Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot- 8

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After 2 hrs of waiting I made up my mind and rang the calling bell. Still I was confused and guilty. A lady of 55 years old (Muni- house maid) opened and gave me a warm smile.

Muni: gave` a puzzled look. Who r u

San: o me I am sanskar, wanted to meet Swara. She was staring at me like I asked a date with her. OMG plz help

Muni: I have not seen you before

San: We work in the same school.

After a hell lot of pondering questions she allowed me inside. It was a beautiful home, simple and elegant. There were lot of beautiful pictures adorned the light color wall. Some had Raglak and some had her cute pictures, she was totally different, her smile but y nowww always she has those tears. I clicked those pictures.

Muni’s voice brought back to my senses: She handed over a coffee mug

Sanky: Swara

Muni: she is in her room and showed me the way to staircase.

Sank: Thank you, gave a smile and went upstairs.

Sanky’s POV:

I went upstairs and was searching her. She was not in the room. I thought to wait for some more time and was waiting. I just took the book and flipped through the pages. Each and every passing minute was making me so restless.

Suddenly a girl barged inside. She was shocked to see me and I remember her seeing many times with Swara.

Kavitha: You

San:I am Sanskar, sanskarMaheswari

Kavitha: Maheswari and gave a confused look

San: YaSwara works for my school

Kavitha: Oh thn you know Laksh and Ragini

San: Ya he is my brother

Kav: suddenly :Where is Swara

San: she is not here and I am also waiting for her only

Kav: Whatttttt she shoutedddddddd Muniiiiii on her top of her voice. She came running

Kav: Where is Swara, did she go anywhere

Muni: Nooooo

Kavitha :Thn if she did not go out and she is not here also thn where the hell is she. Where did she go and was yelling on top of her voice.

San was in a shock as what he was hearing

Kavi; composed herself: did she go out

Muni: no she was in the room

Kavitha and San started to search each and every corner of the house. When I found her under the bed, lying on the floor, holding her knees tightly and hiding her face under it due to shiver and sleeping no rather she was lying unconscious.

Kavitha tried to pick her up but I stopped her and picked her up. She was burning in fever. I gently placed her on bed. I immediately called the doc while Kav was busy in homemade remedies. She was placing the wet cloth on her head while muni was rubbing her legs.

Raglak was getting ready for puja in their traditional outfits. Ragini was wearing a beautiful red salwar while laksh in red and white kurta.

The priest welcomed them happily. Raglak were standing together while DP and AP were doing the necessary arrangements.

The priest took them to the room adjacent to the temple idol. Lord shiva and parvathi idol was kept in the center followed by a havaninfront filled with fruits, flowers, and all the necessary puja items.
Priest asked Raglak to sit in the front of the havan . He started the pooja by uttering the mantras and we were following his instructions. During the pooja he askdLaksh parents to bless us and do some rituals they happily did them and asked about my parents . I did not have any answers except tears. Laksh holds Rags hand in assurance and gave a warm smile.

Ap: We are here parents too. I am her mom and he is her our pointing towards DP

Ragini gave a faint smile but only she can understand the pain she is going through without a mom. A mom is needed in a girls part of life nomatter what. Those who have take it for granted but those who doesnot have know the true sense. She was just lost in her thoughts.

For me I am missing the closeness, memories of the scent of Mother’s perfume, the feel of her skin, the sound of her voice singing in the kitchen, the solace of her rocking, holding and comforting, the delicious food prepared by her. I always use to take her for granted but now I knew the importance of her when it is too late to realize or repent a lone drop of tears fall from her eyes.
After the puja everyone returned to the hotel room. The whole journey was silent. The lively and bubbliness of Rags were missing and no one can see her like that. They reached the hotel.

DP: shall we have lunch and leave to room

Rags: Dad I am too tired so I am going to room and leaves from there quickly

AP tries to go behind her but Laksh stops her.

Laksh: Mom I will handle this my way. DP yaLaksh you go we will wait in our room. He nodes and leave to rags room.

Ragini was standing in the balcony just watching outside aimlessy. Laksh nods his ahead and back hugs her.

Laksh: You ok. A tear of trop falls in his hand

Ragini: simply nods

Laksh: Ragini stop lying. See how bad I am made mywould be wife cry with a pout.

Ragini : Looks at him and smiles slightly. Its not ur mistake Laksh. Its s my fate to lose my mother and father who cannot take my mother’s death indulged himself in business completely and forgot about me with a sad smile. I am so unlucky

Laksh: Oh hello dnt u dare to call me would wife unlucky. She is my lucky charm dnt u know that. Ragini u are my everything I cant take your tears and wipes her tears. Ragini hugs her and pours her heart out. If you cry means I have failed as husband. I dnt want u to cry for anything got it.

Ragini smiles happily : Thank you Laksh, for being my everything.

Laksh: If you dnt mind can u thank later I am soo hungry and my stomach is making weird sounds. Ragini smiles and nods her head in disbelief.


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