just stop shouts on her top voice and shows her hand to stop. Not more than a word just leave, leave me alone.

Laksh: Fine if u want that I will fulfill ur wish no no wait the need of your’s I will not show my face to you until you stay here leaves slamming the door angrily.

Swara breaks down completely but composes herself and goes to class plays with children engrossed in her work. Like this a week pass and time for week end.

DP returns from trip.

Rags: Hi papa and hugs her, how was ur trip

DP: fine dear, how r u. R u not eating properly, I think u lost weight. Are u dieting

Rags: Papa I will melt if u keep this much ice. I wish my father too cared for me like this. But the great Ramprasad is busy in business and money

DP: Oh ho dear u know about him na, thn what. Ok leave u threatened ma it seems , now a days I m getting lot of complaints. So this time I am going to punish you for sure

Sanky: Wow dad what an idea at last you got some sense

DP: Shut ur mouth useless every time behind my daughter. Even u have punishment

Sanky: Shocked y me what did I do

DP: You are not doing anything that’s is my problem. Wasting time like anything eating , roaming with ur stupid friends and sleeping. See you friends all are in same category just enjoying in father’s money.

Laksh: True that

Sanky gives a deathly glare to Laksh, in return he gives a sheepish smile.

Rags: What is the punishment for Sanky eagerly waiting to know

DP: Hereafter he will look after schools, u and laksh will look after colleges. That is the punishment

Sanky: Not again dad. I want to enjoy my life

DP: Just shut up man enough of enjoing from tmr u going to school that’s it. Raglak giggles on seeing sanky’s reaction.

Sanky: Ok then what is Rags punishment .

DP: Raglak marriage is fixed on next month. All become happy listening this while rags hugs DP and Laksh.

Sanky : Dad this is not fair, its cheating this is not punishment but a gift for her.

DP: Oii just shut up dnt spoil the mood get lost.

AP feeds sweets to everyone.

Rags: Lets go for shopping and celebrate what say

Laksh: As you say madam and smiles

Rags: Sanky then get ready we will leave in 10 mns.

Sanky: O hello already I lost my freedom. My friends and I have some plan I will not be able to come . Raglak leaves while sanky goes to meet his friends.

Raglak reach the same mall where Swatha are shopping. Ragini and Swara are standing on opposite counters facing their back. Both were busy in their shopping and did not notice each other. Laksh phone rings, while attending the call he moves little far and was about to turn he notices swatha and gets tensed.

Ragini was about to turn Laksh rushes and pulls her which make her confused.

Ragini: What was that lakh

Hearing their voices Swara notices and sees Ragini and moves fastly. While her things fall down. Ragini stops her and takes her things, when she tries to give Swara just pull it fastly from her hands and runs from there.

Kav: Still how many days will u run. R u not tired of running

Swara : please lets leave. Swatha leaves.

Swara: Kavi plz stop the car in nearby park

Kavi: r u sure

Swara: Ya

Kavitha stops her car in front of the park. A immediate smile adorns her lips and feels light. They enjoy some moments there and return to car.

Suddenly a set of bikers stop their bike suddenly with full speed and just infront of Swara. Swara frightens and closes her in eyes in fear while holding her both ears with her hands. She opens her eyes. Swatha leaves from there.

The guy removes his helmet ( ya guys its Sanky).

Sanky POV:

Wow again I met her. Her eyes I am seeing it for second time but still cannot take forget, she has something different. Today I saw fear in her eyes omg y can’ti get way. Sanky soon get away with all those stuff or else it will be difficult. Sanky POV ends.



    • Mirna



      sorry yar nikky everytime i cant explain the same thing. It id very difficult for the writers plz do understand. We have a story and it moves in the way what we have in mind. If there are any suggestions or comments in that plz do not the same question from day 1 to till now.

      Sorry for being rude or hurting you. Just try to gives us our space 🙂 thank you . This is not my story which u mentioned.

    • Kakali


      |Registered Member

      Nikkyyyy dear… !! there r two words “HAND” n “MIND” … soooo it will b better if u use it efficiently n write something by ur own … !! don’t irritate Writers with ur baseless talks ….. !! n plzzz try to stay away from here if u can’t understand or cooperate with d writers… in every SwaSan FF or SS this is ur work to irritate d writers… urghhhh !! let it b.. !! *push u to
      o Nalaaaa…

  1. Ankita

    Why laksh involve so much in swara no raglak scene they are getting married but seeming laksh do not love ragini

  2. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    Superb update
    Y is laksh so concerned for swara
    Nd what is past of raglak nd swara
    Eagerly waiting for the next update
    Please do continue soon

  3. Kakali


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    Mirnaaaa Darlzzzzz awesome chappy dear… now m getting a lil lil …. Loved it to d core… !!!
    waaa i came here to wish u “Marry Christmas n Happy New year in advance” …*hugggg !! stay blessed dear… Love u dheeer saraaa… !! keep rocking with ur FF… !! Tataaaa.. will meet u sooon… ;-*

    • Mirna



      thanksssssssss Kakksssssssss dear so sweet of u merry christmas and a very prosperousssssssss new year. I wish all your hopes and dreams come true and alll the very best for u exams dearrrrrrrrr 🙂 love u dear tc 🙂

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