Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot- 7

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Swara was walking through the corridor and she listens to some of the staff gossiping
S1: Hey did you know yesterday Sanky sir took Swara in his arms
S2: whattt with a schock
S3: Ya even I saw while waiting for bus. She did not even resist.
S1: Y will she resist. She will work permanently here with good salary.
S3: But must say yar, how calculative she is, Adarsh is very hard to manipulate so she manipulated Sanky’s sir, how cheap na.
Swara eyes were welled up in tears hearing all these talks about her.
S2: But how Sanky sir fell for her, for his status and style he can get more rich and beautiful girls.

S1: Aree yar just for time pass, na
Swara ran from there as she could not hear more. As she was running she bumps on sanky and falls down.
Sanky: worriedly Swara u ok and forwards his hand for help and sees her tears.
Swara: I am fine sir, she wipes her tars, gets up by herself and moves fast from that place without giving any heed to Sanky.
Sanky was confused but brushed away his thoughts and continued his work. In the evening he was searching for Swara but to his dismay she went home early.

In the night everyone were having their dinner.
Sanky was wiggling with his food thinking about Swara.
AP: ji tmr we need to go to temple in our native.
DP: but y suddenly
AP: We have to do pooja before distributing invitation. I already told u na with a sad pout
DP: oh ya ya I forgot sorry with a sheepish smile
AP: Raglak why dnt u also join us.
Raglak first hesitates then accepts as it will be a 3 day trip

DP: Sanky what about you. Sankyyyyyyyyyy
Sanky: with hesitated face, what dad
DP: I dnt how u r my son. Seriously
AP: enough enough dnt scold him , Sanky are you coming
Sanky: Mom before he could complete
DP: Dnt need let him be here. I dnt want to take any tension.
Sanky: If you want also I am not interested and ya I will be happy and in peace if you are not in home for 3 days staring at DP.
Raglak and AP enjoy sanky and DP ‘s rift come love. Next day Raglak with parents start their journey.
Sanky: wow 3 days I can be free no restrictions and can play the whole day no no wait have to meet swara and smiles.
He gets ready and leaves to school, he searches for Swara but he could not find her. He calls the person
Sanky: Where is Swara
OP: Sir, madam did not come today

Sanky: did she inform beforehand
OP: no sir.
Sanky was feeling restless and yesterday’s incident were flashing before his eyes. Did anything happen to her, did Adarsh shout at her no no. Waiit let me call the peon.
He is the only person whom Swara is close with. He calls him.
Peon: Sir may I come in
Sanky: Yes , bhaiya before he can continue
Adarsh: sir VP has resigned and I have forwarded the email
Sanky: shockedddddddddd what
Peon feels sad and was about to leave. Sanky notices his changed reaction. Sanky asks Adarsh to leave.

Sanky: Plzz let me know what happened, I know something happened, plzzzzz tell me wht all u know
Peon: sir sir voo he hesitates.
Sanky: Understands his hesitation firmly I assure you it will not go out
Peon: Sadly explains what all happened yesterday and how everyone questioned about her character. Sanky closed his fists in anger and left from there.
He was driving rashly thinking about swara, her tears and taunts by others. He stops infront of Swara’s home.
Raglak reached their destination and was in front of a hotel. DP was enquiring something on the help desk.
Ragini: Wow Laksh 3 days we can spend together and in same rommmmm super na and holds his arm tightly

Laksh: Dnt u think ur imagining too much.
Ragini : gives her what the hell look: You are such a boring person and goes near DP
DP: Rags beta come got 2 rooms.
Rags: Cool dad then we will leave I wanted to rest badly come laksh
DP: Ya laksh here is the key. He hand another key to rags while she stands confused. Laksh was giggling seeing her reaction.
DP: AP you and ragini will stay in one room and we will stay in the other room is that ok .

AP smiles happily while rags stamp Laksh foot hardly. Laksh closes his mouth in pain while rags smirks seeing her.
Sanky was sitting and thinking whether to go inside or not. He was baffled with his emotion. After 2 hrs of waiting he made up his mind and rang the calling bell.

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