Swaragini – Back To The Future (Episode 1)


Swaragini – Back To The Future episode 1
Hii guys this is ur dhamu. This is my another ff hope u will like it and support Me as ur till now . pairs will be revealed later.

I am directly writing the episode as u will get confused of intro.

Episode starts..
Scene:at Sinha s Palace at 1756
There are so many people fully crowded. There is some ceremony so all are called Here. There is a big Palace which is decorated with pink and blue nets with so many lights all around. All the ladies wearing high jewellery were sitting in the hall with all curtains covering them.
In the hall a Mandap is made of yellow and green colours is decorated. Pandit is chanting mantras.
Man 1:we are till now good frnds now onwards relatives as our children will be married now
Man2:yes I am very happy to give my daughter to ur son
Pandit:ok then call yuvaraj
Then a boy of age 18 comes there wearing a white and red Sherwani with a crown on top of his head comes.

OK now yuvrani also should assemble
A gorgeous beautiful young girl of 16 wearing red lehenga is been brought up by 100 maids was coming with a beautiful smile on her face.
The boy wears the vermala to her and the girl also wears the vermala.
After that they take seven vows . he fills her forehead and she takes blessings from him . he ties mangalsutra she makes him wear a chain.
The whole Palace is delighted of their marriage.
People :shouting happily maheshwari family yuvaraj who is young dynamic and can destroy any animal and any no. Of betallion married our beautiful intelligent gorgeous yuvrani of prathap Sinha family being a girl can be a leader of many kingdoms with her smart decisions and presence of mind.
Pandit:now u both are officially married and can start ur married life after 2yrs written according to our Kings rule.
Man1:after two years ur yuvrani becomes our daughter in law and also the rani of half our kingdoms with yuvaraj that is 16 kingdoms.
Man 2:haa raja durga maheshwari. I myself raja rudra prathap Sinha promise u that our yuvrani will prove her self in giving love and effection being a intelligent rani lovely wife respect to her family and make smart decisions that are necessary for our kingdoms development.

All are happy and yuvaraj and yuvrani and blushing seeing each other and at the same time are sad bcoz they should wait for 2yrs they were talking through eyes.

Guys u know na in those days marriage would be held at very small age

Scene: at a park at 2016
Girl:I know u will come late only dont talk to me ediot
Boy:no dear don’t do that I was stuck in traffic
Girl:aren’t u bored of saying the same reason
Boy:aren’t u bored of asking me the same question
Girl:u get lost don’t talk to me
Boy:really u are leaving me oh my goodness.i want to celebrate it
Girl:ok then go to hell.
Boy:that Is far better than stating with u.

Scene :a science laboratory
Two man of age 50 s wearing a mask gloves and were working on a car like machine. There are so much fire working happening.
There is pin drop silence only the noise of metals cracking . scratching breaking sounds are heard.

The same girl who is frustrated was sitting in her home.
Girl:how dare he talk to me like that seeing shekar uncles face I am tolerating him till now but I can’t be far from him Bcoz he is my best frnd since my childhood no no from when I opened my eyes from then. He is 2yrs older than me. Our both mothers died giving birth to us and as our fathers are frnds from their childhood . we used to live together in one house only. While his mom died my mom took care of him but when I born no one took care of me but my best frnd cared for me he is all to me . even our fathers also shocked seeing our bonding . he always irritates me . now I am 20 yes and he is 22yrs our father’s left us to stay here with 5 servants male and 10 female servants bcoz our house is a big mansion which is located at the outskirts of Paris.

Our fathers visit us only on Sundays . they are very busy bcoz they are scientists.
My thoughts are now disturbed by a ball on my face . I know he it was
Girl:u ediot are u out of ur mind how dare u throw football on me
Boy: oh u sleeping Beauty u are say dreaming no no slept by mistake with open eyes naa
Girl: no I was awake only and I am not slept u ediot she thrower the ball on him
Boy: ouch my nose from when I am calling u to open the door but u are sleeping at last I don’t know what to do that’s why throwed the ball
Girl: oh really that means u came here following me
Boy:ha then where will I go leaving u

Boy: oh that u took my words seriously stupid.
Girl:ha I am very upset bcoz of u go away
Boy:no dear OK fine I have something which gets a smile on ur face.
Girl:think I know u can’t live without me but let’s see what have u brought to make me happy . arey duffer smile appears on lips
Boy:ok meri Jane man first see its ur favourite sports car and the keys will only be given u will smile and give my hug
Girl: oh my god I think ur crct I am daydreaming and see I can see my favorite car in front me in sleep
Boy:he pinches her hard
Girl:awww it’s paining
Boy: oh I thought it is tickling
Girl:shut up ediot say me it is really real

Boy:Haa it is really real.
Girl hugs him and kisses his cheek.
Boy: oh Jane man public romance is not allowed
Girl:who wants to romance a girl just give me the keys
Boy:u called me girl
Girl:Haa so what
Boy:nothing u won’t get the keys now do what I want to do I am not giving u keys I am hurt
Girl:ok sry jaanu she catches her ears ur very handsome I am wrong
Boy:ok OK here ur keys . she grabs the keys for him
Girl:ur the most handsome girl in the Paris
Boy:uuu I won’t leave u

Episode ends..

I know u all are confused for time being it is the story after 2,3 episodes u get clarity . and I hardly can upload this and it will be of 20 minutes if got any ideas it could be extended . so let me know how is this by ur lovely encouraging comments . Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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