Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot – Chapter 2


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Swara went to balcony to get some fresh air. She was enjoying the evening breeze with a cup of coffee forgetting all her worries and for new hopes. Her phone rings. Swara smiles seeing the id and smiles.
Swara: Hi Kavi what’s up.

Kavi : Everything is ok right. How r u

Swara: dnt worry I am fine dear. Ur mom and dad have arranged everything from milk to sim what else I need.

Kavi: Ok listen from tmr servant maid will join u so dnt take tension ok. If you want anything shops are nearby.

Swara: Ok baba bye.

Swara’s POV

I should be strong from now on. I will not fall weak . I will achieve my goal by any means. Ok swara come on will go and get some bread and fruits. Likewise I will have a walk also. She gets ready and go out. She was wearing a simple salwar.pov ends.

While she was returning it started to drizzle, she was so happy and started to enjoy the rain. When she was about to go. She saw some children barraging with the ice cream vendor. She went near them and bought ice cream for everyone. All the children went near her and kissed and started to dance in rain. Some children pulled her towards rain.

She was closing her eyes, stretching her hands and slowly turning around , by the time rain has increased while Swara was enjoying the rain with a broad smile. She gets some flashes and opened the eyes while tears flowing suddenly changes her reaction and moves to the corner of the road. Rain was washing her tears no one can notice her tears.

When she was lost in her thoughts, she forgets to notice that car was approaching towards her. Suddenly someone pulled her, and when she was about to fall, he hold her waist and was lost in her beautiful eyes.

When she wanted to move he tightened the grip which made her more angry and uncomfortable. Actually the car turned on other side.

Swara: Freed from the grip what the hell what do u want a

Sanky: O hello I just trying to help u and u shouting at me

Swara looks at car and she sees nothing she just gives disgusting look and leaves.

Sanky’s thinks to himself:

Who oh what was that. What did I just see, mannnnn those eyes it really had some magic and those tears why I could not see those tears, its paining in me.

Sanky Frnd: Is it needed see you helped her instead of thanking you she is giving those looks. Idiot

Sanky: Noo bro sweet idiot

SF- Opens his open mouth wide open.


AP: Rags beta I cant wait anymore come soon as my DIL, have some pity how long I should work with a sad pout 

Rags: Ma who told u to work. I am ready to come today also but u people are not arranging what to doo. If you are going to do like this I will think about live in relationship with Laksh. You know me better.

AP: Ooooooopens her mouth wide open. Hits her playfully, I should better be careful with u , or else I know about. As soon as Laksh papa arrives I will arrange for marriage until then be quiet . Both laugh and enjoy. Sanlak enters .

Sanky was fully drenched in rain while Laksh was lost in his own thoughts in short physically present mentally absent.

Rags: Off o what happened to 2 brother’s chi look at both of u , both go and get ready I will bring some hot snacks.

After an hour Raglak and Sanky settle in Sanky’s room.

Rags: Whats up sanky u look confused

Sanky: O hello its not me it’s laksh in that state just look at him

Rags: Looks at laksh, and thought to irritate laksh. She was irritating Laksh but he was in no mood and just ignoring her. AP calls Sanky and he leaves

Ragini: Laksh, whats is happening what the hell I m just talking and u r sitting silently

Laksh: Nothing rags just tired

Ragini: No ur not , I know u better in and out so stop lying to me ,something is bothering u what is it

Laksh:Ntng yar I told na nthng just leave it

Ragini: No I want to know and keeps on pesturing him with questions

Laksh: Angrily shouts: What the hell cant u give me my space just get lost let me be in peace atleast for a minute

Ragini: Becomes sad, and took a jar full of water and pours on lucky’s head. Now cool down and dnt shout like that and leaves the room.

She goes out and sanky side hugs her

Sanky: You ok

Rags: Ya what happened to me.

Sankyy: I saw you both

Ragini gave a deadly glare towards sanky.

Sanky: Stop staring at me madam that’s my room and I entered so plzzzzz stop ur drama with Laksh and not me

Ragini : U dumbo and runs behind sanky.

Laksh pulls running ragini

Laksh: I am sorry dear, I was in some tension while caressing rags hair

Rags: laughs ,no problem, anyway u also need an outlet na I understand. See you become normal and happy that’s enough and pecks on his cheeks.

Sanky: Both of you have some shame and closes his eyes. All 3 run around the house like kids while AP enjoys their bond.

Laksh: Now tell me what are you upto

Sanky: Me what nothing

Rags: Dnt change the topic bro, you know without telling we will not leave u so tell the truth

Sanky: With full bright smile today I saw a girl, a beautiful and her eyes OMG … she was just like a doll.

Hearing doll rags get tensed and leaves

Laksh: runs behind her, r u ok still u did not forget

Rags: Hugs Laksh , I wanted to forget but I cannot forget anything, her eyes her talks, her smile still I can feel but I will never forgive her no not even in my dreams I will be able to forgive for what she has done and sobs.

Laksh get sad about her statement. He consoles rags and she becomes normal. In night Laksh calls Kav

Kav: Ya laksh

Laksh: Ragini is still angry on swara, so its better if they both dnt meet. Ragini need time so swa before he could complete

Kav: Waaa laksh this is what I expected take care of ragini and dnt u dare come near to Swara and ya she is not interested in you guys just leave her alone, that will be the biggest help and cuts the call.


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  1. plzz swara should plan to get lakshya and yaa ragini character is so awesome I fell in love plzzzI think rag should left lakshya and new entry in ragini life want to see jeleousy in lakshya for ragini

    1. Mirna

      Sorry dear that is not my plot and way toooooooo far from my plot 🙂 thanks dear 🙂

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  4. Mahavir

    akka soooo much of suspenses…first nan swalak-ku dhan past irukunu nenaichen but now i get it there is nothing is between swalak everything is between swarag only and this sanskar omg he just fell in love at first sight wowwwww akka superb superb semma semmma kalakiting ji…kili kili kili kilunu kiluchitinga ma…love u akka….

    1. Mirna

      enaa pandrathu swara pathu mayagintan 😛 lol thank u so much dear love u too 🙂

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  6. Fairy

    soooo awesome dr…i lovdd ittt!!!!m waitng for d mystry to get revealedd!! eagerly waitng to know wt had happened btween swaragini???raglak scene ws soo sweeet..aww!!!reallly such an amazng charecter of rags.. 😉 ragsan bond ws reallly cute 🙂 🙂 …post nxt part sooon dear 😀 keeeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety 😉

    1. Mirna

      thanks fairy dear glad u liked it 🙂 ya it will get revealed soon hope u will like it 🙂

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    Awesome update
    But it’s confusing
    Please do continue soon
    Nd reveal their problem
    Eagerly waiting to read more

    1. Mirna

      Ya dear will reveal soon thanks dear glad u liked it 🙂

  8. Anonymous (raglak)

    Ragini’s character is very nice…..despite of laksh being angry on her,she tried to understand d situation and acts accordingly. I think swalak shares a friendship/bro-sis bond….and ragsan r awesome…..so something big happened between swaragini.I am eager to know the reason behind hatred……Both of them r strong and bold characters unlike serial….good going…Hope both the couples will be given equal importance….waiting for next part.

    1. Mirna

      Ya dear i m trying my best to give equal importance to both the pairs 🙂 will reveal the past soon dear glad u liked it 🙂

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      Keep on guessing Ankita dear 3- 4 chappy u will get all ur answers 🙂 thanks dear keep supporting 🙂

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