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Before starting story pairs are SWASAN and raglak only
Episode starts with a beautiful and small house is shown, birds were chirping, sunlight is falling on house to increase its beauty, house was small with 2 rooms and one hall, where a girl is pacying here and there in room, first she was seeing time and second she looks gate, may be someone important is coming of her.
Girl point of view
Today I don’t know why time is not going, just than door opening sound comes.
Think oh god dad came.
I ran towards door side yew that was dad.
I hugged him tightly.
I was very excited for news but still I was very worried that if I don’t get admission.
I broke hug quickly I saw my father with no emotion.
I felt like that am I not selected in school.
I was feeling so worried.
But I got shocked when my father shouted you got admission in that school.
I was so much happy I started jumping, my dream became true.
This is best school of our place and my father is teacher of that school only but I also wanted to get admission with free of cost and today my dream became true of getting admission in college.
Today I will distribute sweets to all my friend and specially to my haters friend who always show me attitude today I wills show them attitude that I got selected in best school.
I smiled victoriously.
I came out of Sense by my father voice.
He shouts swara now you will study with best student and rich people.
I just nodded in agreement.
Me and my father came in room.
Swara point of view end.
Shekhar – swara beta bring breakfast today I am very hungry.
Swara – yes dad because from morning itself you went for school for my admission.
Shekhar – yes beta it’s nice for morning tome only because if we go late then mostly rich people come late and than we have to stand in big ques because they will be given first priority.
Swara – but why.
Shekhar – because they are very busy person so nothing else so don’t think much.
Swara – OK Papa but how much big school is I never saw.
Shekhar – OK you want to know so he shows some pics.
Swara – wow it’s too nice school I am very excited to go there.
Shekhar – yes beta but in this beauty there is too many bad things are also hidden.
Swara confused means.
Shekhar – beta here in school you will get many rich people, they will be mostly spoilt also, they are too much influenced in this modern world so please don’t become like them beta because you will get many people to make to give wrong path but few people to give write path, one more thing in that students, many will be rich so some may not talk to you because of standard change so please don’t feel bad about this thing but I am not telling they are bad, you will also get very kind hearted friend there who are rich but still don’t involve in friendship deeply in starting that Is also not good.
I know you become so much open and take your friendship in deep way very quickly but beta in that school this is not good because there will be many who will show simple friendship with you and they may discontinue talking with you will really affect your mentality so first be normal friend and slowly if you feel person is good and they also have interest in your friendship than only go for deep level.

