Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot – Chapter 1

Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Let me clear its Swasan and Raglak planning to give equal importance to both couples. That is how I planned . I hope I will not disappoint u guys.

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Shekhar: Swara you ready, we have to leave in 10 mns.

Swara stays still without any emotions

Shamista tries to remove the chain from swara’s neck. But swara stops her

Swara: Plz mom this is the last memory I have plz dnt snatch this also from me and hold her chain and locket.

Shekhar: Leave it come Swara its getting late.

Swara: No dad, Kavitha and I will go alone plzzz. I can’t see u crying. U have cried a lot for me. I can’t go happily seeing u both in tears. Please dad.

Kavitha assures shemish through her eyes and holds Swara. Shemish agree.

Both bid bye and leave for airport. Swara is ready for her roller coaster ride that is waiting for her in the name of “LIFE”


DP: Laksh actually my friend’s daughter will take up our main branch school.

Laksh: But dad y suddenly. Is there any problem over there. Everything is going fine thn y this sudden change.

DP: No no Laksh, actually she needs a change and she is going to start a new school that’s y do help her with the same. She is my close friends daughter so I dnt want any flaws.

Laksh: Ya dad got it. U dnt worry I will take care of it and smiles.


A girl is beating a boy red and blue. There were a crowd surrounded and encouraging her. SanLak sees the crowd and peeps through the crowd to see what is happening. Laksh was shocked for a moment and composes himself and runs to stop the girl. He pulls the girl apart.

Laksh :Ragini stop ragini stop. Ragini turns and leaves the boy.

Ragini : No Laksh you dnt know how he was teasing this girl.

Laksh: He will never forget this dnt worry come we have to leave.

Ragini: Better remember this treatment before trying to tease any girl.

BOY: No sister I will not even think about girl in my lifetime I will pray for your husband and runs from there.

A person was clapping and coming in front. Wow rangini and hugs her.

Ragini: Sanky better u also careful I know u are also big flirt.

Sanky: Oh hello . Stop ur preachings with Laksh not to me. If you want to stay in my house peacefully dnt interfere in my matters or else I will send Laksh out of my family so you will also leave. I know u dnt like nuclear families so dnt mess me with madam .

Laksh: Hey what are you talking and gets tensed

Ragini: Ohh ho Laksh grow up he is teasing u and both giggle.

Sanky: Ok ragini tell me what will you do when u get to know laksh has an affair.

Ragini : Blasts out in loud laughter. Lol sanky dnt joke like this suddenly. Laksh and affair plzzz must be comedy of the year.

Sanky: Come on yar give me answer na

Ragini: Ok whatever ur saying will never happen. If it happens I will not sit and cry like other girls. Firsty I will kill this fellow points to laksh thn that girl punishment will be different that’s a secret.

Laksh gulps in fear hearing these two people talks. He comes to sense when his phone rings.

AP: Laksh ur father forgot his mobile in home can u plz handover this to him.

Laksh: Ya mom I will come.

Sanky: Hey where r u going.

Laksh: Oh dad forgot his mobile and he is in airport that’s y. He leaves.

Sanky: Duffer, how come he is my brother

Ragini: Oh hello mind ur words ur talking about my future husband. Sanky nods his head in disbelief.


DP: calls laksh and waves his hand to get his attention.

Laksh: After few minutes notices DP and handovers his mobile.

DP: Laksh my friend daughter came. U remember I spoke about her. I just saw her so go and meet.

Laksh: But dad, how will I know I know dnt what ifff..

DP: Oh ho Laksh he points towards the girls standing and he bids bye .

Laksh: Goes near to them. Hi I am Maheswari DP…..

Both Kavi and Swara turns back and gets shocked seeing Laksh.

Laksh: Swara , his eyes filled with tears, while Swara stays emotionless.

He holds Swara by her shoulders, Swara u

Swara stays calm and removes his hands.

Swara: Excuse you me. I dnt know you so plz stay away from me.

Laksh : Eyes turned red in anger. Swara you

Kavi: Laksh plz she needs time. She wants to forget her past.

Both Swakav leaves while Laksh holds Swara’s wrist.

Laksh: If you want to forget everything what is this doing in ur neck. Points the chain and locket.

Swara: Pulls it, I think I dnt need to answer

Laksh: Thn till that is in ur neck. I will be around you, will take care of you and u can’t even stop me . I don’t care whether u like it or not and leaves angrily.

Swara: Ok Kavi shall we leave.

Kavi: Swara y u want to live alone. You can stay with me na

Swara: No kavi, please .

Kavi: Ok but I will come and stay whenever I will fell like and u shd not stop me .

Swara: Never, you can come whenever u want and tell my hi to aunty and uncle

Kavi: Haan haan, ok Swara Laksh

Swara: Dnt worry I will handle him and holds her hand in assurance.

Both leave to their respective homes.

Swara goes to her home and just keeps her things and lies on her bed closes her eyes flashes of her past was taunting her. She opens her eyes and goes to freshen up.


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  24. laksh cheated ragini for swara poor ragini what will happen when she know about swara and laksh

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