swaragini bcz i care for u (Part 1)


Ragini gadodia: a modern matured girl very sweet and step sister of swara love her shekar sumi and dadi very much elder to swara and in 2 year of mba and love swara but never show her and little rude to her
Swara gadodia: a cute smiple very innocent girl who doest know anything beyond her family love her family very much and her sister ragini is her life and she do whatever she say love her so much
Shekhar gadodia: a business man love his family very much
Sumi gadodia: mother of swaragini and loves her family
Dp maheswari: strict and cultured but loves his family very much
Ap maheswari: a kind lady love her family so much
Sanskar maheswari: a free handsome guy but little flirty but respect felling of others love his elder brother so much
Lakash maheswari: he is also a fun loving handsome guy but don’t like flirting and all these and elder to sanskar
Uttra: cute bubbly sister of sanlak
A beautigul mansion is shown a boy come to room and see towards bed
Boy: don’t know what I will do of him still sleeping

Sanky wake up
And goes to uncover him from blanket but sanky hold his hand and pulled him towards him
Boy: sanky what are you doing wake up
Sanky: what baby come na why are you going away
Boy: sanky I am your bahi leave me today I am gone god save me
And sanky is about to kiss that boy he see a glass of water and pour it on sanky and sanky wake up
Sanky: lucky bahi what is this I was about to kiss her but you
He is lakash maheswari
Lucky: no my idiot bahi is just about to kiss me
Sanky: what
Lucky: yeah if I don’t throw water on you don’t know what you did today god saved me
Sanky: bahi please
Lucky smiles: ok sanky which type of girl you want tell me
Sanky: me bahi I want a girl who looks like a angel
And here a mansion is shown a girl is shown going towards a room and open the gate of a room
Girl: she is still sleeping today I will show her who I am
And goes near her and uncover her face
Girl: swara wake up

Here in maheswari mansion
Sanky: her voice should be like someone is singing and lost in it and her eyes are depp like that anyone can lost in it
And here the swara rub the eyes and her eyes are shown
Swara: ragu di please let me sleep na please
That another girl is ragini
Ragini: no way wake up otherwise
But no response
And ragini go in bathroom and take a buket full of water and throw on swara
Swara wake up
Sanky: when she cries like whole world is crying
Here in gadodia mansion
Swara crying: di I will tell dadi she will scold you
Ragini: tell I don’t care and suddenly someone pour water on ragini
Sanky: when she smile like whole nature is smiling looking her smiling
Swara laughs aloud
Swara: dadi I love you and goes and hug dadi
Ragini: dadi app
Dadi: mari sona ko kyu pareshan kar rahi ha

Ragini think something
Ragini sad and holds ears: soory dadi soory swara
Sanky: and she should be very innocent cute
Swara: di please its ok don’t tell soory na
But dadi hold ragini ears
Dadi: ragini stop your darma
Ragini: ouch
Swara wordily: dadi please leave din a its paning her
And that time sumi come and ragini goes to sumi
Ragini: my mom loves me more than you swara
Dadi: so what sona dadi love her na and she hug swara
Lucky: what you will do when you meet a girl like this
Sanky: I will tell hey who are you I love you

Now full face of swara is shown and here sanky smiling face is shown

Credit to: abcd

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