Swara comes near her father and places her hand on his hand. Says Papa don’t take tension I will take care.
Shekhar @ that Is my great daughter and both hug each other.
Other side Girl is shown who is sleeping .
Mad shouts beta get up.
Girl – in sleeping tone on please don’t disturb.
Mad- beta today you have to go for admission process in school.
Girl in second stands up.
Says oh god today I have to go.
She quickly stands and kiss on cheek of mad, says Oh my love you daily got up me early. You are my nice wife .your husband is happy from you.
Mad – Now stop ragini beta just go and change.
Ragini – OK
She quickly bath and comes down where her both parents were sitting and doing breakfast.
Ragini while going towards chair says good morning mom and dad.
Her both parents greets them with smile.
Ragini happily sits, she sees her both smiling parents and says after long time we are doing breakfast with each other.
Jaanki- yes beta you know very well how much we are busy on our work.
Ragini gives fake smile assures yes.
Ragini with excitement thinks and says today you both are little free
Jaanvi- yes beta little free.
Ragini – mom do you remember what is today.
Jaanvi thinks for sometime to get something , she only gets about her business work, she gives her own guessing of what is today
Ragini say no you are fully wrong but dad do you know what Is today.
He also failed to recall what is today.
Ragini thinks you both remember everything about business not about me.
But again with excitement she say today will be admission process of my school so today you both will have to come for doing my admission work.
Jaanvi- oh beta this is simply work, we will say to Ram uncle (sanky father) they will tell there principal and you know it is ram ji school so no need of going there unnecessary, it’s our standard.
Every word of ragini mom was making her more sad they were piercing inside her heart.
Ragini still with little excitement but mom it Looks too good when parents come with children for doing admission.
Ragini father veer beta what you think we will stand in school like normal people and will fill form , think about our status, just you go college today and I will talk to ram about admission , like every year in school we are doing like this only. So it’s OK.
Ragini throws plate and goes our of house.
Jaanvi and veer see each other in confusion says what happened to this girl.
Jaanvi – don’t know what type of girl she is, we always gives her what she want but sometimes she acts weird.
Veer – yes OK leave it, this all our mistake we have given her so much freedom that’s it but leave it, I know she will go to ram house only.
Other side beautiful room is shown where a boys is sleeping, his face is shown that was sanky, who was smiling in sleep only by thinking something.
But now he feels some cold cold on his face, he don’t open his eyes, he think something and holds person hand and pulls that on bad,
Person is lying beside him (they have little good distance )
Sanky opens his eyes slowly says oo so my good morning person came to make my morning beautiful. Isn’t it ragini.
Ragini – you useless boy don’t flirt with me and now tell why you were smiling in sleep.
Sanky thinks and sits on bad and says you are really useless ragini you had broke my dream in between , do you know in my dreams katrina kaif came.
Ragini interestingly than what happened.
Sanky – that is private work which I will not say.
Ragini annoyingly stop your private work, because today is Admission process so We have to go out.
Sanky – but why to take tension it’s my father work they will do.
Ragini – but at least we are students we should go there because it will look good.
Sanky – oh your good or bad leave it, just wasting time in going there and your admission process is also done because dad told to principal about you also.
Ragini – I know, it’s OK don’t go but I want to go and see and enjoy feeling of admission day.
Sanky – OK
Ragini – it’s OK don’t come, I am going and sleep here and see dreams of your Katrina kaif.
Sanky holds her hand ,oh sweet bacha I am coming just let me get ready.
Ragini smiles vigorously OK come.
Sanky goes and changes clothes,
Ragini thinks this is only house where I feel good.
Other side a boy is shown who is in flight.
It was out lucky.
Lucky thinks today I am coming to new place with my parents leaving my all friends, today till afternoon I have to reach college for doing admission process.
And my flight will land in India at 9 am.
His thought process come out by his father voice.
Dp says beta Now we are going to reach India and today your admission will be done in best school but please take one thing in mind that it is India where you will get very naughty and prankster friend unlike in foreign that students are descent.
So you have to clear this thing In mind.
Lucky nods yes dad.
Dp- Beta I want. You to be best school of class because I can’t see my child not studying well , I want that I can stand in front of everyone with proud smile,
Lucky- gives smile. And say yes dad I will as always.
Dp- yes

Precap – intro of sanky family and his parents thinking, swara struggle life, school first day, ragini new shade , lucky conversation with dad continued
Guys today I tried to show different type of parents children thinking from today episode.
So I shows thinking of swara and her father and ragini and her parents.
And little lucky and his father.
Now remaining more about lucky and his father and sanky and his parents that I will take in next episode.
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  1. IQRA222

    Awesome pls continue

    1. Pathan

      thanks for commenting

  2. Pathan

    Sorry guys I did mistake
    It is not college it is school only

  3. Amazing

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  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Awsm bro.. Swara and Shekhar bonding is very nice…But feeling bad for ragini…loved the chappy…keep it up… Waiting for nxt..
    Take care

    1. Pathan

      thanks for commenting and liking story

  5. Superb bhai….

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  6. Its really awesome…Loved it…Swara,Sanky,Ragini and Lucky four of them are amazing..Their characters are very different…The episode is awesome…Keep smiling and stay happy…

    1. Pathan

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  7. Hey the ep was jst awsm…But for me Swara’s character is really vry special..I dont know why but in ur this ff my favr8 character is swara only..N yes I like ur today’s ep as always..Keep smiling always n stay happy..

  8. A.xx

    nice waiting for the next chapter and love RagSan’s bonding,update soon.xx

  9. Nice

  10. Wow loved it…. N sorry for not commenting on the previous one……??????????????

  11. Radhika..

    Awesome ff a new concept . the school life from where our life base establish. The fun with friends and the starting of teenage , the changes and much more………. Parents children relation ……… Its a simple yet interesting concept we all pass that stage and love to go back to that time………
    And the different thinking of all how they come up together is interesting to see……… Swara and shekhar bond is amazing……… Ragini parents have to think about her also…… Continue soon……. ??

  12. Ragini is cute

  13. Mahjabeen

    Poor ragini rlly flt bad fr her…it rlly hurts a lot wen our own parents avoid us nd thinks about their status nd all without car8n fr their children..nd swara nd shekhar bonding ws soo good…nd even sanskar nd ragini bonding awesome…loved it..it ws amaizng bro

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