Guys I am back with new story and its name is “some antiques of school life”
From name itself you understood that this story is based on school life antiques.
Guys in plot of story, I will show parents relation with children in growing age of students how it changes , because all character is in growing age and are in 10th class, I will also show curiosity inside them which happens at this time, I will also show the dreams of students in there life, how it changes and all things, so full package of your own life you will get. And those who did school there memories will refresh,
PAIRS AS ALWAYS ARE SWASAN AND RAGLAK ONLY. BUT DON’T GO WITH PAIRS BECAUSE IT WILL FOCUS ON MASTI OF ALL 4 CHARACTER AND THERE CHANGING LIFE , and other pair fan will not feel that bad because it will focus mostly on friendship, family drama, cute cute romance that you will love it as well as nice love story.
So here is character sketch,
Swara boss- she is sweet girl and her father is teacher, she is only daughter of his father and devoid of mother love but her father loves her unconditionally so she never realized much, she is not much rich but she is too rich in love.

Ragini gadodia- her character is little typical, she is very rich girl but poor in parents love, she has too much wealth but parents don’t care about her because of they are behind only money, ragini has one brother who is studying in foreign, people cant understand her character properly at one time, she is proudy girl of herself so many misunderstood her.
Many more will reveal soon, she is best friend of sanky from childhood

Sanky kapoor- he is mysterious character of this story and his mainly character will be revealed soon, he is little spoilt and best friend of ragini, he don’t like education system of India, he has different dreams and also he has some problem unknown to anyone, so more will be revealed as story will proceed.

Lucky maheshwari- this character will make you laugh, he will be Indian nri, he was born in foreign and studied in foreign only, he is Kashmir origin, so he don’t know hindi nicely , but his father business will transfer to India, so he also came to India and sanky and student will do prank on his sometimes because he don’t know hindi so you will enjoy his character, he will be studios boy as well as very well matured and he will become good friend of swara in starting

This is character sketch of this story.
And I will give you intro again tomorrow.
GUYS I AM IRFAN pathan and you all know very well to me, I really didn’t want to start this ff but my friends told me to write more because they wanted me to write school life story because they all leaved school and now in college.
ONE MORE THING I really wanted to start different story, I have other ideas that are more batter than this but here on tellyupdates, people may say that I always write serious stories, so some wanted some happy story so on demand of you guys and my friends I am writing this new ff and if you really don’t like this concept please let me know so I may show you other concepts, from which you can choose which you liked, so let me know now.
ONE MORE THING I am busy person so I may end this ff either on 10 episode or on 15 episode or 25 or 35, I also don’t know it purely depends on my busy schedule, so lets see

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  1. Soujanya


  2. Yipeeeee m d 1st one to cmnt…..bt dun know hw much tym dey vl take fo moderation……bhai wtever uh vl write it vl b d best one …so no need to ask wdr should i continue or not….hihi….m too excited fo ds even i can’t xplain…..tanku so much fo cmng back……..
    Keep smiling alwyz….

  3. IQRA222

    Awesome cant wait for it bhai

  4. Awesome ……. plz continue

  5. What I will say?I already told a lot in Whatsapp…OK then also I am telling its amazing…Its totally a new concept…As usual you always have different concepts…And on top of that its about class 10 students…So I am too much excited for it..It will be very interesting…Both Swasan and Raglak characters are amazing..Waiting for the episode…Keep smiling and take care…

    1. One more thing I forget to tell that I liked Swara’s character a lot…Because this character is somehow special for me…I don’t know why I am feeling like this but seriously I am feeling this character very special for me…OK stay bleesed…

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hmmm, interesting concept bro….Plz continue…Waiting for the first part..?
    Take care

  7. Hey its awsm..Swara is Bengali here..I know in real track also she is Bengali..But here also she is Bengali..Its awsm..N yeah Laksh will dont know Hindi..How sweet n cute….But feeling vry bad for Ragini..Bechari meri Ragini…N Sanskar’s character will b a little bit flirt..Wow its great..Evry characters r jst awsm…N also vry much happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tht u r back again with new concept n new story..N plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue it….Its an amazing concept..Really vry much different from others as always n as usual..Really feeling too much happy n u know I cant xpress my happiness to anyone tht how much happy I m tht u again come back..Yipeeeeeeeeeee…OK stay happy n keep smiling always…

  8. Pooja26

    helloo busy person !!!!!!!!

    amazing concept & thought
    post soon……

  9. Malika

    Continue continue……. Awesome hahahhhhhhhh school life woooooooow it’s completely of course it should be…….. Different…… Woooooowwww…. Sanslak and swaragini intro was superb……… Amazing yr…… ..lots of masti….. Omg I’m waiting for ep one……….. Love it…. A lot…..

  10. Niku

    It’s awesome buddy ….I always remember my school days ….that r d best way one…. nothing can replace it…..I hope whnever I read ur ff it reminds my days too to me….

  11. Amazing Bhai
    Loved laksh character very much and then swara . There intro is soo cute and sweet .
    Ragini and sanskar are mysterious person . All ready to read the ff. So pls continue it .

  12. Awesome Bhai
    Loved laksh character very much and after that swara . There intro is soo sweet .
    Ragini and sanskar are mysterious person . There intro is soo interesting .
    All ready to read the ff. So continue it .

  13. Awesome

  14. Wow you return back,I am also return back. It nice concept, I known u comedy sense are very nice so all are go enjoy the ff. I am very happy but why u always mystery with sanskar character,I eagerly waiting for the suspens. I like swara character ,and I think laksh character will be comedy type. Please continue and update soon.

  15. nice intro..

  16. Asra


  17. It’s awesome

  18. A.xx

    nice concept do carry on.xx

  19. Yiepieeeee u came back…. Ya I want this ff… The intro is awesome… Curious to knw about sanskar…. Loved it… N update soon ??????????????

  20. Manasvi

    Wow.. It will be on school life..
    Plz continue soon..
    Btw bhai, I m Manasvi..

  21. Awesome..please continue..school life ff…I can really refresh my mind….

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