swaragini back again!!!!

well hey everyone are you guys currently happy with the ongoing track on swaragini here’s a short update for whats gonna happen in further episodes

swara getting gayab from the scene ragini in janki’s avtar scares the hell out of uvrashi (it sounds better then urvashi 😉 ) she’ll confess the truth y she’s behind swara
then ragini will reveal her truth by dragging uvrashi to mm and telling everyone what she did she will be showing her concerns and love to swara and Finally ! SWARAGINI back again!!!! sumi will give our dearest uvrashi a zordaar chanta /thappad whatever might be what’s best is swaragini’s back again we’ll get to see the sisterly bond we were waiting for since months !! i know this one’s not needed but a comment intruiged me which says what if laksh who’s proposed to marry ragini in the same mandap where swasan are marrying

will swap the brides i mean it’s seen in many serials that they do such things swaping the brides at the nick time of marriage and because of the ghunghat they don’t know who
they are marrying with 🙁

so swasan and raglak or ragsan and swalak ???????
what do you guys think could this prediction come true and if it comes true would be able to bear swalak and ragsan !!!!!

or if not true swasan is definite but raglak i still have my doubts what about you guy’s please do comment your views in the coment section and let me know
and i’m sorry for releasing the suspense for those didn’t wanted it to be 😉

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  1. Thx..luv u fr d gud news..I was waiting for it too

  2. Even I too thought the same when Laksh proposed Ragini for marring her on the same mandap of swasan..

  3. noooo….it cant happen…….now new video is gonna come….swara is in jail…don’t know for wt

  4. Inshallah ragsan hopefully brides changes and ragini gets married to sanky

  5. I will be the happiest person ever if ragsan get married amd swalak get married plz plz cvs make them get married. Show will totally rock then and I will start watching the show.

  6. thanx nidhi…n if something happens other than swasan n now raglak then I will definitely throw this serial out of my mind n never watch it again I only want swasan..happy to get our swaragini back…

  7. i will agree with u aditi because swasan love each other.thn y ragsan.if ragsan means i will remove ths serial from watching

  8. Ragsan it can never happen we will not let it happen nd ya did you forget ragsan r now brother sister? how can i forget that scene when ragini call sanskar bhaiya thats my one of favourite scene after swasan marriage
    Nd all swasan scene r my already favourite may be its emotional or funny,romentic anything i love swasan from the core of my heart

  9. Chii ekta kappor is better atleast she wont marry people like this yakk.

  10. i agree priya and i will not watch this serial if brides are swapped. what logic is this? first show swalak chemistry then swasan marriage and now swalak. no way. even in yhm mihika is being paired too many times first with mihir then ashokk then abhishek and now romi

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